Monday, October 11, 2010

Come on over

Hello friends and family I am super happy to invite you to come on over!

Because of the talent of some super smart computer guys I now am located in one convenient location!

My website:

The super smart computer guys were able to combine it all into one nice package!

Thank you super smart computer guys!

Can I just mention that they also spent time via email and the phone 'trying' to train me?!

Which means they were trying to 'install' some computer guru stuff into this chocolate loving, shoe wearin' girlie mind of mine...not easy stuff.

Anyway the applause goes out to them, the guys at Five Talent.

So I will be officially over there now.

So if you have been installed with some computer guru stuff and you know how to get over there...great come visit me!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Visitor

Hello friends!  There are so many times I wish I could remove this screen and spend time with you face to face...especially over some super yummy Oregon Chai and maybe some chocolate chip banana bread!!  Yum!  Oh and especially right now boy do I need some company...if you haven't heard I am out here in this place called the wilderness...I know some of you are truly tired of hearing about it...imagine living it my friends?!?!

So if there are undertones of me whining in this post...well then have a sympathy moment for me and then move on.  (Smiling and thanking you across the screen!)

So out here in the wilderness I am truly soaking in some student -teacher time.  Me being the student and my Creator teaching some most amazing details.  I am hearing Him, seeing Him and experiencing Him.  He is all over this wilderness...shouldn't surprise me since He is the Creator of this place.  As I find myself months into 'this place', that's what I am calling it, 'this place'.  Some call it a season.  So you can if you like, but all I know is I am NOT calling it home.  For I am passing through.  I am purposefully going through it.  Learning, hearing, changing, shifting, renewing, resting, growing, repenting, all of the above I will do and more in 'this place', but I am not calling it home!

Being here gets lonely, especially for me, a people person like no other.  I enjoy people.  I enjoy seeing them, hearing about their stories, living vicariously through them as they go on vacations, I truly enjoy people.  So being out here in 'this place' gets lonely.  Now don't get me wrong and please hear my heart on this, I know God is with me, for He truly is the air I am breathing out here, and it is of NO disrespect or am I in anyway dishonoring Him.  But in my humanness I am lonely.

Being very small in comparison I have personally been able to experience what Jesus must have felt like in the Garden as He prayed for His Father to take this whole dying on the cross thing away from Him.  Loneliness is loneliness.

Last night I had a visitor.  Someone who has known me for many years. He has had a front row seat to view some serious life shifts within this shoe loving girl!  But he hasn't only been an observer. Rather he has been an investor into my life in many ways. 

Last night God allowed me to have a visitor out here in the wilderness.  And the visitor came, he stayed and he prayed with me.  I am praising Him for an Engineer who will trek out and meet a girl out here for a visit!

As I remain in Him I am trusting that He knows just what and who I need, and just why and when.