Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Challenge

Hello and Welcome to the Blog!

Are you ready for a challenge today? Or are you thinking, "really day to day life is pretty challenging!" And I am in agreement with you!

So the Friday Challenge for today is one of refocusing!

Challenge: "Forget about your worries and your strife"

With the help of our friends from the Jungle, Baloo and Mowgli lets refocus!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Out of the running

Good news for you! I’m outta the running for Mother of the Year! Yeah you can thank me…or you might want to wait on that…especially after reading about what caused my disqualification. Yes I have disqualified myself two times already this week…and it’s only Wednesday!

Over the weekend the boys in the house, including the Engineer got a cold. So on Monday the littlest guy (3) was still running a slight fever was all stuffed up, having trouble breathing, his eyes were watering, and he was miserable. So I went to the medicine cupboard to find him some relief. I found the Children’s Tylenol Cold medicine and dosed him up some in the little cup and took it out to him. Then I went back to rinse the little cup out and notice on the bottle a whole new age/weight "chart" for dosing instructions…and that’s when I found myself in a little situation. The little guy wasn’t on the chart, the chart was for children that are 4 and older!! This chart had changed?!?! When?!?! I went into serious panic mode and get on the web to consult the Tylenol website and the trusty Dr. Sears website and they both confirm in big bold print the updated age/weight requirements for dosing! Yep big print, ‘not under the age of 4!’ So I call my pharmacist friend and he calms me down and reassures me that the little guy will be just fine and then he educates me on the changes that were made this last fall.

Wait before you pick up the phone to call me in I need to add the Tuesday disqualification to the tab!

You know my much talked about ‘craving’ for chocolate-well yesterday I combined the need for chocolate with a fun activity the boys and I could do together. We made Kahlua cake yesterday after nap for dessert. Now if you are not familiar with above cake, one of the ingredients is Kahlua! This is the most delicious, yummiest chocolate cake you will ever sink your teeth into…seriously and just so you know the potency of the above ingredient cooks itself out so its all legal!!! Anyway we start adding all ingredients to the KitchenAid and give it a mix and I am so focused on the finished chocolate dream that when the boys ask for a "lick" of batter sure enough I give them a sample! Yep a big dollop of raw cake batter. I hear…"mmm, that’s yummy mommy!" And then it dawns on me…and I find myself in a situation! No momma’s I wasn’t worried about the raw eggs it was that other little ingredient…you know the one in the title…the one that hadn’t been cooked yet to cook out the potency…?!?!

So there it is my last two days…and being that today is just beginning there might just be a third ‘situation’ that disqualifies me!!

Care to join me for a great big piece of cake?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where are you?

Good Day!

So at the end of my last little blog post I got all "blog savvy" and linked to the Proverbs 31 devotion that day that was about brownies...yet now when I hit the button it doesn't take me to the brownie I am sure there are many people thinkin' "what was she thinking...I sure hope those Neurologists find something soon...she is causin us all to go crazy out here in blog land!" Anyway...sorry about that...the button updates now to each days devotion...which is great but it made me ask

"Brownie devo where are you?"

Oh and then a few days after my last post I notice there is something out on my front porch...and so I go dashing out there in total excitement just knowing someone has brought warm chocolate brownies to my doorstep. And there sitting inside a grocery bag hanging on the front door is this:

I could just as easily eaten the brownies and checked my blood sugar!!

"Warm chocolate brownies where are you?"

And now just so you don't think I have lost all good and noble self to dreaming about brownies...this will actually tie in quite nicely today...just wait and read!

How is your relationship today? Has He had to come looking for you? Can you hear Him calling your name?

"Where are you?"

You see He never leaves us! Its us who does the hiding, running, walking away. Why? Because we get tired of waiting, stressed, scared, afraid, worried He won't like our thoughts!

If He's asking "Where are you?"


"Here I am!"

All He needs is us to say those words and He will do the rest!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I love to come back and read your comments and see how God touched you and how He is working in your lives. I also learn so much by what He is doing and how is He is using His word to talk to His people. I also learn how inadequate I am at communicating and explaining things, or how I leave out details...not that its always about details but some are important. Please forgive me but I left out a "detail". The original Neurology appointment today was moved up and I have already seen that Neurologist, that happened back on February 3rd. I have had a couple other appointments in between. Which are leading me to get another opinion from a Neurologist. So I am so sorry to not have updated you and only learned this from reading peoples comments. You can blame it on the fact that I am blonde...or that my head hurts...or it could be that fact that I am way low on my "chocolate" reserves...HA! I am waiting for the University of Washington Medical school to review my case and schedule an appointment with them. They have a great team of doctors and we are praying they will discover what is going on. So with all that being said...thank you so much for your commitments to pray...I so appreciate all you of you. I appreciate your prayers, your support, your encouragement, and your emails! I love you and feel very blessed by God through you!

Please know that I am unable to visit all your blogs as often as I would like to. Even if I am not reading your blogs I am praying for you. And I know God is visiting you for me. His visits are much more meaningful than me! I am praying and praising God for all of you and the lives you are living on purpose. I am praying for your doctors appointments, I am praying for your families, your husbands job situation, your healing from the car accident, praying for your new business, praying for your marriage, praying for your relationship with Him to become even more intimate, praying for your radio interview today, I am praying for your healing, I am praying that you get a relief from pain, I am praying for restoration of family relationships, I am praying for opportunities for you to be His hands and feet, I am praying that your time waiting to bring home your boy goes by quickly, I am praying that He gives you every ounce of Him to be the best mommy you can be, I am praying that the changes in your home have His hands guiding them, I am praying for your peace and your safety, I am praying for your ministry, I am praying that He is giving you the words to write that book, that devotion, that letter, I am praying that you experience Him new today, I am praying for you to live in full freedom and submit, I am praying for you to trust, and very often I am praying for Him to dump even more love and joy into your lives. I love you, and I know He has great things for you!

Thank you for your love and grace to me!

ps. And I need to have a morning devotion about brownies...this girly is already struggling...HA...if you have time go read this devotion and then send me some brownies...under the table no one will know I won't record them in the food journal and I definitely won't let the dr know it was you....Love you!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cool like that!

So if you have been reading the blog for the last little bit you know that life in my world has been a bit stormy. I am currently doing a Beth Moore Bible Study called To Live is Christ and have been studying the life of Paul. Paul and I have very similar DNA. Paul found himself in a storm…shipwrecked…and out to sea. I believe that God has me in this study at this particular time for a purpose!

Because He is cool like that!

The other day the boys and I are watching Finding Nemo together and the moral of the movie for me that day.... the precious words of Dory…"just keep swimming…just keep swimming…" Yeah we watched the movie at the perfect time!

Because He is cool like that!

I am currently reading Facing Your Giants by Max Lucado and he shares a story at the end of Chapter 8 that reads,

Don’t make the mistake of Florence Chadwick. In 1952 she attempted to swim the chilly ocean waters between Catalina Island and the California shore. She swam through foggy weather and choppy seas for fifteen hours. Her muscles began to cramp, and her resolve weakened. She begged to be taken out of the water, but her mother, riding in a boat alongside, urged her to not give up. She kept trying but grew exhausted and stopped swimming. Aids lifted her out of the water and into the boat. They paddled a few more minutes, the mist broke and she discovered that the shore was less that a half mile away. ‘All I could see was the fog,’ she explained as a news conference. ‘I think if I could have seen the shore, I would have made it.’
Take a long look at the shore that awaits you. Don’t be fooled by the fog of the slump. The finish may be only strokes away. God may be, at this very moment, lifting his hand to signal Gabriel to grab the trumpet. Angels may be assembling, saints gathering, demons trembling. Stay at it! Stay in the water. Stay in the race. Stay in the fight. Give grace, one more time. Be generous, one more time. Teach one more class, encourage one more soul, swim one more stroke.

Yeah He had Max write this book on purpose!

Because He is cool like that!

May we allow Him to open our hearts to truly see His presence. For He is all around us, loving on us, and leading us to Him!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Not Yet?

Hello to all my friends and family. Love to you! Yes if you are reading my blog consider yourself loved, not only by me, but by an amazing Creator.

I want to start by saying thank you to the people who are journeying on purpose in this life with me. There are many people who are praying on purpose!

I want to "warn" you before you read today's post that my heart is very solid in One thing, that's a relationship with Jesus!! However there are many questions, thoughts, and doubts that I have struggled with over this past month. So as you read this keep in mind, my Jesus and me we are tight and that will NOT be shaken!

As of today Monday February 16th I have had a constant headache since Saturday January 10th. A headache that gets worse after 10am in the morning. Some triggers include, noise, movement of my head, light, and using my eyes. My eyes will blur if I move my head to the side. I have an intense pain in my jaw, that obviously worsens if I eat...(helps me limit the brownies!!...just so you know a sense of humor and laughter is keeping me going :) My lower back is in constant pain, and will send out things like shocks that cause me to jerk from the pain. My legs/arms feel tired/heavy/weak, and my hands/fingers, feet/toes get numb and tingly feeling. These are some of the daily symptoms that have been ongoing for a little over a month now. We (I saw it this way because its not just me going through this as it has GREATLY affected my husband and boys), we are praying, taking supplements, and seeking medical care.

I don't include the above paragraph for any other reason than to share an update with those who are faithfully lifting this up to a God who cares deeply. I know He knows whats going on, I know He hasn't left my side for a second. I know He hears our prayers. I know He is working.

Dear Jesus hear my heart today, I wanna be used by You. I want to be the wife You need the Engineer needs standing beside him in this life, I want to be the mommy that the boys need so they can be in a relationship with You. I want to be Your servant, I want to build up Your kingdom. I want more people to experience, Your amazing grace and Your unending love for them. Thank You Lord for the purpose You have because I know it has eternity written all over it! I love You Jesus-Amen

Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday Challenge

Hello and welcome!

Today's challenge is going to be if you are needing some fun your at the right place!!

I am going to be revealing a deep secret today...I cannot sing! Now wait... I can sing in the privacy of my own car, home, or just around my family...but I will NOT be making any auditions in front of the judges for American Idol! I really love music, I love the lyrics to songs, and I enjoy listening to people who have been blessed with the talent to sing.

So today's challenge is: SING

If you were to pick a song right now to sing to Jesus what would it be? It can be any song!

This is my pick:

May we sing from our hearts!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You gotta love when life happens!

Life has been happening to me! So read on and join me in a good laugh! Oh boy its I get this new Red sweater white shirt combination thing (You know the white shirt is 'built-in' to the sweater you can't separate them, what do you call these?) Anyway... the other day from Fred Meyer (my friends in the south do you have one of these stores...its an all in one...groceries, toiletries, clothing, sporting goods, etc) Anyway, I find it on the clearance rack and think...'this will be perfect for my Love and Marriage speaking engagement...what other color makes you think of love', right?!?! So I purchase this beautiful new sweater/shirt combo not only was it on the clearance rack it was another 50% off...woo-hoo this sweater is meant to be worn by know you have had that feeling. Okay so I am set....well actually when I get home I realize that this new sweater is needing some very specific red shoes to go with it...ones that can't not be found in my shoe closet. So this puts me on a mission. I am successful at finding the perfect red/white shoes to go with the sweater! So I decide to wash the sweater a few days ahead of my speaking engagement...get myself all prepared...cause you know life is happening and there are many other things goin' on around here! So I wash new sweater/white shirt combo per washing directions...well all but one or two directions...I forgot to turn the sweater inside out and turn the water to what do I find when I open the wash machine...a red sweater with what was once a white shirt now is a smeared red/pinkish color. Seriously?!?! So without losing my cool...HA! I immediately think...'I am wearing those shoes I bought'...yep they are too stinkin cute to not be adorning my feet for the Love and Marriage speaking engagement. So now I am on a mission to find a shirt, jacket, sweater...anything that sings red and goes with the shoes...oh and because we are now on a time crunch the Engineer and the boys have now been recruited to join this mission....'think red boys!' Well you now how life happens and when you are looking for a certain something...the stores don't got it!!! So in enters one of my bestest...coolest...most awesome friends...and what does she have...the most adorable little red sweater with little white buttons that will work perfect over a white button-up shirt...oh and just so you know...the little red and white shoes were made for this sweater!!!! Kala I love you...for you are a true friend who truly knows how to love...thank you for loving me!

So last night I am getting my stuff all set out, I am ironing, getting my jammies on for bed, brushing teeth, and flossing...its the flossing part that caused another major life issue to happen. I am flossing right along and all of a sudden I hear this 'ching' and my crown from my back lower molar has popped off and hits the bathroom mirror and is on its way down the sink. This girly was diving into the sink to save herself a crown!!! The Engineer walks in and I announce...'I need me something tacky to get this crown back on!" So the Engineer takes a trip down to the local Walgreen's and snatches me some 'dental fix-it' and we get the crown back on! Thanks babe, I love you, and thanks for loving me and helping to put me back together!

I am happy to report that I survived the Love and Marriages speaking engagement today, looking all 'lovely' in my red and my crown did NOT come flying off into the audience!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I need some love help!

Hello, today I am sending out a call for you to share your ideas, thoughts, and questions! I am working on a session to share in February on Love and Marriage.

What makes you feel loved by God?

How does God show you He loves you?

How do you show love to your spouse?

What scripture do you use to support your marriage?

What does your spouse do to show you love?

What made you "fall in love" with your spouse?

Do you currently date your spouse?

What are some "date" ideas?

Thanks so much for your help!

May you know I love you, and even more importantly He loves you!

We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

Monday, February 9, 2009

Don't miss an oppportunity to see Him!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation or circumstance where you feel like there is not a whole lot you can do? Or maybe right now you feel like your hands are tied. You are just not sure what you can do to change things, or make a difference.

Its been made pretty clear to me in the last few days that I can either focus on what I can do or worry about what I can't do.

There were many women who followed Jesus. And when it came time that Jesus was put on trial and led to the cross, these women could do very little. They couldn't speak out in defense or appeal the decision Pilate made, they couldn't stand against the crowds who were yelling. These women couldn't overpower the Roman guards.

Instead these women focused on what they could do. They stayed at the cross, while Jesus' disciples had left. They followed Jesus' body to the tomb and brought spices they had prepared to anoint His body.

They took advantage of the opportunities they had. And because they stayed with Jesus, they were the first to witness the resurrection. There commitment and obedience led them to see their Jesus! God blessed their commitment!

May we focus on what we can do instead of worrying about what we can't do!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Who's on the end of the life preserver?

Have you ever felt like you were in the middle of a storm? The Bible talks of different people that have found themselves in a storm. Jonah, Paul, the disciples all found themselves in big huge storms.

I want to share today that if you find yourself in a storm, please know its not the size of the storm that matters, how long its been going on, or even how you found yourself in the storm (sometimes we find ourselves in a storm because of someone elses the people who were on the ship with Jonah). There is purpose in the storm. He wants to be with you in the storm and He will bring your through it. Do I believe He can remove us out of the betcha...but that's not always the case! Sometimes there are lessons to learn in the storm.

Oh and while we are out there bobbin' around in the storm keep your eyes open for the life perserver to be thrown. And friends, find out who is on the other end of that life preserver, if its NOT God don't grab ahold of it! I know the enemy works to trick us in very creative ways...yeah he even tries to throw you what appears to be a life preserver, but again its who's the other end that is important!

He reached down from on high and took hold of me; he drew me out of deep waters.
Psalm 18:16
I want God on the other end of the life preserver I grab on to in this storm!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Testify to Love

Your plan

Your perfect will

Your timing

Your understanding

Your Grace

Your Love

Your daugther

Monday, February 2, 2009

I got me Jesus!

It has been a rough past few weeks and if I told you I have been enjoying myself, liking it or even been a really good girl during the process, it would be a lie.

I want to be honest, humble and teachable. I am holding on very tight to my Creators hand.

There are a lot of things I don't have right now:

I don't have the ability to care for my family, to cook, and clean for them like I truly desire to do.

I don't have the ability to get on the floor and wrestle, tickle and play with my boys.

I don't have the ability to drive.

I don't have pain free, headache free, days.

I don't have the answers of what is going on with my body.

I don't have a diagnosis.

But the great news is:

I got me Jesus!!!!

God has promised me that nothing and no one will take our relationship away. He has placed a protective seal on it...and its NOT coming off! So even though in the past few weeks I have felt like my purpose was slipping away...He has gently reminded me each day..."no Nichole, remember I created you for the purpose of a relationship with Me!"

There is such healing in that alone....I get it! Okay...I am sure there will be many more lessons to which I say 'bring them on' as I know they will only bring me closer to Him.

Living-not on my terms or even in my strength

My Life- a life He created and He is taking care of

On purpose- in relationship with Him

As I wait, He is NOT standing still! For He is working out the details, one of them being my heart! He is reminding me not to focus on the answers, the diagnosis, or even the healing, but rather our relationship!

I will be visiting a Neurologist on the 18th of this month, sooner if there is an opening/cancellation. Please continue to pray!

Words that came yesterday to a heart that needed them so much:

"We don't always know the words to pray, but thats okay, because when we have Jesus, He takes the right words, the perfect words to God for us, He interecedes for us!"

Does that not just sing to your heart? Friends its not about praying right...its just about praying!

I truly feel blessed to be surrounded with a family and friends who are willing to journey on purpose together.

I love you! I love you for being amazing Christ followers!

Keep praying, keep believing....oh and

Go get yourself some Jesus today!!!!