Monday, February 9, 2009

Don't miss an oppportunity to see Him!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation or circumstance where you feel like there is not a whole lot you can do? Or maybe right now you feel like your hands are tied. You are just not sure what you can do to change things, or make a difference.

Its been made pretty clear to me in the last few days that I can either focus on what I can do or worry about what I can't do.

There were many women who followed Jesus. And when it came time that Jesus was put on trial and led to the cross, these women could do very little. They couldn't speak out in defense or appeal the decision Pilate made, they couldn't stand against the crowds who were yelling. These women couldn't overpower the Roman guards.

Instead these women focused on what they could do. They stayed at the cross, while Jesus' disciples had left. They followed Jesus' body to the tomb and brought spices they had prepared to anoint His body.

They took advantage of the opportunities they had. And because they stayed with Jesus, they were the first to witness the resurrection. There commitment and obedience led them to see their Jesus! God blessed their commitment!

May we focus on what we can do instead of worrying about what we can't do!


Nicole said...

Our God is Jehovah Rapha-Our Healer. He wants to put this name all over you. He will heal you friend. He is so capable. It is in His time and His way because He loves you so incredibly much! He wants it to be just the right time. Keep running to Him friend. His word will not return void. Keep focusing on what you CAN do and surrender (Not saying that you aren't doing this, just a gentle reminder). Love you so much! Praying for you.


Sue J. said...

When you get that something heavy that you can't exactly get rid of, it suddenly becomes the only thing you can think about. So, while life continues on, there's this heavy thing.

I have been here a few times myself. It seems like every day you look at yourself, all you can see is this giant thing that's weighing you down.

God has that marvelous way of saying, "I know you have that big heavy thing there. I still think you are beautiful! Would you consider letting me carry the weight?"

It's just a matter of doing what we've been called to do, in spite of the big heavy thing. Love the parallel!

Prayers that you continue to release and release, and rest in His presence, even as you await further direction!

Runner Mom said...

This was great! I vote that you focus on what you CAN do! My post today is on worry(...but I haven't posted it yet'cause I can't open my pictures!!! Later tonight!)
There's more to life than worrying about things you can't control. God is in control...if only we let Him.

You're in my prayers, sweet friend!
Love ya,

Joyful said...

Oh, if we would all take this to heart and focus on what we can do. To just be faithful and obedient where we are, with what we have and allow Christ's love to compel us.

My heart can't stand the thought of missing an opportunity to see Him. Oh Lord, let it not be so.

Eyes wide open,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

It's a hard spot for we humans who tend to like to "do". I see Him even though I don't see His Work. I know Him even though I don't know what He is doing. I love Him even though He loves me more. I worship Him even though He is worthy of more.

I do understand the burden you describe...your burden to do even though there's nothing exactly to do...but wait, trust, believe.
Sweet blessings,

Sharon said...

Whewwwwwww you got the tears flowing down my face!! you are so right on with this!! We have to learn to relax, we have to learn to give to him, we have to learn he is in control.
This is a greatttttt post, I will ponder this for the day, Thank youuuu so much, you wrote this from your heart.
Have a blessed week my friend
Hugsss & Love

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Dear Father God... I ask that You make my eyes to focus on YOU and Your words. I pray that You use me for Your purpose and not me using my purpose. It's thy will, not mine! In Jesus' name, amen.