Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where are you?

Good Day!

So at the end of my last little blog post I got all "blog savvy" and linked to the Proverbs 31 devotion that day that was about brownies...yet now when I hit the button it doesn't take me to the brownie devo...so I am sure there are many people thinkin' "what was she thinking...I sure hope those Neurologists find something soon...she is causin us all to go crazy out here in blog land!" Anyway...sorry about that...the button updates now to each days devotion...which is great but it made me ask

"Brownie devo where are you?"

Oh and then a few days after my last post I notice there is something out on my front porch...and so I go dashing out there in total excitement just knowing someone has brought warm chocolate brownies to my doorstep. And there sitting inside a grocery bag hanging on the front door is this:

I could just as easily eaten the brownies and checked my blood sugar!!

"Warm chocolate brownies where are you?"

And now just so you don't think I have lost all good and noble self to dreaming about brownies...this will actually tie in quite nicely today...just wait and read!

How is your relationship today? Has He had to come looking for you? Can you hear Him calling your name?

"Where are you?"

You see He never leaves us! Its us who does the hiding, running, walking away. Why? Because we get tired of waiting, stressed, scared, afraid, worried He won't like our thoughts!

If He's asking "Where are you?"


"Here I am!"

All He needs is us to say those words and He will do the rest!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

Ahh..what sweet relief. Just call upon the name of the Lord.

There is power in His name.

I am here, Lord.

I appreciate your humor...:-)

Sue J. said...

Somedays, it's as if I were Eve, and hiding behind a bush someplace, with the Lord looking. Then, it's more like Isaiah, "Here I am, Lord. SEND ME!" Crazy excited....

Seems I need to remember that He knows where I am at all times, no matter how bad things are. And if I want to truly be in His presence, I had better get my answer straight.

I'm afraid I'm as lost with the blood sugar meter as I am with your shoes. Regardless, I'm thinking about and praying for you! He DOES know where you are!!

Runner Mom said...

That blood sugar meter was too funny!

He knows where we are--physically and spiritually! Oh, He is so awesome!

Hope you continue to feel better! Still praying, chickadee!


Nicole said...

Blood sugar meter, fun fun. I have one of those, and check mine every so often. Mine tends to run on the low side though, so need to eat more often. To be honest, it's been frustrating, but God has been good! Love ya!


Nicole said...

PS-If you get a chance come by my place, I posted a song that I believe will bless you. You may or may not have heard it before. I just heard it for the first time yesterday.

Kimberly said...

I call out "Brownies...where are you?" and they reply,"Down here, on your thighs." hee hee

Thanks so very much for your sweet comment today! You can come on over any time! I'll give you a cup of something hot to drink AND some brownies. :)

And, indeed, you posed a great question today in your post! I know there are so many times I try to run from Him or hide from Him, forgetting how perfect His love is for me and that I need to be running TO Him!

You are such a blessing!
Love and prayers,
K :)

Joyful said...

Well, if I lived anywhere close, I sure would be stopping by with some brownies!!! You're too funny!

So glad He's as close as the mention of His Name....Jesus!


My ADHD Me said...

Good reminder.
And believe me, I've tried hiding.
It doesn't work.

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Here I am!

Edie said...

You know, I should get a blood sugar meter. Never thought of that before. LOL!

I'll bring you some brownies and we can meter together. :)

Hope you're feeling better soon. Praying for you.

Things Above said...

Loved this!