Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday Challenge

Hello and Welcome to the Blog!

Are you ready for a challenge today? Or are you thinking, "really day to day life is pretty challenging!" And I am in agreement with you!

So the Friday Challenge for today is one of refocusing!

Challenge: "Forget about your worries and your strife"

With the help of our friends from the Jungle, Baloo and Mowgli lets refocus!


Runner Mom said...

That is one of my favorites! I remember watching it as a little girl, then enjoying it again with the boys!!
Thanks so much!

No worries today!


Anonymous said...

Happy fun tune to sing today along with a great reminder to be happy with the bare neccesities...
"He's the Man" always meeting our needs...
Have a great day.
Love, Hugs and Prayers

Sue J. said...

It's so true anymore, we need to LOOK FOR the bare necessities. We can't just sit back and enjoy them. We actually have to FIND THEM, because we've lost sight of them in all our other stuff!

Oh, Man, now this is really livin'!

Praise for TODAY!! And that He truly only wants us to take it one today at a time....

Be well, friend! Prayers for His strength....

Edie said...

I really enjoyed this Nichole. Yea the bare necessities. I've often thought about how much stress we could shed if we were more content with these. Thanks for the focus!

Praying you through friend.

Kimberly said...

Singing and refocusing along with you! And this is truly a challenge we all can is so easy to get all bogged down!

Love and prayers,
K :)