Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You gotta love when life happens!

Life has been happening to me! So read on and join me in a good laugh! Oh boy its I get this new Red sweater white shirt combination thing (You know the white shirt is 'built-in' to the sweater you can't separate them, what do you call these?) Anyway... the other day from Fred Meyer (my friends in the south do you have one of these stores...its an all in one...groceries, toiletries, clothing, sporting goods, etc) Anyway, I find it on the clearance rack and think...'this will be perfect for my Love and Marriage speaking engagement...what other color makes you think of love', right?!?! So I purchase this beautiful new sweater/shirt combo not only was it on the clearance rack it was another 50% off...woo-hoo this sweater is meant to be worn by know you have had that feeling. Okay so I am set....well actually when I get home I realize that this new sweater is needing some very specific red shoes to go with it...ones that can't not be found in my shoe closet. So this puts me on a mission. I am successful at finding the perfect red/white shoes to go with the sweater! So I decide to wash the sweater a few days ahead of my speaking engagement...get myself all prepared...cause you know life is happening and there are many other things goin' on around here! So I wash new sweater/white shirt combo per washing directions...well all but one or two directions...I forgot to turn the sweater inside out and turn the water to what do I find when I open the wash machine...a red sweater with what was once a white shirt now is a smeared red/pinkish color. Seriously?!?! So without losing my cool...HA! I immediately think...'I am wearing those shoes I bought'...yep they are too stinkin cute to not be adorning my feet for the Love and Marriage speaking engagement. So now I am on a mission to find a shirt, jacket, sweater...anything that sings red and goes with the shoes...oh and because we are now on a time crunch the Engineer and the boys have now been recruited to join this mission....'think red boys!' Well you now how life happens and when you are looking for a certain something...the stores don't got it!!! So in enters one of my bestest...coolest...most awesome friends...and what does she have...the most adorable little red sweater with little white buttons that will work perfect over a white button-up shirt...oh and just so you know...the little red and white shoes were made for this sweater!!!! Kala I love you...for you are a true friend who truly knows how to love...thank you for loving me!

So last night I am getting my stuff all set out, I am ironing, getting my jammies on for bed, brushing teeth, and flossing...its the flossing part that caused another major life issue to happen. I am flossing right along and all of a sudden I hear this 'ching' and my crown from my back lower molar has popped off and hits the bathroom mirror and is on its way down the sink. This girly was diving into the sink to save herself a crown!!! The Engineer walks in and I announce...'I need me something tacky to get this crown back on!" So the Engineer takes a trip down to the local Walgreen's and snatches me some 'dental fix-it' and we get the crown back on! Thanks babe, I love you, and thanks for loving me and helping to put me back together!

I am happy to report that I survived the Love and Marriages speaking engagement today, looking all 'lovely' in my red and my crown did NOT come flying off into the audience!!


Nicole said...

So glad to know that you had enough energy to speak today! Crazy stories. You did a good job explaining them. I felt like I was right there living them with you!

Are you feeling better?


Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Way to go Nichole!! What a time you had! :) I'm glad to hear your speaking engagement went good. You are a true blessing to me! :)

Love you!

Jason & Kala said...

And you looked good to boot! You hold a special place in my heart! Thanks for the simple reminders of how to love our spouse ON PURPOSE!
I am holding you in my prayers, especially for tomorrow!
p.s. If your crown would've popped out during your talk, I would've been high tailin it out of that room. Too many giggles!

Chatty Kelly said...

This is hysterical! I want to see a photo of you in your fab outfit, complete with shoes!!!

Um, and go see the dentist, okay. Cause no way is that stuff going to make the crown stay on for good.

Sue J. said...

I can't tell you how many times I have seen those shades of pink in unsuspecting clothes! You can bleach whites, but you are hard-pressed when it comes to everything else. Probably makes quite a statement now...or an illustration for an upcoming talk--LOL!

Sometimes, you just need moments like these to make you forget the other stuff going on. It's life in the moment and it's then that you discover what's really important (like boys who jump to help mom, friends who know you can't wear that and have just what you need, and engineers who don't create their own fixatives but head to the store for you)!

Glad you can laugh, and I'm glad you had good stories to share. You're a real trooper!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

This story is way too cute! Awesome Nichole!

Kristen said...

Oh I am so laughing w/ you sweet sister!

OK... now I know exactly why the Almight prompted me to rise at 4am this morning. I tell you I woke up at 3:40am. I got up and drank a glass of water and snuggled back in bed. But this girl's heart would not let her rest. Something keep prodding me... It's Wednesday morning and on Tuesday I organized the prayer requests I received via my Monday post. All the gals who emailed me or posted a request were swirling in my mind.. on my heart. So this obedient girl got up at 4am to pray. You my friend were one of those I prayed for you... honestly not realizing today was the day of your speaking engagement.
I am so glad it went well! God is so good!


Edie said...

As soon as you said that sweater was one piece and you couldn't separate the sweater from the top, I knew the red would bleed all over that white top. Geeez!

I'm so glad your friend came through for you.

And I bet your audiance is thrilled that your crown didn't end up in one of their laps too. LOL! Glad you got it fixed. I have a tooth implant and accidentally popped it out with dental floss too. Fortunately no one was around to see. :o

Kimberly said...

So glad that you are able to laugh about it all! And that God took care of all of the details through your loved ones!

I know those ladies were blessed to hear you speak!
:) K

My Army Brats and Me said...

You are one of my cutest friends ever:)

Love ya tons

Joyful said...

Wish you had included pic's! I want to see the sweater and shoes!!

So glad all went well. I take it you're feeling better?