Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Out of the running

Good news for you! I’m outta the running for Mother of the Year! Yeah you can thank me…or you might want to wait on that…especially after reading about what caused my disqualification. Yes I have disqualified myself two times already this week…and it’s only Wednesday!

Over the weekend the boys in the house, including the Engineer got a cold. So on Monday the littlest guy (3) was still running a slight fever was all stuffed up, having trouble breathing, his eyes were watering, and he was miserable. So I went to the medicine cupboard to find him some relief. I found the Children’s Tylenol Cold medicine and dosed him up some in the little cup and took it out to him. Then I went back to rinse the little cup out and notice on the bottle a whole new age/weight "chart" for dosing instructions…and that’s when I found myself in a little situation. The little guy wasn’t on the chart, the chart was for children that are 4 and older!! This chart had changed?!?! When?!?! I went into serious panic mode and get on the web to consult the Tylenol website and the trusty Dr. Sears website and they both confirm in big bold print the updated age/weight requirements for dosing! Yep big print, ‘not under the age of 4!’ So I call my pharmacist friend and he calms me down and reassures me that the little guy will be just fine and then he educates me on the changes that were made this last fall.

Wait before you pick up the phone to call me in I need to add the Tuesday disqualification to the tab!

You know my much talked about ‘craving’ for chocolate-well yesterday I combined the need for chocolate with a fun activity the boys and I could do together. We made Kahlua cake yesterday after nap for dessert. Now if you are not familiar with above cake, one of the ingredients is Kahlua! This is the most delicious, yummiest chocolate cake you will ever sink your teeth into…seriously and just so you know the potency of the above ingredient cooks itself out so its all legal!!! Anyway we start adding all ingredients to the KitchenAid and give it a mix and I am so focused on the finished chocolate dream that when the boys ask for a "lick" of batter sure enough I give them a sample! Yep a big dollop of raw cake batter. I hear…"mmm, that’s yummy mommy!" And then it dawns on me…and I find myself in a situation! No momma’s I wasn’t worried about the raw eggs it was that other little ingredient…you know the one in the title…the one that hadn’t been cooked yet to cook out the potency…?!?!

So there it is my last two days…and being that today is just beginning there might just be a third ‘situation’ that disqualifies me!!

Care to join me for a great big piece of cake?


Anonymous said...

Hey sometimes even Mommy's make mistakes....
You are such a goooooof ball...
Whoops that might disqualify me also...
Love You,

Runner Mom said...

Bless your precious heart! You are still in the running for Mommy of the year! You gave medicine and cake! Don't stress about the rest!!
Love you bunches!

Kimberly said...

Love covers not only a multitude of sins, but also a multitude of easy to make mommy mistakes!!! I'm so still voting for you for Mommy of the Year! :)

Love to you,
K :)

More than Survival said...

Welcome to the "human mommy club"!! I have a lifetime membership!!!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Sure, I'll be right there. Never had it but have heard cakes with such ingredients are good.
You are so funny.

We learn my our mistakes, amen?

No more drinking under age where tylenol or said above ingredient.


~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

I was completely disqualified from ever being the running when my daughter was a toddler.

So, we all make mistakes.

I'm sure your mistakes weren't that "life threatening" as beating a kid.

Suffice it to say I sought out counseling/mental health therapy to work out the issues leading up to this behavior.

Chatty Kelly said...

I just left you a long comment, and got an error message. *sigh* so this time I'll just say may I please have that recipe????

Edie said...

I bet your kids still vote you as Mommy of the Year. We all have our own disqualifiers. It's nice to be in good company. :)

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Oh girl!! I am right there with you!! We should start a club......"So not up for mother of the year"! Hee hee!! It's all good though girly!! They will survive!

Joyful said... didn't do either thing "on purpose" :o)

Thanks for the smile. Hope you enjoyed your cake and trust your little one is feeling better.