Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Volume of The Voice

I acknowledge the topic of Sex makes many people uncomfortable.

Why? Is it because we have not grasped Gods view of Sex?

It is SO hard to find the right perspective in today’s culture.

The views and voices of Sex that we are bombarded with each day:
The media (Such as:- Songs, Movies, Talks shows, Commercials, Advertising, Magazines)

Sex is always easy between a man and a woman, it just happens naturally

More that one partner is healthy, normal, and more exciting

Staying committed is old-fashioned

Voices of those who would like to minimize the purpose

"Sex is only for men"

"Sex is NOT to be talked about"

"Sex is something for women to just endure"

Voices that would like to share way too much in public, while it may be positive information it offends others sensibilities

Giving too much descriptive and detailed information

"Follow these directions and you will be successful"

Shouting out and claiming that Sex is a right
Voices of certain church fathers

Some church fathers can be found in quotes stating that Sex should be without passion or enjoyment. Or that all Sex is a sin even inside the marriage covenant. With this being found in history it is sure to have been heard, accepted and applied by some, right?
Your mom

Now this is all very dependent on the voice of your own mother. This spectrum goes from strict absolute SILENCE to a mom who lived out her personal Sex life in front of everyone to see. This voice ranges from those who gave wise and helpful advice to those who shared hurtful, negative and possible damaging advice.

Other married people

"Just have Sex with him so you can have children"

"Once you are married Sex will get old real fast, especially once you have been married as long as we have"

"I give him what he wants so that I get what I want, more shopping privileges"
All these voices have influenced our view of Sex.
The purpose of this series is to focus on Gods intended purpose and perspective. To come to Him and seek to hear His voice.

God the creator has a purpose

Will you join me today in praying for the courage and strength to stop hearing these other voices, to be still and seek to hear only One voice?

I know God has something to say and His voice has volume!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's talk about...Sex!

Hello and welcome!

Today we start a new series on Sex! I am so excited to journey with you. Our journey has one purpose, to seek the One who created this very institution.

As we journey through this series there will be many of questions that come up.

The one question that got this all started for me was,

What makes our Jesus cry?

Last week as I sat on the couch in my jammies ‘healing and recovering’ with my laptop I was reading many articles on our new topic. As I was researching away I turned on the tv...and this is when the confirmation came loud and clear through my tv screen, there was a talk show on, the subject…you guessed it…Sex! The talk show host was doing a great job at presenting the world’s view of Sex…and that’s when it truly hit my heart, this breaks our Gods heart!

Have you ever spent time wondering what breaks Gods heart?

Could it be that His people are NOT living in relationship with Him? Could it be that they are living in the dark in captivity from lies, sin, addictions, and not living in His intended purposes?

Please know that I have stood before God and asked multiple times if this is truly what He wants me discussing, and if I was the ‘right’ girl for the job. But each time He answered, it was very clear to me, He had something to say and it needed to be said!

I have been led by a purposeful God to speak on His behalf. I have been asked to speak on purpose. To speak about what is breaking His heart and then with His help lead others into His presence to stand before Him and seek His purpose for them.

The next series on this blog is about Sex! Why? Because the worlds views, misuse and abuse of Sex is NOT what He intended, and it breaks His heart.

I not anymore qualified to lead this series. I am His daughter living in relationship with Him. I desire to seek Him, know Him and live out His intended purpose in every area of my life. I am doing this series so that God’s people, you and me will find Him and His amazing grace, love and freedom in living for Him on purpose. So that we will be led out of the dark, where the enemy wants to keep us, and out into the light where Jesus intends for us to live freely with Him.

What holds us in the dark?

We are held in the dark when we listen, agree with or adopt the world’s views of Sex, when we misuse Sex or abuse Sex in any way or form.

We need to remember that Satan will try and corrupt what God intended for beauty and make it ugly, dark and immoral.

Being that this is God’s created union; He will be in complete direction of this series. During this series we will ask different questions and seek out His voice.
Please join me in praying for this series knowing that God is going to show up in some pretty great and amazing ways.

I want to encourage you to participate how you feel led to, just stopping by to read the post, leaving comments, praying for prayer requests that are left in the comments. And please if you have any questions, concerns, prayer requests feel free to email me,
May we allow God to bring us into the light with Him during this series on Sex, and truly seek His intended purpose!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Am I ready for this?

Hello! Welcome to the blog! I am glad you are here. I have missed being here on a regular basis, and I have also missed reading your blogs. But I have tried to stay pretty good about resting, recovering and healing. As the Engineer will be the first witness in line, having me slow down and not do anything truly is a difficult task for me. I am a girl who likes to do stuff!

Well that time has come for us. Yep the time that makes a momma ask out loud to her Jesus,

"Am I ready for this?"

Last night we had our first parent meeting…we officially are starting school next week. We have one extremely excited back-pack wearing boy who is ready to join in the adventures of Kindergarten, one younger little brother who doesn’t know where to fit in and two nervous and scared parents.

So I find myself at the parent meeting last night dressed way un-hip, and un-cool and not so stylish…as it seemed that every other momma in the room was way cute and dressed ever so impressive. But friends I could NOT find something that wouldn’t rub, irritate, squish, or squeeze, my incision marks and fit over my swollen belly…so I went wearing a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt and flip-flops! So I am saying publicly this morning to my son…’sorry Ty for the outfit last night, I will try to have myself a little more presentable for the first day of school!’

As I am sitting there looking like I should be out running…knowing full heartedly that my body wouldn’t do it…my heart felt like running too…oh and not to mention the tears that felt like running. And as I asked my question, the question no one else in the room heard, one just between me and my Jesus,

"Am I ready for this?"

I heard the whisper from my Jesus,

Nichole be strong and courageous, not for yourself, but for that little guy over there who is sitting on his daddies lap. He is watching you and he needs you to show him that strength and courage can be found.

So friends the tears didn’t come running out. I sucked them back in, finished the meeting, and then we went to find his classroom!

I am NOT ready for this; all of my flesh wants to just hold on tight to that little guy.

But then as we met his teacher for the first time last night I was reminded of a conversation that took place in the car a couple weeks ago…

Ty (the soon to be kindergartner) was sitting in the back seat with his papers from church in his lap. He was explaining their activity was to color the different things that they pray for. He colored his friends, and his family, his food. But then he told us he didn’t color his teacher because he didn’t know her name and didn’t know her yet.

We explained that we could be praying for her now even if we didn’t her name or know her because Jesus did!

Then he asked the question that brings this all together for me!

"Mommy what if my teacher doesn’t know Jesus?"

And that is when the Creator opened up the roof of our car and smiled this GREAT huge smile and told this momma a thing or two…

Nichole this is my boy, and he has work to do!

Oh Friends if I could express in words what I felt in that very moment…huge confirmation.

Confirmation that the Engineer and I are doing what we were asked to do.

Stepping out in faith and putting our boys in public school!

Please join me Monday as we start our new series on Sex...and trust me there is a great story of confirmation that goes along with I have stood before Jesus many times these past two weeks asking "Am I ready for this?" "Are you sure, I'm the girl for this?" Just this week He brought a GREAT story of confirmation! Join me on Monday!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Surgery Post-Op Update

Hello Friends and Family! Thanks so much for your prayers, love, and words of encouragement.

The tumor is out! I am home with my family! The Engineer and boys are treating me like a princess!

And just today we were able to remove bandages and I took a shower! Now let me tell you that was one welcomed know its those kinda things we take for granted!!

Well I am VERY intent on recovering and healing...and will be back to share a whole wealth of GREAT things God has blessed me with during my little sabbatical from blog land!

Love to you all!

May you know today that your Creator loves you! He go out and live like it!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Big S little s

“Big S little s. What begins with S?” I have read this line many times to my boys. It’s from Dr. Seuss’ ABC book.

As I type this blog I am thinking of many things that begin with S.

Summer…it has been a very fun summer. Filled with lots of great times and memories with my boys!

Swimming, S’mores, Slip-n-slide, Swings, Storytime, Smoothies!

Surrender, I have had many lessons these past few weeks on…

Laying down all my doubts…’I am NOT capable!’
Handing over my fears…’what if’?
Listening to His advice and taking it…’to remain silent’!
Trading in my stubbornness and pride and ‘picking up humility and obedience’.

Lessons that I am living out. Completed and checked off and competent in…oh NO! But lessons I am willing to listen to and apply…in His power…not mine!

Speaking, is such a blessing and gift. To have the opportunity to share His message of love and grace. To lead people to His heart and to encourage others to live life on purpose!

Saturday, I am blessed to speak at a Ladies Luncheon. Please join me in praying for this!

Surgery, is scheduled for Friday the 14th. Through exam and ultrasound a tumor was found on my right ovary. Please join me in praying for the surgeon, the Engineer as his duties will increase, pray for the boys, and pray for us to be completely aware of His peace and joy in this situation!

Short Sabbatical I will be taking one to prepare for all things in this next week and half.

Will you please share how I can pray for you? I so enjoy standing next to you and seeing God do great and amazing things!

And the little teaser for when I return…

Sex! Yep I have the go ahead from a couple important sources for this to be the next topic we dive into on the blog!

May we know we have a great and amazing Savior who makes all life worth living!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ladybug Lessons

Good Morning! I am so glad you are here today. I hope you are having a great summer. It's been a toasty hot one here in the Pacific Northwest. You either need to be sitting in the pool or over the air conditioner vents...but being that my dog tends to claim the leaves me the problem with me! Swimming with my boys has to be my favorite thing so far this summer!

We received another package last week...its feels like a continuous celebration. My boys have a whole new routine to their day...checking the mail or the porch for packages!!

This is what came last week from my friend Susan (aka Runner Mom)...not only do I feel blessed to know her...but way super encouraged to keep physically active...she is a GREAT motivator!

Is this not the cutest most adorable thing you have ever laid your eyes on? Seriously! I LOVE it! It is a canvas she made...painted by hand! It has my life verse on it. In this picture it is out on my back deck leading into my yard...the yard in which we distributed ladybugs.

We had a great time 'hand delivering' ladybugs to all the flowers and plants in our yard. Ladybugs help take care of the yard...they eat the other bugs that are eating at your plants!

Distributing the ladybugs in the yard blends with this canvas so soon as I saw the print on the canvas...God instantly spoke to my heart!

We are to be living our lives on purpose...for Him!

If the little ladybugs have a better believe we do too!
Thank you Susan for this beautiful canvas!

May we know today that their is such beauty in His design, and then live like it!