Monday, August 24, 2009

Let's talk about...Sex!

Hello and welcome!

Today we start a new series on Sex! I am so excited to journey with you. Our journey has one purpose, to seek the One who created this very institution.

As we journey through this series there will be many of questions that come up.

The one question that got this all started for me was,

What makes our Jesus cry?

Last week as I sat on the couch in my jammies ‘healing and recovering’ with my laptop I was reading many articles on our new topic. As I was researching away I turned on the tv...and this is when the confirmation came loud and clear through my tv screen, there was a talk show on, the subject…you guessed it…Sex! The talk show host was doing a great job at presenting the world’s view of Sex…and that’s when it truly hit my heart, this breaks our Gods heart!

Have you ever spent time wondering what breaks Gods heart?

Could it be that His people are NOT living in relationship with Him? Could it be that they are living in the dark in captivity from lies, sin, addictions, and not living in His intended purposes?

Please know that I have stood before God and asked multiple times if this is truly what He wants me discussing, and if I was the ‘right’ girl for the job. But each time He answered, it was very clear to me, He had something to say and it needed to be said!

I have been led by a purposeful God to speak on His behalf. I have been asked to speak on purpose. To speak about what is breaking His heart and then with His help lead others into His presence to stand before Him and seek His purpose for them.

The next series on this blog is about Sex! Why? Because the worlds views, misuse and abuse of Sex is NOT what He intended, and it breaks His heart.

I not anymore qualified to lead this series. I am His daughter living in relationship with Him. I desire to seek Him, know Him and live out His intended purpose in every area of my life. I am doing this series so that God’s people, you and me will find Him and His amazing grace, love and freedom in living for Him on purpose. So that we will be led out of the dark, where the enemy wants to keep us, and out into the light where Jesus intends for us to live freely with Him.

What holds us in the dark?

We are held in the dark when we listen, agree with or adopt the world’s views of Sex, when we misuse Sex or abuse Sex in any way or form.

We need to remember that Satan will try and corrupt what God intended for beauty and make it ugly, dark and immoral.

Being that this is God’s created union; He will be in complete direction of this series. During this series we will ask different questions and seek out His voice.
Please join me in praying for this series knowing that God is going to show up in some pretty great and amazing ways.

I want to encourage you to participate how you feel led to, just stopping by to read the post, leaving comments, praying for prayer requests that are left in the comments. And please if you have any questions, concerns, prayer requests feel free to email me,
May we allow God to bring us into the light with Him during this series on Sex, and truly seek His intended purpose!


Kim said...

Looking forward to keeping up with this topic! God Bless you for having the strength to discuss it... Imagine if we lived in a world where this was something left for the honeymoon... something I do hope I can instill upon any children I have someday...

Runner Mom said...

I am so proud of you for being so obedient to God's voice. I will be lifting you up in prayers.

My ADHD Me said...

I really don't have a comment. Just saying hi and letting you know I'm listening.

Letters From Midlife said...

Just reading that you are sensitive to what makes Jesus cry warms my heart. It's something I've been acutely aware of lately, and not just on the topic of sex. It's so many things that bombard me on a daily basis.

Cindy said...

Praying for you Nichole as you seek His face, voice and words. Knowing that God is using you in a mighty way just because you are willing, his daughter and obedient.
Joyfully joining in the conversation!

Kelly Combs said...

There are 2 ways that Satan corrupts sex. One is to unmarried couples telling them it's "okay." But the other is to married couples - telling them it's "not okay" or it's okay to be too tired, too grumpy, etc. and withhold. I think both sides of the spectrum should be discussed.

More than Survival said...

I recently read a comment on a blog post somewhere (can't remember where) that has had me really thinking lately.... God created sex... It is GOOD, it is a BLESSING... therefore Satan HATES it! Satan hates it so he DISTORTS everything to do with it and leads people down the wrong path so that they can't/don't experience the real GOOD and BLESSING that God intended it to be!!
I guess I had never thought about the REASON there is so much JUNK out there... because satan HATES sex!! He hates it because God's way is really GOOD!!! This was thought provoking for me because so much of our view on sex comes from the view satan has worked hard to create!!!! Satan is VERY good at deception... he makes sex seem like it was his idea and has convinced a world to worship his ideas of sex.....
So sad!!!

More than Survival said...

Oh, yeah! Thanks for being brave enough to broach this topic!

Lori said...

Nichole, Lifting up the upcoming topic in prayer and thankful that you are following the whispers you hear and obediently willing to open this topic up. Enough of the World's picture that is in our face everyday! That we all would truly be heartbroken as we seek to know how sex from the World's point of view breaks the heart of God. Having a heart like God's will allow us to be heartbroken over the sins of the world.
Hugs, Lori - AZ

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

Looking foreword to this topic!! :) Hope you are healing and doing good..

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...


I'm so ready for this series. As you move into each post I will surely have something to share.

I was wholly repressed and oppressed in my life to the point that my husband was ready to leave me 2 weeks ago. You'll notice one of my blog posts "A Miracle from God". It's just the tip of the iceberg.

Thank You Father God for using Nichole. And praise YOU God that Nichole is allowing you to work through her.

Pinkshoelady said...

Thank you Nicole for sharing with us.
You not only share a sensitive topic but your heart for the Lord as well.
I am hoping to faithfully keep up.
I think this topic is much needed.
It is so beautiful done God's way.

My Army Brats and Me said...

Wish I could have hung out with you on the couch. Love ya girl!!

Sue J. said...

There's a lot to cover here, Nichole, but I have no doubt that since He called you, He will lead you to reveal wonderful things from His Word. And you will do it with great sensitivity, respect and love, because that's how He created you!

Blessings, friend, and I am glad that His strength kept you yearning for Him through your "downtime."

Irritable Mother said...

Runner Mom has already written the words on my heart. I am so proud of you for being obedient.

To God be the glory!

(And maybe our husbands will be thankful for your obeience, too! *grin*)

Kimberly said...

Excellent topic, my friend! Because God does intend for it to be beautiful. Looking forward to reading all that He is laying on your heart! Oh...and looking forward to any "homework" that may come with the series. wink wink
tee hee

Love you!
K :)