Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Needing a Miracle?

If you are breathing and walking on this beautiful sphere called earth...there will be times in your life that you will need a miracle. And maybe you have actually expressed that exact statement and said the words...

"I need a miracle"

And if you haven't got there...well friends I'm not trying to scare you...but life is such that it happens and there are times we need miracles!

Today I am praying for miracles, some that are needed in my own life, and some in the lives of my family members, and some that have been shared by friends who trust enough to share them.

Are you needing a miracle today?

From dictionary.com:

mir·a·cle   /ˈmɪrəkəl/–noun
1.an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.

Are you wondering how to save your house, pay the power bill, keep your family fed?

Is your marriage a matter of survival?

Is the weight of the dark cloud of depression unmovable?

Are you fighting a disease that is raging war in your body?

Do you desire to conceive?

Sitting in secret with an addiction?

Carrying the baggage of divorce?

Lost yet running at full speed in an unknown direction?

Overwhelmed from a responsibility you didn't sign up for?

Scared of the diagnosis?


Deeply desiring the restoration of a relationship?

Desperately seeking freedom from the role as victim?

Have a voice but it seems muted?

Many years ago, God looked upon this beautiful sphere and it grieved His huge graceful and loving heart. His people were not peaceful and content.

There was a weekend many years ago in which God performed the greatest miracle.

I know God sees each one of us, personally and intimately. There are things that grieve His heart.




Broken Relationships.

His children who are scared.

Our choices.

I know that the miracle that He performed many years ago when He sent His Son to the cross, was the greatest life changing miracle we will ever experience.

Its a miracle.

Its a miracle that renews, restores and makes things right.

Are you needing a miracle?

May I encourage you to take it the cross, trust and know He is there, and He will make it right!

If you need me, I will be kneeling too because I am a girl in need of a God who has an extraordinary effect on a physical world that only He can have.

Monday, March 29, 2010

What's your week look like?

Do you have your week planned out?

For us its a week filled with firsts...our first official Spring break for Mr. Kindergartner, to say he is excited is an understatement!

It's a week filled with breaks...sleeping in...eating breakfast a little less rushed...more flexibility in the schedule and not having to make it into bed exactly at 7:30pm for school the next day.

A week in which a Kindergartner, his little brother and his momma get to go on a trip to see Nana and Papa.

A week in which we get to spend quality time together, momma and the boys...reading stories, having picnic lunches, playing at the park, going on bike rides, having play dates, eating snacks together...living in each moment and having fun!

As I sat on my bed this morning reading His Word and praying...I was reminded what this week looked like for Jesus so many years ago.

A week that was filled with a lot of firsts, lasts and huge purposeful moments.

And then it went even deeper for me...

It was a week in which Jesus was fully God...He knew each and everything that would happen. Every detail...and yet He still chose to go through the week.

It was a week in which Jesus was fully human...He heard, felt and lived out each detail.

Remembering this made me remember it's a week filled with a whole lot of love.

Purposeful love.

Perfect love.

Not only a week changing love.

But Life changing love.

My prayer this morning is that no matter what our week looks like is that there will be moments in which we experience this love. The purposeful, perfect, life changing love Jesus has for us!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

She Speaks

I will never forget all the amazing moments I experienced from She Speaks in 2008.

I am a girl who is purposefully committed to her Jesus to hear Him, see Him and experience Him to the fullest. Call it an addiction...but its true. And to be perfectly honest if it gets me from 9x13 brownie pans and shoes that are taking a toll on the bank account...than its all good!

So the purpose of today is that I want to share with you. I want to share She Speaks. I am praying for you today. I am praying that Jesus meets you right where you are...sitting in your cubicle at work...or on your comfy over sized chair with your laptop, or at your home office, or maybe you are reading blogs on your iphone while standing in line at the grocery store, but I know my Jesus will meet you there.

I had the awesome privilege of attending She Speaks in 2008. I went with a 'personal agenda' and came home with MORE of Jesus. Oh friends...its such an awesome weekend. Really if you are sitting in a place of needing to hear Jesus, desiring for Him to speak to you...then I am praying and knowing He will lead you.

I know the title of the whole conference is She Speaks...but friends don't let that fool you...its really something way MORE than that...its some time with Jesus!

And really nothing gets better than that!

Oh and friends Lysa TerKeurst the sweet southern princess she is, is offering multiple scholarships to get yourself there...so no excuses...go over and visit her here and check it out!

So being the girl that I am...I am begging my Jesus to truly love on you today, get your attention and lay it on your heart...because I believe He has a divine appointment waiting for you.

One that will happen in a weekend while attending She Speaks!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Shoes or wisdom...its a hard choice?

Hello! Happy Spring to all of you my friends and family. Its a beautiful day here in my neck of the woods!

The older I get the more I learn about myself. Like how when I am emotional or when the hormones are bouncing off the chart I tend to want to cope somehow...and to be honest I really think the Engineer likes for me to find a way to cope...or else he has to cope...if you know what I mean.

Now I have tried my hardest to steer myself away from emotional 9x13 brownie pan eating.

You see I find myself needing to cope with 'feelings'. Feelings that I know should not dictate my words, or actions...but because I am one 5'4" all girlie girl...sometimes they do my friends...they just do...and I am NOT proud of it.

So what else can I find to help cope with the 'feelings'.

Oh I would love it to be shoes. Shoes. But that also takes a toll...a pricey little toll!

So is there another way?

Maybe a God way of coping?

In the past week or so there is this little verse that just keeps popping up...

For the LORD gives wisdom,
and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
Proverbs 2:6

The verse above has showed up in the Bible study class...its been on the Upwards Soccer poster for the boys...its been in the Me, Myself and Lies by Jennifer Rothschild book that I am reading.

And today I think I am making a connection...or at least maybe a connection is starting to be made.

God has a way for me to cope. To deal with all things.

His way...is seeking Him. Asking for His wisdom.

Oh...maybe that why as I type this my feet are bare...

For I might just be standing in His presence and He might just be about to dump some serious wisdom all over this girlie.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Constant Reminder

This morning I found myself in Romans 7. This chapter is packed full of a whole lot! Full of love, grace, corrections... I heard in my heart as 'reminders'!

Things I think I know in my head...but things I NEED to know in my heart...the place that I desire to live from!

Now Romans 7 has guided me so much already today...and unless you have the time to get yourselves over to my house...sit in a comfy chair and drink some Oregon Chai tea with me...I just want to share one here with you today...

But now, by dying to what once bound us, we have been released from the law so that we serve in the new way of the Spirit, and not in the old way of the written code Romans 7:6

I am a girl who seems to be in a constant struggle with pride, self-control issues, and stubbornness. You see I know in my head that I can NOT earn my salvation...and I know that my relationship with my Jesus is not about me 'performing' for Him. I know that my behavior perfect or not doesn't control what Jesus thinks of me.

I know that Jesus has 'released me from the law'.

I need to allow the new way of the Spirit to over take my heart.

I need to let the Holy Spirit turn my eyes away from my own performance and toward Jesus.

Yeah this girlie needs a constant reminder.

I am so thankful for a constant God...who loves me enough to keep reminding me!

Isn't grace amazing?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Self Control Chair

Happy Tuesday Friends!

It is sunshiney here today...life smells good, feels good, and is good! I am claiming the truth today...even if my mind is still swirling around up there!

So have you had time to think about thinking from yesterday?

Well as I was putting the receipt in my wallet...the receipt that shows I purchased my new running shoes...woo-hoo...I look up and there is one of my beautiful girlfriends checking out in line with her two sweet children...and I decide to do what I do best...be spontaneous and ask her to come out of her comfort zone...she is SO not spontaneous..and I guess thats one of the many reasons I love her so much...she is WAY more peaceful, calm, organized, collected...did I mention she can keep her cool...in the two years I have known her I have never seen her lose it...or even come close to it...maybe because losing it is a little too spontaneous?!?!

Oh how I love my friend...and she said yes...to 'rearranging' her day...and we took the kids out to lunch...so we could eat...chat...and the kids could play!

As we are sitting there eating and chatting away, she shares a little story that involves her son, the preschool he attends, and the Self Control Chair. Now before my sweet friend could even share the rest of the story...at the mention of the name of the chair...I knew my Jesus was speaking to me...oh yes He was...loud and very clear!!

Remember 1 Peter 1:13 from yesterday...

Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. (emphasis mine)

For my mind to be peaceful, settled, calm, sorted out, cleaned out, collected, for things to be held captive...

I need some time in the Self Control Chair

I need some time being still sitting with my Jesus!

Call it a time out...call it morning devotions...call it time in the dark walk-in closet...call it a

Self Control Chair

But all of us need this!

May we know how much He loves us today in this moment!

May we know that we will never arrive at a time in our earthly lives that we don't need time in the Self Control Chair.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Whatcha Thinkin'?

Hello and welcome to the blog! I hope you had a terrific weekend.

I sure did...you know there are perks to being the only girlie in the house and having a birthday! It was most definitely princess day yesterday. Thanks to the Engineer,two adorable little boys, family and friends...I had an amazing day!

The past few weeks have been super full for me...especially in my head!

Have you ever stopped to analyze...or think about what you are thinking?

No really...stop for just a second...and whats going on up there in that mind of yours?

Oh friends mine is so full....

"The laundry is spilling out onto the floor out of the laundry basket and I can see it out of my 'left peripheral vision spot'

"What am I going to fix to go with the roast that is in the crock pot?'

"Can't wait til the neighbor finishes the 'project' and the neighborhood is less noisy...hammer...hammer....hammer"

"I am totally bummed I didn't find a new pair of running shoes this morning"

The thoughts go on and on my friend...and as I read back through that list above...those are pretty okay and healthy thoughts...consuming none the less.

But I know there are some thoughts rumbling around in my head that are not so healthy...

"The boys have been acting out more lately and thus you are not being the best mom, and you are failing"

"You are really not the one who should be leading Women's Bible study, their are women way more articulate, professional, classy, obedient, graceful, humble...."

"Chocolate will help in this moment"

If there has been one statement that I have said over and over in the past week or so...

I want to be able to turn my thoughts off!

Yes I have said it...I have prayed for it...I have even started reading a Bible study by Jennifer Rothschild to help with this whole thinkin' issue....Me, Myself and Lies. Great study so far...but it has not quieted down my thinkin'.

I think.

I analyze.

And then I think some more.

Do you struggle with this at all?

If so...now you know you are not alone...I am right there with you!

I am seeking Jesus in all of this. I need Him to help me sort out the thoughts...keep certain ones captive...get rid of some...and help me to move certain ones to the front!

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things. Philippians 4:8

Whatcha thinkin'?

Shall we seek Jesus and have Him clean up, organize and sort through our thoughts?

Therefore, prepare your minds for action; be self-controlled; set your hope fully on the grace to be given you when Jesus Christ is revealed. 1 Peter 1:13

I know He created us to have a peaceful mind...not one that is so packed full of stuff...and just think in the peace we will be able to hear His voice a little better!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Cindy's Hope Chest

Oh its with such excitement that I share this with you this morning. Many of you who have been around this blog for awhile have had the awesome privilege of meeting Cindy and praying for her.

Cindy has fought a very hard journey...and to see Jesus take that journey and make it into this...wow!

This is what Jesus can do...He can take the hard, not so fun, really stinkin' tough times in our lives and turn them into...

Beautiful Butterflies!

Oh Cindy...to think that we get the opportunity to stand next to you and your Jesus in this season is just as honoring as it was to be praying you through as you fought like a girl with Breast Cancer.

Friends...know that our commitment to pray was a part of His work!

Please visit her blog...please continue to pray...and please let Jesus speak to you through this!

I love you Cindy!

On Purpose

Thursday, March 11, 2010

A girls gotta laugh

Life is busy and the calendar is full.

Have you ever had one of those days that has just left you feeling like you are going to explode? Your head hurts?

Or maybe you are having one of those weeks that you are tired, tired of fighting the battles? Tired of being the one? Tired?

Or maybe it’s been a month where things are falling apart in your house, the water faucet under the sink in the kitchen decides to mop the kitchen tile floor for you?

We have all been there. We have all experienced a time when life seems a little too hard, unfair, and overwhelming.

Well the past few days have been some of those days for me. In all of my humanness I was trying to keep going, because I knew in my head that’s what I was ‘supposed’ to be doing, but friends in my heart I felt like taking myself into my walk-in closet, shutting the door, turning out the lights and hiding out…until…Jesus came back?!?!

I was truly calling out….the Engineer would say ‘yelling’ but that sounds a bit loud doesn’t it?

So to be the honest girl that I am I was ‘yelling’ out for God to ‘do something’!

What I was really wanting was a break…some relief…a breather!!!

And then God went and provided…yes He did!

So I am waiting outside my oldest little guys elementary school yesterday afternoon, with a collection of other moms, one being a ‘special’ friend of mine.

‘Special’ in that we truly have a unique bond…God has used her many times to straighten me right up and bring me closer to Him, all of it ‘kingdom building Jesus girl training’…and I truly thank Jesus for her.

Sabin is a beautiful, real Jesus girl. Living life to show that Jesus is real and that He works!

So we are standing there chit chatting away and up walks a mutual friend. When I say she walks up…she walks up the path in front of us…still a distance away…distance enough that Sabin has to speaker much louder for her to hear.

Sabin says loudly….”Megan I really miss you on Facebook!”

Note: Megan decided to give up Facebook for Lent.

Sabin continues in a loud voice…well actually at this point it’s as if someone gave her a megaphone…”so when is Lent over?”

And being the sweet friend I immediately start cracking up. You know the laughing that takes you in half and you are holding your stomach and just letting every ounce of you let go laughter….oh the laughter didn’t stop either…well long enough for me to hear…

Sweet precious Megan say in a very calm quiet and collected manner…”Easter”

And for a brief second before the laughter started again…I look to my ‘special’ friend Sabin and she is red, embarrassed, and she is loving on me all in the name of Jesus!

Okay friends so it’s the last few words of that sentence above that I claimed to be true in the name of Jesus.

I am choosing to believe that my Jesus knew…

A girls gotta laugh

And He provided that through my ‘special’ friend Sabin!

What I am praying and hoping you are going to take away from the visit to this blog today…

Is that Jesus loves and adores you to pieces…and He wants to love on you today too!

***Yes I have person from my ‘special’ friend to share this!

“He will yet fill your mouths with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy” Job 8:21

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Care to join us at the Breakfast table?

Breakfast to me is the yummiest of all the meals, and I sit between two most adorable boys. Eating breakfast with the "T Squad" is one of my most favorite things to do each day.

Now to catch you up to speed, well actually being the only girl in this house of boys I am not sure I am up to speed...so how I could catch you up is beyond me...anyway...the Engineer did it last night...yes he did my friends.

He showed two scenes from Star Wars.

First scene the light saber battle between Yoda and the 'bad guy'.

The first scene above was viewed before dinner...which then provided MORE than enough questions for the entire dining experience.

Second scene was played right before bed....the pod race.

Friends if I could just send you a mental picture of what two little boys, whose names start with "T" and one proud Engineer look like after viewing, bonding and truly uniting in the force after these viewings.


Have I mentioned I am the only girl in this house?

Well back to the breakfast table this morning...

One momma and two boys sit down to eat warm oatmeal, crispy buttery toast and some pineapple/orange juice...we lift up our thanks for the food...and then it starts...

T2 asks...'Mom are light sabers real?'

'no honey they are not real they are just in the movie'

T2 'it would hurt if you got hit with one, huh mom?'

'I suppose it would babe'

T1 asks...'Mom how did Jesus get to earth?'

'God sent Him in Marys belly to be born as a baby.'

T2 asks...'what is the bad guys name?'

T1 answers...'Satan or Darth Vader?'

T2 asks...'Do life savers hurt?'

T1..."LIGHT SABERS...not life savers'

T1 asks...'Why did Jesus die on the cross if He didn't sin?'

'because God loves us and wanted us to live in heaven with Him, and Jesus was the only one that could make that happen.'

T2 'God is a boy'

T2 'Whats spy?'

T2 'How do you play spy?'

T1 '2 good guys and 2 bad guys and you have to chase and find each other'

And this few minutes at the breakfast table was used to rhyme words!

T2 'Can I have some more berry oatmeal?'

'when you finish what you have'

T2 'I'm going to be Yoda'

T2 'Can brother be Darth Vader?'

I ask...'do you want to be the bad guy?'

T1 'yeah as the grown-up'

And this few minutes was our devotion time together...still sitting at the breakfast table.

'serve one another in love' Galatians 5:13 (NLT)

T2 'When I'm grown up to 45 will daddy be in heaven?'

'I don't know'

T2 'God knows, He knows everything'

T1 'no we will have children before they go to heaven'

And this is the point in which Ellie (the dog) groans from under the table.

Care to join us at the Breakfast table tomorrow?

We do have a seat open at our breakfast table every morning, the Engineer is off to work before we eat breakfast...so feel free to sit in his spot!

And know that I will serve you some yummy food with a whole lotta love and entertaining conversation!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

But it's really more than that

Have you ever struggled reading your Bible?

Have you ever wondered how to ‘fit’ God into the busyness of the day?

Have you ever wanted to make devotion time truly become applicable, more than words on a page?

Have you ever limited God to only speaking, and meeting with you during your quote…’devotion time’.

I wonder, why we do this?

“God You’ve got 15 minutes this morning, start speaking, I need something that is going to carry me through this day…it’s a busy day You know, lots to do, people to take care of, laundry, groceries, car pool, soccer practice, dinner to make, PTA meeting, so speak now God give me something good”

We read the Bible. Close the Bible. Pray. And get up and start our day.

Do we actually think we leave our Jesus there? Sitting right there in that ‘devotion spot’.

Are we limiting our experiencing Jesus to just devotion time?

Are you fulfilled?

“Fulfillment means to be completely satisfied. How might our lives look if we were so filled with God’s truths we could let go of the pain of our past, not get tripped up by the troubles of today, or consumed by worries about tomorrow? Sound impossible? It is impossible when we try to make it happen on our own by doing more good Bible study girl things. Praying, reading the Bible, doing another Bible study, going to church, and being nice are wonderful and necessary. But just going through the motions of these activities will not fill our souls. They must be done with the great expectation and heart cry for God to lead us into a deeper and more life-changing connection with Him.” (pg 25, Becoming More Than A Good Bible Study Girl by Lysa TerKeurst)

Experiencing Jesus is not what we make it. It’s not limited to the 15 minutes we spend in the Bible. Or the prayers we lift up. It’s not limited to the 1 hour we sit in worship service each week.

Experiencing Jesus is really more than that.

So what is it exactly?

Experiencing Jesus is living each moment with Him.

It’s being brave and bold enough to remember He is with us wherever we go.

I’m just a girl, but I do believe my Jesus is with me right now as I sit on a comfy oversized chair with a handmade quilt draped over my lap with my laptop balanced on top, typing words that I lift up in praise and adoration of a Jesus who I know loves me to pieces.

But really its more than that, I know Jesus is with you right where you are.

At work.

At school getting ready to take that test.

Sitting in the hospital receiving a round of chemo.

In your car waiting in traffic.

In the quiet of your home.

While you wait.

He is with you.

Are you experiencing Him in the everyday?

I’m not asking friends if you have read your Bible today, rather I want you to know it’s more than that…

Do you know that Jesus loves you? Do you know He desires more than anything for you to experience Him today, in a new way?

I am praying that we truly let this sink deep into our hearts today.

May we not just go through the motions without the experience!

Because really it’s more than that!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Are You Flossing?

How often do you workout?

How often do you change the sheets on your bed?

How often do you take a shower?

How often do you grocery shop?

How often do you change the oil in your car?

How often do you floss?

How often do you eat?

How often do you read the Bible?

How often do you talk with God?

How often do you experience God?

Now I will admit some of these questions are a bit personal. Some are more serious than others. And some really do have a critical impact to your day. As a girlie who cannot spend too many hours between meals…food is definitely not something I just ‘forget’ often.

It’s that last little question on the list…

How often do you experience God?

Is it daily?

Or rather is our experience of God a past memory. A memory of a salvation moment many years ago?

Or maybe we can think back to a time a few years, weeks, months, days ago?

May we know that experiencing God is meant to be daily.

If we are in a purposeful relationship with Jesus, we are experiencing Him daily.

If we are purposefully praying for what we need…

Give us today our daily bread. Matthew 6:11

We need to know that God is purposeful in supplying our need…

Jesus responded, "The real significance of that Scripture is not that Moses gave you bread from heaven but that my Father is right now offering you bread from heaven, the real bread. The Bread of God came down out of heaven and is giving life to the world."
They jumped at that: "Master, give us this bread, now and forever!"
Jesus said, "I am the Bread of Life. The person who aligns with me hungers no more and thirsts no more, ever. I have told you this explicitly because even though you have seen me in action, you don't really believe me. Every person the Father gives me eventually comes running to me. And once that person is with me, I hold on and don't let go. I came down from heaven not to follow my own whim but to accomplish the will of the One who sent me.
John 6:32-38 (The Message)

For Jesus fulfills every need, purposefully and perfectly!

Oh, and the purpose of this relationship with Jesus…its meant to be a daily thing.

May we be encouraged that He has an experience for us everyday…that means today too!

GOD, your God, is with you every step you take. Joshua 1:9 (The Message)

May we be passionate about experiencing our Jesus today.

***Oh and just so you know…I am dental hygienist on an extended sabbatical so don’t go admitting to me you are not flossing on a daily basis!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

He takes my breath away!

It's been a crazy busy couple of days and I have a few more to go! All great-super-fun stuff to be involved in...but busy and crazy none the less!

And I came home this afternoon to this in my email inbox!

"Your blog was chosen this year in the category of: “Cup of the Day”."

Thank you friends, family, and my sweet Jesus! This is such a gift!

Here's to more purposeful living days and sharing my Jesus out here in blog land!

I love you!

On Purpose

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Do you know who you are talking to?

Now being a girl who likes to talk...yeah I know that just shocks many of you, I have done a whole lot of talking to God.

Talking at Him.

Talking to Him.

Talking with Him.

You see there are days in which I don't have it all put together. There are days in which for me to truly get to the point where we are communicating...mainly to the point where I am listening I have to let some stuff go.

There are days when the angry, bitter, frustration, worry, fear, doubt, pride...has to be laid down...emptied...so that then I can truly communicate with God.

You see I believe our God, the One in which we are communicating is big enough to take what we have for Him. I believe we have to lay it down and hand it over to Him, because if we don't then its still there...and still in the way of truly communicating with Him.

Spend a few minutes thinking about who you are talking to.

The God who created all. Yes all. He created you. He designed you. He knows you.

He knows you right now. He loves you right now.

He isn't shocked by anything you say....He knew it was coming!

You see I believe He is big enough to take what needs to be let go of in us...the stuff in the way...so that we can truly communicate with Him.

So will you join me today and allow Him to take it?

Dear Jesus there is so much noise in my mind and heart right now. I bring the worry that I have as a wife that I am respectful in all things and that the words of my mouth are to lift up my husband not tear him down, I come to bring the worry that I am not being everything I am supposed to be as a mom because I feel pulled in so many directions, I come to bring the the doubt and fear that I have that I will 'do an okay job' tomorrow as I lead our new Bible study j, I bring the over booked schedule and ask You to clear what needs cleared. I bring the pride that sticks so close please continue to peel it off, on my mind and in my heart are so many friends and family members who are hurting, physically, emotionally and spiritually. I know all of this is noise and chaos, and is in the way of You Lord! Lord will You take all this and replace it with more of You? Please Jesus, I love You-Amen

"Our God says, "Calm down, and learn that I am God!" Psalm 46:10 (CEV)

I believe with that stuff gone...things will be a little quieter in our minds and hearts and we will hear His voice.

We will be communicating with Him.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Happy Monday to you! Thank you for coming by and visiting the blog. There is such joy in living life with people.

There is one big factor in all relationships. Do you know what it is?

Its the one thing that can truly set the tone of the relationship.


How we communicate is very important. I believe we learn to communicate from our environment. Watching our two little guys learn to communicate has been such lesson for me. They are so eager to learn new words, try out words, use sentences, share stories.

Where are they getting these words? How are they learning how to communicate?

Their environment. What makes up their environment?

The people they are around. The books they are reading. The things they are listening too, which include, music and tv.

Our boys are learning to communicate. They are learning how to relate with the people around them.

Our boys are learning to communicate, by listening and speaking.

There was one common purpose for which we were all created.

To be in relationship with our Creator.

For this to be a relationship we need communication. We need to be listening and speaking.

Why does talking with God scare us?

Why are we afraid we don't have the 'right' words to say?

Why do we feel we get it all wrong? Backwards?

Can we learn what to say? Is there a 'right' way to say it?

When we talk to God...we pray.

So how do we do it?

If you have ever felt like its way overwhelming and you just can't get it right, and that you are all backwards...


Then guess what friends...you are SO not alone. Communication is a super hard thing. But the good news is...Jesus wants to help us.

"Pray continually" 1 Thessalonians 5:17

One thing this girlie is learning is that if He asks us to do something, He will supply all it takes to help us do it!

He loves us so much and wants to be in relationship with us so bad...that He wants to teach us how to communicate with Him.

He wants to turn our




Over the next little while lets learn together, how to better communicate with the one who thinks we are most amazing!!

May you know today you are loved...a love that will make you live life on purpose!