Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Care to join us at the Breakfast table?

Breakfast to me is the yummiest of all the meals, and I sit between two most adorable boys. Eating breakfast with the "T Squad" is one of my most favorite things to do each day.

Now to catch you up to speed, well actually being the only girl in this house of boys I am not sure I am up to how I could catch you up is beyond me...anyway...the Engineer did it last night...yes he did my friends.

He showed two scenes from Star Wars.

First scene the light saber battle between Yoda and the 'bad guy'.

The first scene above was viewed before dinner...which then provided MORE than enough questions for the entire dining experience.

Second scene was played right before bed....the pod race.

Friends if I could just send you a mental picture of what two little boys, whose names start with "T" and one proud Engineer look like after viewing, bonding and truly uniting in the force after these viewings.


Have I mentioned I am the only girl in this house?

Well back to the breakfast table this morning...

One momma and two boys sit down to eat warm oatmeal, crispy buttery toast and some pineapple/orange juice...we lift up our thanks for the food...and then it starts...

T2 asks...'Mom are light sabers real?'

'no honey they are not real they are just in the movie'

T2 'it would hurt if you got hit with one, huh mom?'

'I suppose it would babe'

T1 asks...'Mom how did Jesus get to earth?'

'God sent Him in Marys belly to be born as a baby.'

T2 asks...'what is the bad guys name?'

T1 answers...'Satan or Darth Vader?'

T2 asks...'Do life savers hurt?'

T1..."LIGHT SABERS...not life savers'

T1 asks...'Why did Jesus die on the cross if He didn't sin?'

'because God loves us and wanted us to live in heaven with Him, and Jesus was the only one that could make that happen.'

T2 'God is a boy'

T2 'Whats spy?'

T2 'How do you play spy?'

T1 '2 good guys and 2 bad guys and you have to chase and find each other'

And this few minutes at the breakfast table was used to rhyme words!

T2 'Can I have some more berry oatmeal?'

'when you finish what you have'

T2 'I'm going to be Yoda'

T2 'Can brother be Darth Vader?'

I ask...'do you want to be the bad guy?'

T1 'yeah as the grown-up'

And this few minutes was our devotion time together...still sitting at the breakfast table.

'serve one another in love' Galatians 5:13 (NLT)

T2 'When I'm grown up to 45 will daddy be in heaven?'

'I don't know'

T2 'God knows, He knows everything'

T1 'no we will have children before they go to heaven'

And this is the point in which Ellie (the dog) groans from under the table.

Care to join us at the Breakfast table tomorrow?

We do have a seat open at our breakfast table every morning, the Engineer is off to work before we eat feel free to sit in his spot!

And know that I will serve you some yummy food with a whole lotta love and entertaining conversation!


Larissa Wardrip said...

Nichole, that is AWESOME!!! That made my day! I wish I were there to hear those sweet boys. That just sounded like so much fun!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Count me in! I've raised two boys and am on my 3rd, along with baby girl. Always lively conversation at our table, with a little bit of Jesus mixed in. And for my older boys, a little bit of doctrinal debate, etc. Such fun watching their faith come to life. I love the give and take I share with them.

Keep to it, mom. Love you.


Sue J. said...

Keep that seat open for Jesus, OK? I've no doubt He is enjoying these conversations as much as you are, watching [all!] of His children grow!

Cindy said...

I too am the only girlie in a house full of boys...even the dog!

I remember conversations like that when my kiddos were small. the conversations change as they grow - enjoy today's.

You are the BEST!!!!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

I would love to sit at the breakfast table with y'all.... I don't think I've ever had such an experience... even when I raised my daughter. Praise God!

Donnetta said...

This is great... and so real. It reminds me of a home video we made not so long ago.

As we played it back what stood out the most wasn't the actual thing we were attempting to capture, but rather the fact that I had completely different conversations with my 3 children all at the same time.

The children were amazed (and yet we as mom's just know that this is our life.) :-)

How fun that you wrote this down to remember in the future.

Eva said...

Love it!

Lori said...

Conversations that last a lifetime...fond memories! Thanks for sharing with us what goes on around your table!

Hugs, Lori