Thursday, March 11, 2010

A girls gotta laugh

Life is busy and the calendar is full.

Have you ever had one of those days that has just left you feeling like you are going to explode? Your head hurts?

Or maybe you are having one of those weeks that you are tired, tired of fighting the battles? Tired of being the one? Tired?

Or maybe it’s been a month where things are falling apart in your house, the water faucet under the sink in the kitchen decides to mop the kitchen tile floor for you?

We have all been there. We have all experienced a time when life seems a little too hard, unfair, and overwhelming.

Well the past few days have been some of those days for me. In all of my humanness I was trying to keep going, because I knew in my head that’s what I was ‘supposed’ to be doing, but friends in my heart I felt like taking myself into my walk-in closet, shutting the door, turning out the lights and hiding out…until…Jesus came back?!?!

I was truly calling out….the Engineer would say ‘yelling’ but that sounds a bit loud doesn’t it?

So to be the honest girl that I am I was ‘yelling’ out for God to ‘do something’!

What I was really wanting was a break…some relief…a breather!!!

And then God went and provided…yes He did!

So I am waiting outside my oldest little guys elementary school yesterday afternoon, with a collection of other moms, one being a ‘special’ friend of mine.

‘Special’ in that we truly have a unique bond…God has used her many times to straighten me right up and bring me closer to Him, all of it ‘kingdom building Jesus girl training’…and I truly thank Jesus for her.

Sabin is a beautiful, real Jesus girl. Living life to show that Jesus is real and that He works!

So we are standing there chit chatting away and up walks a mutual friend. When I say she walks up…she walks up the path in front of us…still a distance away…distance enough that Sabin has to speaker much louder for her to hear.

Sabin says loudly….”Megan I really miss you on Facebook!”

Note: Megan decided to give up Facebook for Lent.

Sabin continues in a loud voice…well actually at this point it’s as if someone gave her a megaphone…”so when is Lent over?”

And being the sweet friend I immediately start cracking up. You know the laughing that takes you in half and you are holding your stomach and just letting every ounce of you let go laughter….oh the laughter didn’t stop either…well long enough for me to hear…

Sweet precious Megan say in a very calm quiet and collected manner…”Easter”

And for a brief second before the laughter started again…I look to my ‘special’ friend Sabin and she is red, embarrassed, and she is loving on me all in the name of Jesus!

Okay friends so it’s the last few words of that sentence above that I claimed to be true in the name of Jesus.

I am choosing to believe that my Jesus knew…

A girls gotta laugh

And He provided that through my ‘special’ friend Sabin!

What I am praying and hoping you are going to take away from the visit to this blog today…

Is that Jesus loves and adores you to pieces…and He wants to love on you today too!

***Yes I have person from my ‘special’ friend to share this!

“He will yet fill your mouths with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy” Job 8:21


Sassymama said...

You know what I think is amazing about Christ? I love that He gets the depth of my devotion to Him even when the details get muddled! LOL!!! Glad He used me and all my goofy splendor to lighten your heart. (((MWAH)))

Kristen said...

LOL... This girl needed a laugh!
I have had one of those "months" Actually several months - battling a furnace and an HVAC person who has been less than helpful and has poor business follow through. And yes, I wanted to crawl into a closet until Jesus comes back.

Thanks for brightening my day!

Lori said...

God...He even knows right when we need a good belly-laugh! Gotta just love Him!

U made me smile - AGAIN!

Hugs, Lori

Irritable Mother said...

That's right!
And I think sometimes He laughs with us. *grin*