Monday, October 11, 2010

Come on over

Hello friends and family I am super happy to invite you to come on over!

Because of the talent of some super smart computer guys I now am located in one convenient location!

My website:

The super smart computer guys were able to combine it all into one nice package!

Thank you super smart computer guys!

Can I just mention that they also spent time via email and the phone 'trying' to train me?!

Which means they were trying to 'install' some computer guru stuff into this chocolate loving, shoe wearin' girlie mind of mine...not easy stuff.

Anyway the applause goes out to them, the guys at Five Talent.

So I will be officially over there now.

So if you have been installed with some computer guru stuff and you know how to get over there...great come visit me!


Kimberly said...

Hooray! I remember you talking at the conference about wanting to have one place. :) Excited about clicking on that link and visiting your new home. :)

Love you!

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