Monday, May 11, 2009

Can I get a do over?

Have you ever had one of those days?

Well I am having me one folks!

We have had a sick little guy this weekend who is battling a crazy fever. We break it and he seems to perk up and then it comes right back. So sleep has been a little slim these past few nights. Anyway I wake up this morning and head out to sit in my big comfy chair in the family room to read my Bible. I read, pray and journal. Then I write a blog to post for today. I had it titled, written and ready to go. It was on the thumb drive on my laptop and I was going to transfer it to the office computer and share it with you all here in blog land. It vanished from the thumb drive! Not too thrilled with that but what does a girl do...yep...she pouts. Sorry if you were hoping for a much prettier answer. I pouted threw the phone call with my mom..."sorry mom, please forgive me for being a spoiled little girl and thinking of myself!"

So on the morning goes...little guy wakes this morning and seems to be feeling better. So I dive into the massive amounts of laundry that are mounded in our room, the hallway, and in front of the washer and dryer. Monday is such a fun day to do I convincing you...or just trying to convince myself? So what does a girl do with this much laundry...she pouts and starts loading it into the washer feeling oh so sorry for herself.

We take a little break to head down to the printers to print out some Speaker packets to send out for Living My Life on Purpose and I arrive at the printers and the work "has shifted in the document" says the nice gentlemen helping me. Which he says needs to be fixed and then saved into a pdf format...okay! So I head to the car with two little guys in tow and sit in the front seat and let the tears roll down my face. Still pouting and feeling sorry for myself!

I get us home and am still pouting and acting like a spoiled little girl! When I walk into the living room and there is my little guy curled up in a bean bag and he says "I am not feeling good again!" I feel his head, take his temp, cook us some quick lunch and out the door to the doctor.

We are home now, boys are napping.... and mommy is on her way!

But I had to share whats in my heart. The verse I used this morning, the one in the blog, yep the blog I had all typed up and ready to go and lost...well the beauty is that I didn't lose the verse, the one that is staying with me today:

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God.
My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?
Psalm 42:1-2

I am a girl in need of a God! A living God who is all about relationship. A God who knows how to love one me, and talk with me!

Thank You Lord for creating me with the need for You! Help me to truly know in my heart today that the only thing that will fill that spot, is You! Come in and fill that spot to overflowing, push out the spoiled little girl that is hanging out in there. Fill me so I can be the wife, mommy, daughter, and friend You need me to be! I love You Lord-Amen

We will make that transition from our relationship with God to our relationships with others this week! Hang on with me friends!


Sassymama said...

God is gracious and abundantly blesses us through our honesty and humility.

Thanks for sharing! Sabin

Leslie said...

"Thank You Lord for creating me with the need for You!" I love this line! I've never thought of thanking Him for creating me with a need for Him. Usually that "need" is something painful I'm going through, and I just want Him to get rid of it!

I pray that you'll have a better day tomorrow and that you're little one gets better.

Joyful said...

Nichole, my heart empathizes with you. I was just inviting a friend over for the pity party I was hosting for myself. Some days are just rough from beginning to end. When you look it all over later you feel silly for letting things get to you like that...but some days are just hard and we need to go meet with God.

I trust your little guy is feeling better. Praying the Lord will bless your heart with an unexpected revelation of His peace and presence.

Sending hugs,

Kimberly said...

Oh, sweet friend...I was reading and so understanding those tears on the way to the car. I woulda been crying, too. And He understands how weak we much we need Him. I can just see Him wanting to wipe away your tears and brush your head with a tender kiss. May you feel the full power of His love.

I pray that your day is much better tomorrow and that your little man is feeling much better!

Love you,

Lori said...

Ya know what sweet friend...sometimes, one of "those days," brings joy in the morning!

I had a weekend with darts coming at me from every direction possible. Things that have never happened happened. From every angle...and I was seeking God, desperately. But, I was still trying to do things my way. When will I learn that God knows best?

And this is what God told me today. “The enemy is after you because you are seeking Me with all of your heart. It's making him nervous.” Wow! I have situations happening with extended family members that I can not control. I like my ducks in a row. I like things organized. And now, I've got these "situations" placed before me. God is in control over my life. He's showing me that I need to trust Him to get me through each day. My tendency is to presume that I am in control. But, thank goodness, God has a plan already figured out for me! And, Father knows best! As I let go of my plan, and lean to Him, my relationship with Him feels so sweet. I feel His presence. Yesterday I was in He has brought me joy.
God sees the picture. I’m hearing him say… Rest… Slow down…Enjoy the moments with me…I will take care of everything. And ya know what? He will. He's God. He can do anything!

Hugs & prayer's,
PS I love the verse you shared with us! Thank you. I'm praying right now for you, and for your little one!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Thank You for the reminder Father! Praise You in all ways. In Jesus' name, amen.

Sue J. said...

When our little ones are not well, and we lose sleep, and the schedule slides away from us, we go reeling into that cycle. It's not that we want to make it about us, but, as we're trying to gain control over "things lost" it ends up being about us. And when you can't get that stuff working right, what then?

And, really, to bring your tears to God and throw up your hands is sometimes the best thing you can do. Because it puts you in that special place--the place that reminds you that He is God! And you need to be still and know that.

The rest falls into place as He leads.

But, I'm with you on this one. (That's when I start looking for chocolate!)

From the Heart said...

Do you know the best part of having a "pity party" is that God does understand and when we finally go to Him, He just loves us right back and helps us get back on track.
I've had problems with my computer for a while now and I was getting ready to go buy a new one, but I wrote a blog friend and told her what was going on and that I knew God knew exactly what the problem was if He would just tell me. Well today, through an answer from her He gave me my answer. He is so good to us no matter what we do. He's always there to just love us.

If you have not read my comment on your last blog, you need to come to my blog. I have a surprize for you.
From my heart to yours,

Tea With Tiffany said...

Hi Nichole,

I understand the mommy pout! Lack of sleep is always a hard one. Tears help me get back to a stable place as a mom and wife and child of God. They heal.

Love the verse from Psalm. I need God too. Every moment of the day or else, I rise up and try to control. And it's not pretty.