Wednesday, May 27, 2009


She is the girl that walks in the room and things brighten up.

She is able to make friends with anyone.

She shows mercy and kindness.

She has displayed many times what the hands of Jesus would look like in today’s world.

Her heart is filled with grace.

She remains un-tethered to this world, free spirited.

She has a beautiful smile.

Her laughter is contagious.

She will try and rescue any animal and even some humans too.

People enjoy being around her.

She is full of strength.

She is my SISTER.

Being that I am the older sister I have found myself many times keeping that position too critically. As the older sister I have felt it necessary to protect, prevent and provide. A role that I was not capable of meeting flawlessly. A role that was not appreciated many times, as it was interpreted as over bearing and judgmental. Which to be honest, probably came with some judgement, comments of ‘that is not how I would do it!’ or ‘why don’t you just do it the same way I did’, or even shaking my head and thinking, ‘why in the world are you doing it that way?’

**Have you ever wondered how two children who come from the same parents, the same exact DNA can be so amazingly different?

I want and desire great things for my sister! I still find myself wanting to protect, prevent, and provide for her.

God has brought me to a place in my relationship with my sister that is filled with a whole lot of peace, love, and grace. A place where He has whispered to me many times:

Nichole I have her. I see her. I know what is going on. I am talking to her.

God has brought me to a place where I see my sister as created in His image, the image of a great and amazing God!

She is His creation!

My prayer is that she will go running into His arms and fall completely in love with Him. Why? Because its such a place to live…a place about living in freedom.

I love you sis!

The song below is so amazing to me. I remember very clearly where I was sitting and what was going in my life when I heard it for the very first time. It is a song that really made me look at my life and my commitment to Jesus. It made me ask if I was truly living in relationship with Him, if I was ‘in love with Him’. When I hear this song I am reminded of how much His love does in us and through us. I am praying that I will continue to fall more in love with Him. I am praying that my sister will fall more in love with Him. I am praying that you will fall more in love with Him.

Our relationship series takes us next to the relationships we have with our brothers and sisters. Now if you are an only child...pray for the sibling relationships around you...they need it! Allow God to do a new thing in these relationships. Allow Him to reveal to you His design for the relationship...I guarantee it will look simply amazing...because its the only way He does things!

Please leave prayer requests in the comments if you have any!

May you be soaked in His love for you. May you be encouraged today to love your brother, your sister. Be committed to lift them up in prayer. Be challenged to write a note, make a phone call, go for a visit.


MelanieJoy said...

I was visiting a blog and for some "random" reason clicked over to your blog. Wow. Can I so relate with you here. I'm the oldest sister too. I am 12yrs older than my baby sister...needless to stay it was one of those cases I filled in the shoes of the missing mom. But life is good today. And I have such a hard time remembering God can protect them so much better than I think I can!
Nice "meeting" you. Your post touched my heart today.

Pat said...

How precious to read about your sister. I have 3 of these wonderful, special people. Your blog post made me want to call all of them!!
Bless you,

Paula (SweetPea) said...

I was awed by your comment in bold:
**Have you ever wondered how two children who come from the same parents, the same exact DNA can be so amazingly different?

YES! My brother and I couldn't be more different. He is 13 months older than me. He was held back in first grade so we were forever believed to be twins. Especially when we moved schools in sixth grade no less...what was my mom thinking (oh she was in love and getting married). But yes, we are so different.

Prayer request...that he would call upon the Lord as Savior and Lord and forever be changed by His love.

Cindy said...

As my sister and I have gracefully 'aged' to 50+ we have found a new love and respect for each other. I cannot imagine my life if she were not in it. She is a shining example of Faith and reliance on God.

Her husband has been unemployed for nearly 1 1/2 years and they have all but spent all of their retirement. God is faithful and my sister continues to shine forth faith. I love what I see in her.

I appreciate you Nichole, your honesty, your precious words, and your willingness to pray and minister to others. Blessings to you my sweet sister in Christ, Cindy

My ADHD Me said...

How can 2 people with the same DNA be SO different....Hhhmmm....

Chatty Kelly and MyADHDMe. lol

From the Heart said...

Since I am an only child I will be praying for other's and their brothers and sisters.

Nicole said...

I am too the oldest in my family. We are all four years apart and my brother is youngest. He really needs prayers this summer. He has moved back home from college. I don't want his independence and etc to dwindle when he is back under the literal "control" of my parents, and the influence of my sister who likes to party. I feel more protective of my brother than my sister. I guess I see more of myself in him. My heart is heavy for him. We have a decent relationship that I can talk to him but desire it to be closer. We both love the Lord. I was just talking to God about it the other day and He told me, "I have it all under control. I know what I'm doing". Or somthing to that affect. I can't remember the exact wording.

My sister is walking the line and it is frustrating me. I am offended by this, not because she is my sister and the way it reflects on me, but how it offends God. For God says that He will spew us out of His mouth if we are fence sitters. As long as she has mom and dad to "help" and "fix everything in every sense of the word I am afraid she will not look to Him to be her everything. I am having a hard time regarding both of them. They will be living in my parents newly built house in the basement right next to each other the whole summer. Please pray that my brother will be more of an influence on my sister than vise versa, and that my brother can stand up to mom and dad if he desires to go to a different church because he feels he will get fed more there.

I really need some prayers regarding this. Why is it that us older syblings have such a hard time???

Thanks everyone!!!


Rhonda said...

Hi! I enjoyed your post about sisters. I have actually started trying to spend more time with my sister. I am the youngest of 6 children. I have 4 older brothers and 1 older sister. I am the only one who is saved and it breaks my heart at times because I know their lives could be so much better if they would only fall in love with my Jesus. They are missing out on the best! Please pray with me for their souls. God bless, Rhonda

Kimberly said...

I am so thankful that God has done some major healing work between me and my brother over the years. I did some tremendous damage...all in the name of the Lord, sadly.

I can see that my brother's heart is softening to the Lord, but I am praying that just as this song talks about, that he will fall totally in love with Him.

Sweet blessings to you in all of your relationships!

Sharon said...

Yep my brother and I too were different, You know that song and "I did it my Wayyyyy" that was us. hahahahaha
But the one~thing we had in common we both loved the Lord. The best part too is God loved us both the same.

This is a great share I enjoyed it.
Have a beautiful and blessed day my friend :)

Krista said...

What an awesome sister you are! I love that song. God knows her even more intimately than you and He loves her. That was a great post!

Thanks for sharing your sisterly thoughts!

Irritable Mother said...

Wow. Will you be MY sister?

The Patterson 5 said...

What a blessing you are to us and to your sister!

Pray for my husband and his brother, may they have a closer relationship.

Thank you,

My Army Brats and Me said...

You, your sister and your Mom...I love you all:) Hope to catch up with your passionate love for the Lord! Miss you tons.

fighting like a girl

Lori said...

Hi Everyone,

I'm very blessed to have one younger sister, by 2 1/2 years and a younger brother by 8 years. The three of us are quite close, and we've always been that way. I thank God for both of them. I attribute a lot of this to our upbringing, and of course my heavenly Father-who makes all things possible. My sister lives about 3 hours away, but we talk daily. She's my best friend. We usually have at least one belly laugh a conversation! Our husbands don't quite get it! But, they get a kick out of us, just the same. We are very opposite, but that's probably why we get along so well. I'm organized and get things done, while she's creative and flows with the wind!
She always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, while I was into my career. Now, she's the working gal with no children and I'm at home raising 2 boys! Wouldn't trade my situation for anything tho! She's the BEST aunt, hands-down!

To think that both my sissy and brother are God's creation! That, I will ponder over and love each of them even more!

Thanks, Nichole for you post!
Lori - AZ

Edie said...

It sounds like you and your sister are wonderfully blessed!

Have missed you. I'm trying to get back to visiting my friends.

Love and blessings Nichole!

Anonymous said...

What a pretty picture!
Love, Hugs and Prayers

Joyful said...

Love the song...never heard it before.

I have two sisters...and right now our relationships are struggling to hold on and not let circumstances and exhaustion put barriers between us. Riding this storm with my Dad's need and care right now has thrust us all together...daily...since March 3rd. Praying that the Lord will protect the cherished friendship we all share...even when moments of frustration rise.

Thanks for reminding me to treasure my sisters,