Thursday, July 9, 2009

He's Not Finshed with me yet!

You ever have one of those moments in your day when you feel like the world stops and God just loves all over you?

The other night the Engineer comes home from work, changes his clothes, grabs his guitar, sits down in a chair behind me and starts playing this song.

Friends life is hard at moments, moments that sometimes seem to carry on too long. Life hurts, hurts so deeply you think the pain won't stop. Life seems so unfair, where you long to see truth reign.

But then you are reminded by a God that each moment, the hard ones, the hurting ones, the unfair ones have purpose too!

Friends I wish I could give you the same blessing I received in my garage the other night, the voice of one amazing Engineer singing his heart out and playing his guitar, I can't unless you buy the plane ticket...HA!

But I can pray blessing over you that you will hear His voice today. A voice saying that He loves you and He too has great plans for you!

Just wait and see!


Irritable Mother said...

That's all I can come up with - just, Wow!
What a gift to receive from the Engineer. What a guy!

From the Heart said...

I'm waiting. Beautiful song and I'm sure the "Engineer" sings it well. Thanks for sharing this.
From my heart to yours,

Lori said...

God knows just what we need! Oh, be loved on, not only by your Father, but by your hubby as well! Makes my heart go pitter-patter! :)

Today, I read a verse from my Chronological Bible that said, "Until the time came to fulfill his dreams, the LORD tested Joseph's character." Psalm 105:19.

Joseph (now we’re talking ‘bout the second most powerful man in Egypt at the time) lived through the cruel treatment of his brothers. He, for many years, suffered, with an unfortunate series of circumstances that seemed to go from bad to worse. I’m sure Joseph at the time could not understand why this was happening to him. His faith was being tested. God many times moves in ways that are unknown to us, but---we can be rest-assured that He will always fulfill His purpose. We, like the song says, “just have to wait and see!” The Lord is never late, even tho His time is not our time of choosing! We want answers today! But God is after our Godly qualities. God uses our trials that we go through in life to smooth off the rough edges of our relationship with Him. But, like the song says, “We have to wait and see…God has plans for me…He’s not finished with me yet…Wondering? He’s up to something! I’m not here for nothing! He’s up to something!” It’s all good dear friends. Even our sufferings are for good. Help us Lord as we wait on You. Help us Lord to grow in relationship with You. Bring us closer to You today as we live intentionally seeking You in everything we do. Everything. You, dear Lord, are our everything. Everything!

Seeking God today with all of my heart, Lori - AZ

Runner Mom said...

How precious! I'm sure that the Engineer did just as good if not better than Brandon! Praise the Lord that He's not finished with me yet! I have such long way to go and grow!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Thanking God He is not finished with me yet...Amen
Love You

Nicole said...

Awwww. What a sweet thoughtful hubby you have!:) I am so glad and happy for you. I feel as though you deserve this as you have poured your life out for so many others. I believe that yes God was telling you that He loves you so much! I'm sure glad he's not finished with me yet, cause I need Him oh so bad!!!

Love you,

Leslie said...

This song came on the radio one night as I was pulling up in front of my house. It was the first time I paid attention to the lyrics. I just stopped for a minute and listened. I love these lyrics: And the farther on I go. I've seen enough to know. That I'm not here for nothing. He's up to something.


~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...


Sande said...

There is nothing more beautiful, more alluring, more drawing than a heart tight in relationship; especially with their Father.

Just expands your heart more than you thought it could

Cindy said...

What a precious gift God gave to you.

Thank you for sending your prayers through facebook today. We are holding on tight for a miracle in the next 24 hours.

Blessings, Cindy

Runner Mom said...

Hello, sweet friend!! Hop over to my blog when you can..I have a surprise for you!!!

Joyful said...

"Still wonderin' why I'm here. Still wrestling with my fear
But oh….He's up to something..."

Know this to be true! Thanks for this encouragement.

Tea With Tiffany said...

I love that whole CD. What a gift to know you have music in your home/garage. I wish I could have experienced the guitar playing, voice singing moment. Precious.

He's not finished with me yet! Amen.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Love Brandon Heath's music! What an engineer you have. Thank God for his finishing work in my life. It's a rough road getting there some days, but it's all going to be worth it. Of that I am certain!