Friday, September 4, 2009

A lot can happen in 10 years!

Graduating college

Marrying your best friend

Moving to a new state

Starting our careers

Buying our first house

Inheriting llamas

Making lots of great friends

Finding a church home

Fixing up our first house

Bringing home our baby girl Miss Ellie Mae

Holding each others hands tight when life happened


Bringing home our first baby boy

Moving to a new city

Buying our second new home and waiting for it to be built

Making new friends

Finding a new church

Bringing home our second baby boy ONLY 16 months later!

Starting a church plant

Changing jobs which meant moving to a new city

Buying our third home

Finding a new church

Making new friends

Receiving a pilots license and starting Living My Life on Purpose

Raising two amazing little boys

Sending our first off to kindergarten

And here we are on Friday September 4th celebrating 10 years of marriage!

Please know deep in your heart Engineer I am madly in love with you and feel more than honored to stand beside you in this life...I have been more than blessed and look forward to sharing many more years with you!


Anonymous said...

I love you! Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Day!
Love, MOm

Nicole said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Sassymama said...

Happy anniversary you two!

Lori said...

A decade of blissful memories and many more to come. May the two of you thrill each others hearts out as you seek and serve our Father, walking along his path together, arm in arm! Love you sister!
Lori - AZ

Kimberly said...

Oh, how beautiful is that picture!

Happy, Happy Anniversary, my friend!

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Very sweet! Happy Anniversary!

Sue J. said...

I wonder if the photographer had to pose you guys--because it doesn't look like it. I think you knew instinctively to put your hand in that firm, confident way over the Engineer's heart.

And I know through the way you write that you have a deep love for one another, and that Christ works in this union! Many joyful blessings to you this day and in the next decade!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...


My husband and I celebrated our 10th yr in Feb this year.

Happy 10th wedding anniversary.

Cindy said...

Happy 10th!

What a joy to share you life with a best friend!

From the Heart said...

Happy Anniversary. It's good to be back and read everything I can that I've missed. I have especially enjoyed reading all that you have written with the new series on Sex. Sounds like you and your husband have enjoyed life to the fullest. My husband and I will have our 47th anniversary on September 23rd. Many, many things in our lives have been good, two beautiful girls, two marvelous grandchildren; also a lot of loss of family members (one this week), leading some to Christ. I have one of the best husbands God could have given me. Honor and glory goes to the Father for He has been with us through all of the 47 years.
Blessings for a happy future and more good memories,

Runner Mom said...

Happy, happy anniversary!! Beautiful picture, sweet friend!

My ADHD Me said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Leebird said...

Happy Anniversary! Hope it was a beautiful day for you both! Love you!

Sharon said...

Love,Love,Love this post!!! Happy Anniversary to the both of YOU!!
And many more years to come :)

Have a Blessed and Beautiful week my friend :)

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I'm so behind on posts. Congratulations to you and your husband. May God grant you another 10 of more abundance and continuing love for one another.