Monday, July 12, 2010

Better late than never

Hello!  Well I come to say thank you for extending grace and waiting so patiently.  I have found myself enjoying and celebrating life with the Engineer, our T- Squad, friends and family members.  This celebrating has had me in the parks, by the pool, and traveling out of town. 

I also come to announce the winners...better late than never right?

The winner of the signed copy of Joyce Meyers book Eat the the shoes is Kati M!!!

Congrats Kati! I trust and know Jesus will love on you through this book.

And the winner of the $10 ecard for is Cindy!!!

Congrats Cindy...have fun picking out some cute shoes for your feet!

Again thank you for your grace and patience!

May your day be filled with some great summer moments!


Irritable Mother said...

Your celebrating sounds wonderful! I'm glad you had the opportunity to do it.
And it's good for all of us to practice extending grace and patience. *grin*

Tea With Tiffany said...

Guess I missed the contests LOL. I'm even late-r than you.

Enjoy your summer! And She Speaks!

Kimberly said...

:) So glad you are having such a great summer with family!!! :) We are over here, too!

Hugs to you!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

This summer has been a buzzard for me, far more than I anticipated. It's flying by, and before I know it, the kids (all four of them) will be scooting back to school (2 to college, 2 to grade school). I imagine I'll be a bit lost then, wondering what I'm to do next, but I think I'll be ready!

Good to hear from you today. I always love hearing your perspective.