Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Yeah that's what will happen when you take your Northwest residing self all the way across the country to a state in which things are sticky and wet, sweet tea is served at EVERY meal, and sweet women are speaking in a way in which life seems much sweeter and calm!  There was so much packed into this past weekend at She Speaks.  I met so most amazing women face to face...and that in itself was a huge gift from my Jesus above.  There is so much to process and unpack...great conversations late at night with a roommate, meeting some women who have truly not followed all the rules...just a Jesus, sessions packed full of great wisdom and insight on how to balance this whole ministry thing, and being that I am truly a little tired, or rather Exhausted...it will take me a few days to let it all make sense.

And just maybe one of the many pairs of shoes I hauled clear across the country has left its mark on sore blistered left foot! Say nothing Engineer...say nothing!

So today I am saying thank you to the women (and sweet and precious Miss Zoie, Miss Alexa, Miss Savannah, and Miss Madison too)who hugged my neck in person...you are all beautiful and I feel honored and blessed to have lived a weekend with you!

Thank you to all who made this possible, airline tickets, prayers, financial assistance, encouragement, yard sales, words of wisdom, clothing and jewelry, and time!  You have invested in the work He is doing, and I am forever grateful and thankful!

I will be back...once I have processed and unpacked...and once my eyes are open for longer periods of time...and once the blister is less painful.

For now...I am off to live life with an amazing Engineer and two little boys, whom I love and adore!

On Purpose,


Cindy said...

Father, Help Nichole wrap her arms and heart around ALL that You spoke to her this past weekend. May the fellowship she shared with you be the foundation on which she moves forward from this point. May the simple things in life be treasured as you bring to fruition all that you have promised. May your love and peace envelop her today as she rests, unpacks and processing Your time together. Amen!

Tea with Tiffany said...

Get revived. Love on that family. So glad to hear you were blessed. hugs

From the Heart said...

So glad you had a good time. You deserve a little time off to get rested and process all that you learned. Look forward to your posts when you have revived.

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Praise God!

Kimberly said...

I am so, so thankful to the Father for the time I got with you! I prayed I would get to hug your neck...but He went above and beyond! You are just as wonderful, if not MORE so, as you seem on here!

And my left foot totally feels for your left foot! I made it so long with no blister and then managed to rub one that last morning. :( Totally worth it, though. What an amazing weekend!

Love you! Praying for you as you rest, unpack, and process.
K :)

Mariel said...

oh, Nicole, upon arrival to your blog I realized I HAD met you before She Speaks! (Sorry I forgot when we were late night chatting with Kimberly!) How fun to meet you face-to-face!! You have the sweetest heart and testimony for Jesus! Thank you for sharing your wisdom and evening with Kimberly and I...I was certainly bleesed by having met you!!

hugs, Mariel

Lori said...

Dear Jesus, thank you for Nichole, a special sister to me that truly, opens my eyes to see more of you!
Nichole, you are loved by your Father, and by me! Hugs sweet friend, Lori