Friday, August 6, 2010

Who would have thought?

So seven days ago I heard these words....

"Your reaction determines your reach"

These words came from a very motivating Lysa TerKeurst...but more than motivation...came the nudge to actually live them out.

And friends today I find days later needing to do just that.

Live them out.

My Jesus knows that it will take all whole lotta Him to keep this girly from throwing down a fit, pouting, and trying to do it her way.

My Jesus also knows whose watching, waiting and wanting to know if He really works.

So I am begging Him today to take over my way...and do it His way!


From the Heart said...

What a profound statement. That's exactly what I need to do, let go and let God do it His way. Thanks for sharing your heart.

Cindy said...

You are an honest and open girly whom I have really grown to love!! Praising God for you!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

That's my prayer not only for you but also for me! Please remember me in prayer. I sustained some injuries Thursday night after crashing my motorcycle. My left side basically. The shoulder & knee. Nothing broken or dislocated. It seems it's all soft tissue. I'll be ok in a couple months.

Kelly said...

It took me a moment to get this statement... When I thought more about it, it makes perfect sense. I've been thinking a lot about what I've learned about God as a parent... When my children pout, I tend to not give them what they ask for. I encourage them to ask appropriately and to have a good attitude. I wonder how many blessings I miss out on because of tantruming, pouting, ect... Lots to think about. Thanks for sharing. May God guide us all!

Lori said...

Oh Nichole, Wendy Pope talked about these very same 5 words that she, too, listened to at She Speaks (from Lysa)! Her teaching left me with a lot to think about!

How do I look when things do not go exactly the way I had planned?
When I am not holding it all together?
When something happens to interrupt my routine?

The way I react, has everything to do with my reach! If I am allowing God to fill me up, then there will be His fruit evident when I react, which will allow me to reach those around me and draw them closer to Him! This peace will be catching and others’ will want it. The love He so wants to fill me up with, will come out with no conditions expected. Lord, fill up every single nook and cranny with You. I want my insides to be all of You and none of me!

I, too, sweet friend, am “begging Him today to take over my way…and do it His way!” (your words, smile!).

Hugs and prayers dear sister! Lori