Tuesday, June 24, 2008

What did you bring me?

June 24, 2008

I had a wonderful weekend at She Speaks. I went with my agenda and boy did God make if VERY clear I was to throw it away.

The weekend was full of life lessons, meeting wonderful women, and God!

Coming back home-I arrived at the airport at 2:00am, retrieved my bags from the back of the shuttle, found my car and drove home. Arriving home at 2:30 dumped all my stuff and as I was getting ready to climb into bed I tried to share with my husband all the great highlights of the weekend, which could not be done quickly! As we got into to bed I knew I had to tell my husband sorry for something and ask his forgiveness, for something I had said to him many years ago. It involved capturing two llamas, getting them tied to the fence post, brushing and trimming toe nails. We are out in the pasture pretending we are llama whisperers, and my husband is quickly losing his patience. Well instead of reacting calmly and just "putting my self aside" and hanging in there, I decide to "help" the situation and tell him he is "being a mule in biblical terms". It will be no surprise when I tell you the situation did not get better from there. I threw my ropes down, left the pasture and decided the llamas could be his problem. Later that morning we tried to "discuss" what had happened in the pasture, and my stubborn self kept saying to him, "I didn't call you a mule in biblical terms, I said you were acting like one!" Because acting like one is way different! And for years later I believed that I was right.

It was not until Saturday nights session, when Renee Swope shared her "mule in biblical terms story" that I heard God saying, that I had hurt my husband, and that I had crushed his Spirit. God informed me that it doesn't matter "how" you said what you said, you hurt your husband and you need to ask for his forgiveness.

As we laid in bed at 2:40am I told my husband I was sorry for hurting him, and asked for him to forgive me for treating him so disrespectfully.

God brought me so many gifts, and blessings this past weekend, but the one that is so big to me right now, "go and give love to those around you!" I am so glad He brought me the opportunity to ask for forgiveness and to tell my husband I love him.

What has God brought to you today?

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ThreeGirlyGirls said...

That is so sweet!! That was a funny story that Renee told!