Monday, April 27, 2009

Let's Begin

Hello! Welcome to the blog!

Today we start a new series on Relationships! I am so excited to journey with you. Where are we journeying to you might be asking? Well it is my purposeful intent to journey closer to the heart of God, for Him to reveal more of Himself to us.

Do you remember showing up to the first day of class? Well consider this post your ‘welcome to class’ and here is the syllabus for the series. Now keep in mind as I strive to be organized (The Engineer is grinning here) and have things flow smoothly I am human (The Engineer is applauding here)! I also will submit (yes I chose to use that word! And now the Engineer has a questioning look on his face) to allowing God to do His thing in and through this series!

I want to start by saying thank you to all who left comments and sent emails in regards to this new series. I have prayed and know that God will meet us right where we are at.

I encourage you to participate how you feel led too. I will try and include some bold/starred questions, concepts and/or ideas in each posting that you can either comment about, journal about, and/or blog about.

Please feel free to read the comments others leave and leave comments yourself.

I encourage you to journal down thoughts, ideas, questions, or any concerns. I also encourage you to journal about the relationships in your life.

As we begin the series on relationships today, I thought I would lay some foundation and maybe try to define some basics.

Here is a basic definition of relationships that we will start with.

Definition of Relationships:
A state of connectedness; a state involving mutual dealings

**What does relationship mean to you?

I am sure as we grow and are stretched, this definition will grow with us. My prayer is that God will breathe into us a definition that is personal to each one of us!

**The Word of God is clear on the connection between loving God, loving others, loving ourselves, and taking time in those relationships.

In this series we will cover our relationships with God. My prayer is that each one of us will hear, receive and experience the hand crafted relationship He has for each one of us.

It is my hearts desire and passion that we grow in our relationships with others:

Requests for the following relationships have been made and will be covered:

With our parents
Sibling relationships-Sisters
Mother-in law-Daughter in-law
With our children
Within our churches
With our spouse

Living life fully at peace and being free in grace will allow us to be in a healthy relationship with ourselves.

Other topics, concepts, and ideas that will be woven into these will be:

Time spent in relationships
Feeding our relationships
Relationships versus Acquaintances
Healthy versus Unhealthy relationships

Dear Heavenly Father thank You for being the Creator of relationships. We come seeking You. We come seeking Your will for the relationships in our lives. May we be willing to submit to You ALL that we have. Our past, present and future and commit to living our lives on purpose! Amen


Lori said...


I'm so excited to begin this journey! Our church is also doing a series on Relationships, so I will be getting a double dose of the topic which can NEVER hurt! :) we connect to people, how we involve ourselves with those around us...Healthy relationships with others and a healthy relationship with Him, our glorious savior!

How do we resonate in our relationships the way Jesus intended? Living in our "me-culture" does not give us the answers; God calls us to live differently!

This is going to be rewarding. Thank you, Nichole for serving us gals in this much needed topic today!

Lori - AZ

Sue J. said...

Terrific start, Nichole! How simply said, yet, as we journey, how much we will uncover....

Looking forward to your framing words as you bring God's intentions for our connectedness alive!

(Thanks for your prayers; doing much better as this week begins!)

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

I love how you stated that we will grow into a more profound personal definition of what a relationship is to us.

I look forward to it!

Sit A Spell said...

I've enjoyed my first visit here today. I am involved with MOPS International as a Field Leader and our new theme for the fall is about relationships...they are so important.

Runner Mom said...

Hey Nichole!
This is wonderful! Since my blog/computer was down last week, I didn't get to read any of this! Love the thoughts and comments that were shared. And, I so appreciated the prayers for our ladies' retreat! It was wonderful!! I did my post about it this morning.

Love you!

From the Heart said...

Sounds exciting, especially a closer relationship with the Father. I am a lot older than most who will be following you so my needs will probably be a little different and there may be times that I will not comment, but I will read the comments as I can. I have two daughters, whom I love dearly and know they love me, but I don't feel that Mother-Daughter relationship that some have.
God be with you as you lead,

Anonymous said...

Oh what God can and will do for relationships, when we walk hand & hand with HIM....
Bring it on....
Love, Hugs and Prayers

Kimberly said...

What a great topic, Nichole! And one God obviously wants people talking, thinking, and praying about...I heard part of a series on the radio (Chip Ingram, I think) on relationships just this morning.

We face relational issues every single day, so this is such an important area for us to seek God's will on. Thanks for leading us in this!

Love you bunches!!!

Leslie said...

I can't wait to get started on this. I think relationships involve a lot of give and take. Unfortunately, I'm a better giver to complete strangers than I am to those I have a real relationship with. I'm looking forward to learning how to be a better giver all around!

Kristen said...

Can't wait to start! Can't wait to dig in!

The relationships I have w/ my family, friends are so important to me. The most important relationship is my connection to my Savior! Can't wait to see what He has in store for us!

Joyful said...

God is definitely all about relationship! Did you know that there are close to 250 references to "one another" in the Bible? God desires us to connect...with others, and most importantly, with Him.

Looking forward to this journey and 'connecting' more with you.

Tea With Tiffany said...

Let's begin!

Yes, my friend, you are writing from God's heart. Relationships matter!

I'll be checking in.

Much love,


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