Monday, April 6, 2009

Untie me

Yesterday was Palm Sunday, a beginning to the Holy week. We read in Luke 19 about Jesus being determined to go to Jerusalem. He sends two of His disciples ahead of Him to the village to go and find a donkey that will be tied there. He instructs them to untie it and bring it to Him. And He says if anyone asks you why you are untying it? Tell him, ‘the Lord needs it.’

Are you being held captive today? Are you ready to be freed? Freed from a life of sin and captivity;

Are you ready to be untied?

Jesus gets on the donkey and starts down the road towards Jerusalem. The crowds recognize Him and start praising Him for all the miracles they had seen. They wave palm branches and sing out praises and glorify His name.

Do you recognize Jesus?

As He gets closer to Jerusalem He sees the city and weeps over it. He weeps because of a deep love, a sincere genuine love for His people. The very people He has come to save, the very people that within days will place Him on a cross.

Friends Jesus has come humbly seeking us. He comes seeking you. He has a deep, sincere love for you. He wants desperately to untie you from what is holding you captive.

And why does He want to untie you?

He needs you!

He wants you. He created you to be in a relationship with you.

He comes very humbly with a deep and sincere love for you.

To be in this relationship we have to say to God, ‘here I am untie me’.

May you allow God to untie you today. To untie you from what is holding you from an amazing relationship with Him.


Krista said...

Beautiful reminder today! Sweet blessing, my friend!

Allowing Him to untie me,

Leslie said...

Beautiful post today! I get so caught up at Christmas and Easter with sharing the message with the preschoolers that I teach that I often forget to bring it home with me. Thank you for the reminder.


Kimberly said...

I was thinking about that lowly donkey I want to be humble and meek enough to let Him use me and Him get all of the glory. But I had not even thought of the fact there are things I may need to be untied from before I am fully usable.

Beautiful, my friend. And gives me much to think about.
Praying you are feeling well and having a blessed week.

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Preach it girl!!! Amen! :)

I am humbled but grateful that Jesus loves me. He has a perfect plan for each of us - praise Him!!

Sue J. said...

Our pastor "unpacked," as he likes to say, this verse for us yesterday during his message. He went on to explain that Jesus asking for a donkey upon which no one had ridden was exemplifying His being a king. And the folks in Jerusalem may have recognized Him as just that, a king (lowercase k).

Truth is, He came the King, and still reigns as King, yet this is a King who will, indeed, befriend us, guide us through our trials and storms, lift us up and carry us through. He really does want us to come, burden free. But, what kind of king/King do we see?

Thank you for your message today....for helping us to really see Him and who He is!

From the Heart said...

A beautiful message. I started reading through the Bible this year and yesterday or this morning I was reading in Luke about the donkey. He truly is our King. There are so many people who need their eyes opened to that very fact. I'm so glad I was raised to know and love Jesus, my King.
Thanks for the message, and I prayer there will be visitors to this post that will accept Him as their King.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

What a joy it is to walk to the cross with my sisters in blogland. May this week be filled with fresh revelations of our Jesus and just how much He loves you! These are good days to be His Easter people.


The Patterson 5 said...

Wow! Thank you for this message today! As I read the words "Untie me" I got chill bumps! I never thought of it that way! Thanks for your insight. I am so blessed that he has and will "untie me" from what ever is holding me away from Him! You are a blessing to me my friend!

Nicole said...

Wow friend. That is a power passage. I love how you correlated the untieing of the donkey and the Lord wanting to untie us because He needs us! Blessings my sweet friend. Thank you for sharing this message. It speaks to me! Love ya!


Sharon said...

What a heart felt and powerful message here wowwww! I am allowing Him to untie me, Thank you I needed to hear this this morning, I will ponder this for the day!
Isn't it awesome how some blogs can really touch our hearts.

Have a beautiful and Blessed Easter my friend :)

Tea With Tiffany said...

Untie me, Lord!