Sunday, June 7, 2009


Hello Friends! Thank you so much for being who you are! Yep...great people who are living out the overflow of love they live in! Isn't it a great place to be?

Thank you for cards that came in the mail, emails sent, and comments left here on the blog. Your love, words of encouragement and prayers are so greatly appreciated and carried me great distances in certain moments I found myself in this past week. And boy was it a week. I can know look back and see some really great moments of God being really big. We live in a world and time that we need to keep acknowledging how big God is. We need to share those moments! We need to let the people around us who are need of a really big God aware that He is working and active...and wants to be big in our lives.

My God was so big

-He brought peace during doctors appointments this week

-He brought great wisdom from conversation with a mentor of mine

-He showed me again my need for complete dependence on Him for my mothering skills

-He provided our family with time for a mini vacation and showed off just how beautiful His creation is

-He connected people in prayer for a friends husband who found himself in the hospital on the weekend they were going to celebrate their anniversary

-He humbled my heart in new ways for people around me

-He kept me in my minutes and hours of committed prayer for loved ones

Can you see God? Can you see just how big He is?

I am praying right now for you, praying that He position you in such away to gaze upon Him. To look fully towards Him, and spend a moment to see just how big He is!

Please join me this week as we continue in our relationship series...our next stop...any guesses?


Anonymous said...

spouses???? or would that be engineers?

Kimberly said...

Amazing...He is so big. Always is. Always will be. And yet as big as He is, we can sometimes not see Him...all because of where we are looking. You would think we couldn't miss Him...but how often we do.

So glad your eyes were on Him and that you saw Him moving all over the place in your life last week.

Looking forward to hearing more of what He is revealing to you about relationships!
Love and prayers,
K :)

TAMI said...

You are a light to your generation - praising the goodness of the Lord and His blessings upon your obediences are obvious!

Sue J. said...

You know I love to talk up the "big picture." Couldn't have a big picture without a big God calling us to look at it and at Him! Love having a personal God who is bigger than life itself--it's an amazing oxymoron....

Glad that He made His presence known in so many ways in your life this past week, Nichole!

Cindy said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad God was BIG for you this week and...that He is Always Big!!

I need Him to be Big in Me today:)

Looking forward to our next relational step!!

Blessings, Cindy

Lori said...

Sweet Nichole, thank you for sharing to us just how BIG your God is...I realized this past week just how BIG He is too! He continues to blow me away with his goodness. He knows us better than we know ourselves, so He always knows what we need. I just have to share some of "His Bigness" with ya'll! :)

This past week, He opened Himself up to me in so many huge ways. One in particular...Back in Feb., Susanne Scheppmann wrote an article re: Prayer-Friends. The article touched my heart so much and I found myself thinking, "Oh, I wish I had a prayer-friend like this. Sometimes, we can allow ourselves for a moment to go into that 'poor me' mode - moment...well, I found myself praying to God for this very thing! I turned a "want" into a prayer request. I believed that God would open up specific friend, a Godly person that I could trust. This past week God answered this prayer request in a way that only He could do! He surprised me from left field!

God has given me a prayer-friend through Wendy Pope's, Chronological Bible Study. I never thought that the friend God would give me would live across the nation! We both have many similarities. We earnestly seek God with all of our heart, we have a strong desire for God to save both of our husbands. We seek His wisdom and desire to walk in His Truth. Her son is just beginning Kdg., and my boys are both in HS. As I've shared things on my heart with her, God has opened up things to me too! We both have a desire to pray for each other, to keep each other accountable to God's Truth, and to encourage each other. This special friend is a breath of fresh air! Part of God's destiny for me! A friendship that only could come about by God! Thank you dear Jesus for taking care of my needs!
You, and You alone, are awesome!
Blessings, Lori - AZ

Joyful said...

I have a picture frame that says, "I Found Joy in a BIG God".

My God IS BIG!