Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Challenge-Marriage Quiz

Hello and welcome to the blog! It is most definitely Friday and that means it is definitely time for a little challenge. As I was writing this Marriage Quiz I was led to think of many of the marriages that are represented around me. As I wrote God and I were going over these questions and I was moved to search my heart, my attitude, and my actions in my marriage. My prayer is that you too will be open to do some searching too.

The Friday Challenge is to read through this Marriage Quiz and be as open and honest with yourself as you can. There is no right or wrong answers and there will not be a score at the end to tell you what category your marriage fits into. The answers are for you. As I am praying over them in my own life. I am also praying them over for you and knowing God will meet you right where you are!

Friday Challenge:

Take the Marriage Quiz

1)What first attracted me to my spouse? Do I still recognize that trait(s) and am I still attracted to that trait(s)? If not, why?

2)Am I committed to my spouse? In all circumstances and situations? Job loss? Illness? Financial problems? Addiction? Loss of a child?

3)Do I believe my marriage is a covenant?

4)What do I do to grow, enrich, and make my marriage better? List what you are currently doing to grow, enrich, and make your marriage better.

5)Do I spend more time thinking about what I need in my marriage or how to give to my marriage?

6)Do I compare my marriage to other marriages? Do I think this is healthy?

7)Do I enjoy my marriage? None of the time? Some of the time? Most of the time? All the time?

8)If there was a ‘Marriage Improvement Store’ in my town what section would I be visiting first? Communication? Finances? Sex?

9)What areas of my marriage glorify God?

10)What word(s) would I use to describe my marriage? Hurting? Struggling? A work in progress? Comfortable? Alive? Amazing?

11)For the Men: Do I love my spouse? What do I do to show it?

12)For the Women: Do I respect my spouse? What do I do to show it?

13)Do I support my spouse? If so, how do I support my spouse?

14)Do I put the needs of my spouse before mine? Never? Sometimes? Most of the time? All the time?

15)Do I believe God has great things for my marriage?

Friends I can oh so answer that last one for all of us! Yes God does have GREAT things for my marriage and for your marriage. ‘Oh but Nichole you don’t even know the half of what I am going through’…yep you’re right I don’t but He does…and guess what? His promises don’t change because of your circumstances or your situation. His love stays the same! His grace stays the same! His promises stay the same! His commitment to be God in your life stays the same!

May you be encouraged to know that God loves you and cares about every detail of your life. He is standing right there ready to love all over you!

Please come back and join me on Monday for some Marvelous Marriage advice!


Cindy said...

There are some tough questions in this challenge my dear Nichole.

Beginning tomorrow I have an entire week off work and will be home 24/7 with my spouse. You can be sure that I will be pondering and acting on some of these questions.

Thank you ~ It is perfect timing ~ Isn't that how God always works?!

Bless you,

From the Heart said...

I'm sorry for being absent this week, but I have had a really bad urinary infection that had zapped my energy. I am on the mend. My husband has a stress test today and as far as we know it was okay. He has to wear a halter monitor for two days. He's been having skips in his heart beat. The doctor could feel them in his pulse but it did not show up on the EKG. He ran on the treadmill today until his legs just could not go any farther so I really do not believe there is anything wrong with his heart. He is having a colonoscopy on Tuesday. We would appreciate your prayers.
Blessings to all,

Lori said...

I'm copying this quiz to take with me. Getting ready to go back to the hospital...yesterday my father had heart valve replacement surgery. He will be in I.C. a couple of days. Surgery went perfect...however, they could not take the respirator out, so he's still got the hose in his mouth keeping him breathing. Pray he wakes up! They tried to wake him up but he got agitated. They normally take this out as soon as possible after surgery because infection can occur if it is left in too long. Will be at the hospital most of the weekend...and caring for him the next 6 weeks during recovery. No driving for him!

Thank you for your prayers.
Lori - AZ

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Great reflective thought here; I can't get past the first question without crying.

My husband's "kindness" was the first trait that attracted me to him. And yes, it still attracts me. In fact, it anchors me and has kept me during many a rough seasons.

I'll move on to the other ones now.

I think it's wonderful to do this type of inventory from time to time.


SanDe said...

Biggest shift in my marriage is when God taught me to live in expectancy of my husbands responses not in expectations of my husbands responsibilities to me.

Slight shift; dramatic, overwhelming, liberating difference though.