Monday, June 14, 2010

Learn When to Stop

Hello and Happy Monday!  Welcome to the blog. 

Do you have struggle with knowing when to stop?  Are you a work-a-holic?  Or maybe like me you tend to find yourself on the other end of the spectrum...wanting to have fun and play all the time?

When the Engineer and I first married we struggled with this.  The weekends would come and we would have different ideas of what we wanted to do...I would want to spend the entire weekend just relaxing, having fun, playing...and he would want to get chores done and work on his to-do list.  But let me make sure to include that he finds these things 'fun'...well maybe fun is a stretch...he likes to be productive!  So over the years of our marriage I have truly learned we have to some.

Chapter 10 of Joyce Meyers new book, Eat the the shoes is about learning the balance and truly enjoying life.

For when we work too much life can become stressful and unhealthy, and when we play too much we can become undisciplined.

Knowing when to stop is something we need help with.

In this chapter Joyce reminds us of some things we can do in the everyday to help seek and find the balance.

Learning to stop and laugh.  I love this one.  I love to laugh.  And thankfully I am married to the Engineer who truly is moments away from switchin careers...okay not really.  But truly he is just naturally everyday funny.  And the even cooler thing is he knows when his wife needs to lighten up and laugh...and it works great!

Laughing helps us lighten up.  It is mood improving.  And it keeps us healthier. 

You don't have to tell me life is unfun and hard at times...I sit here typing this morning with two separate sets of stitches running along my back and bottom (I know more information than you were looking for in blog land today!)  I had two different moles removed and the punch biopsies came back precancerous so the Dr had to excise more!  I could focus on the unfun parts of this...or I can choose to find humor and laugh to get myself through.  Being that the bandages are in spots I cannot reach myself I am humbled to allow the Engineer to help...and in comes his humor!  So lets just say I am laughing and trying not to pop my stitches!

It's hard to do some moments...but try today to get yourself to laugh. 

Learn to Play more.  I believe having my boys helps me with this.  The boys can make any situation fun and we always find ourselves laughing.  They are truly little humor prodigies!!  The other night we were in the front driveway kicking a soccer ball around and the Engineer and I were talking and we accidentally missed the ball and my youngest little guy shouts out.'Hey mom and dad quit doing all that married stuff and pay attention to the ball'.  We shared a great laugh!

Learn to Stop and Rest.  If you find your energy running low, sit down for a few minutes and take a break.  Read a book. Go for a walk get some fresh air. Take a nap...this is my favorite one!  And make sure you are getting 8 hours of sleep..I am no Dr but I do agree with this bit of advice.  Our bodies need time to heal and restore themselves and this happens when we are sleeping...I did pay attention in my college anatomy and physiology class!  Vacation.  Be creative with vacations.  Use your time and money wisely.

What are you doing today?

May we choose to believe we are to enjoy life.


From the Heart said...

I enjoy reading your posts because you always have something that makes me laugh. Thanks for taking us on this journey through Joyce Myers book.
Blessings, AE

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Nichole... I love laughing. I like the platitude: "Laughter is the best medicine". Laughing always makes everything better. Happy Tuesday!

Irritable Mother said...

Laughing and trying not to pop your stitches. Love it! LOL!
When I had my tubes tied, I let my hubby assist me with the removal of my stitches. That is, I laid flat on the bed while he sawed - every so carefully - with a straight edge razor to cut the stitches. Maybe it was stupid to do...I think it's funny now. And I'm so glad he didn't start laughing, and slip, and cut me....
Yeah. That was probably a stupid thing to do. LOL!

Kimberly said...

Oh, maybe my comedian can go on tour with your comedian and then we can hang out all of the time. :) Jason is always helping me to laugh and lighten up!

Praying for you about your moles and for your stitches that not so easy to reach places.

Hugs, but not hugging TOO hard. Don't want to hurt you where your all stitched up!