Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Can you pencil me in?

This has been on my heart and mind lately and I thought I would share it with you.

Okay now go grab your calendar, organizer, whatever you use to organize and schedule all your family’s activities on.

Do you have it in front of you? Spend a few minutes reading it. How does today look? Tomorrow? This weekend? What about next week? Next month?

What kinds of activities are scheduled? School functions, sports, music lessons, swim lessons, playdates, doctor’s appointments, church activities, dates with your spouse, vacations, birthday parties.

Do you like the looks of your calendar? Do you feel too busy? Do you feel like life is just speeding by and you keep checking the calendar to see what activity you are rushing off to next?

What does God think of our calendar? Or did we schedule time to ask Him what He thinks?

Today lets spend some time, schedule it in if you need to, thinking about what we are doing with our lives. Please don’t get me wrong most of what we are involved in are good fun activities. But are they in excess?

Each family has its own heartbeat and thus it will have its own schedule.

May you be purposeful about what you are doing with the precious time He has gifted you with!


TAMI said...

Yes - let's be purposeful with our time, being good & faithful stewards of all we've been entrusted with!

Vern ~ Inspired said...

That is a good reminder!

I also encourage Prayer Guarding your Calendar!

It really helps when you need to go through the process of eliminating commitments and activities that are time robbers from your life and your family...and even your relationship with the Lord.

Be Inspired!

Krista said...

It starts with our priorities and then takes off from there! My schedule can be rediculous at times. That's when I look at it and think 'somthing's got to go.'

penciled in,

Mary said...

Thanks for the great reminder Nichole!
BTW ~ I added your link to my blog! Hope that's okay!

Sue J said...

This is always a tough thing. I happen to be in a very busy season right now with lots of good Godly things. And I tell myself that it's going to take the rest of this month for things to even out.

But, if things only get more challenging, frustrating, stressful; if my family starts falling apart because we are hither and yon too much; I pray that I will have the sense to reorg myself. It wouldn't be the first time!

Vern's suggestion of prayer is an important one. I said 'no' to part-time work through the Holy Spirit's help.

And I do like checking in with you as part of my week. Godly insight through others is definitely worth the time!

Runner Mom said...

This is exactly what we discussed in Bible study this morning! God is trying to get my attention!!

Thanks for yet another reminder to prioritize--with our Lord being at the top of the list!

The Patterson 5 said...

A very wise friend shared with me that saying no to an activity or request to volunteer is really saying yes to something that is more important like time with the Lord or time with my family. I thank you for the encouragement to cover this aspect of my family's life in prayer and in planning to put the Lord first then my calendar will fall right into place.

Edie said...

This is a much needed reminder in today's culture. My daughter's fondest childhood memories have nothing to do with activities, although she did enjoy them. Her fondest memory is one I barely remember myself. One Saturday morning I made us biscuits and gravy for breakfast, and we ate it at her child's table and chairs in front of the TV watching cartoons.

"Or did we schedule time to ask Him what He thinks?" This is the most important. Thank you for listening to His promptings. Have a great day!

Kristen said...

What a great reminder and so many good replies and suggestions. I love prayer guarding your calendar - great idea! I learned many years ago from a lady at church that it's ok to say no. Satan knows that "busyness" will keep us from the business of filling our calendar with how God desires our time be spent.

Chatty Kelly said...

Should be the most important message on our calendar. But often isn't. Thanks for the words.

Nicole said...

Great reminder! Thank you!

Afer your comment about my toilet seat...the princesses throne I'm sure I'll never go to the bathroom with the same mindset again!:) Very funny!


Joyful said...

Well, your blog is appropriately named. If we heeded this teaching we would be "living life on purpose".

Thanks for this reminder,