Monday, September 22, 2008

Words of Wisdom

I had the wonderful benefit of hearing a friend speak on Friday night at a Girls Night Out event and her words will forever be in my heart:

"You are either building the Kingdom up or you are tearing it down!"

So are you on the construction crew today?


Krista said...

What a wonderful thought to stick with. I am defineately on the crew! Keep me in your prayers this week. I may have a second interview at a lawfirm that I applied to.

Have a great day,

Sassymama said...

Definitely in! (((wink)))

Edie said...

What a great thought. One that definetly needs remembering in the day to day stuff. I'm on the crew, I just hope it always appears that way too.

Chatty Kelly said...

Hand me a hard hat - I'm on the crew! Maybe I always be a vital member.

Cindy said...

My prayer is that I am always on the 'BUILDING' crew!

Sue J. said...

Can we fix it??!

YES, we can!

Some days, I feel like Lofty ("Ah, yeah, yeah, I think so")...just not confident that I can hold up my share of the building, especially if I have a brick collapse and need Dizzy to come along with more cement.

The important thing is to have the attitude that says, He is my foundation. Even if I lose a brick, He will be there to help me rebuild, and build a little taller and stronger the next time. It takes both of us working together (although, he could easily get the job done Himself).

The Patterson 5 said...

May my attitude always be- a real can do kind of gal!- so that I can be on God's building crew! Thanks for sharing that powerful quote.

Anonymous said...

As long as we remember to keep him as the cornerstone, we can become the best crew ever...guess I will need to invest in some WORK BOOTS..

Runner Mom said...

Great thoughts! I want to be a part of this buidling team!!!

Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog.
Love ya,

Lelia Chealey said...

Very very good!