Thursday, September 18, 2008


I am literally sitting here right now in this very moment of my life, amazed at just how great God is. He has truly blessed me with some very amazing people in my life.

I love people! I love meeting people and I enjoy hearing their stories.

I have come to learn that if I allow it, God will use all the people that I come into contact with to make me a better person.

For the people who knew I could do better then "that" thank you for believing in me when I didn't have that belief!

For the people who knew I was just wearing a mask, thank you for seeing behind it.

For the people who loved the roughness off me, thank you for unconditional love.

For the people who were willing to listen to the opinions thank you for your prayers for my heart to change.

For the people who directed my eyes to my true meaning and purpose, thanks for the firm head movement.

For the people who let me pratice Jesus' love on them, for through my learning on you, I have grown and been blessed.

For the people who were genuine, honest, bold and true with me, for you have pushed me right into the arms of all things genuine.

For the people who showed me innoncence and childlike faith, thank you for reminding me that life is so much more simple.

For the people who are different than me, thank you for shining bright a beautiful quality placed there by your Creator, for you draw me to Him in praise.

May we see each and every person through His eyes.


Joyful said...


For the people who share their hearts in blog world and offer authenticity and encourage me in my walk with the Lord, thank you.

That would be you my friend.

Sue J said...

Wow....this is really fantastic! Powerfully succinct and overwhelmingly touching....

Thanks for your honesty tonight over at my blog. Sometimes, you need people to say something to you in a way that you haven't heard. And that truly is a blessing of God, because He knows who needs to say what and how. You definitely speak to me--Thank you!

Alene said...

Hopping over from Cindy's. These words are awesome. I love people too and am lucky to have many incredible people in my life. But you put the whole picture into words. Thanks for sharing. Blessings this evening.

The Patterson 5 said...

You are a blessing to all whose lives you touch!

Kimberly said...

I love how He knows exactly who we need and He sends them our way!

I am thankful He has had our blogger paths cross, for He has certainly spoken to me through you!

Love and blessings,

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

This was so sweet!! Precious thoughts on the people that are all around us!!

Pinkshoelady said...

That was amazing!

You my friend are amazing! You will never know the impact you have made on me and my daughter. She asks everyday if she can read your blog. You encourage and prode me to be a better mom, wife to my husband, and daughter of the King.

Even though we have never mett personally I feel as if you are an old and dear friend (only younger than me!)

I will be in your "Thank You" line come resurection day!

I love you.

Wendi @ Every Day Miracles said...

So glad you stopped by my blog because that gave me an opportunity to find this one! :) Really awesome! Great insights friend.

Krista said...

Beautiful! You are such a blessing!

This was really sweet.

Mary said...

I completely agree!
I too, have been blessed by the people I have come into contact with. The stories I've heard and the testimonies people have shared.
It draws us closer together and to the Lord!

Founder - THIS I KNOW, Inc. said...

This makes me think of the day I met you at the conference. Too bad it was in the shuttle on the way to the airport huh? Well, even so, God did such an amazing thing by placing us together that North Carolina afternoon. You are such a great person. I admire your family life, your steadfastness, and your desire to be used by God.

Love you much,


My ADHD Me said...

When you write, your joy just bubbles over on the page.
This was really good.

Truth4thejourney said...

God never intended for us to walk this walk alone. He made us to need eachother! Thanks for this beautiful picture. :)


Leebird said...

I can't help but start humming the Barbra Streisand song, "People" right now!! GEE thanks!!!! It'll be stuck in my mind for weeks! :)

No, seriously...thank you for such a sweet post.

Friday night, I was over at my friend Christine's house (she needs Jesus). Her laptop was sitting there, so I took a moment to show her my blog and introduce her to some of the bloggy friends God has given me over the past months. She was so blown away by the connection I have with people I've never met. Your cute face is one of the pictures she gazed upon that night.

Hope your cold is all gone, Lee

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

Hey Nicole - what a post!! I love your heart and I feel blessed to call you friend...even if we've only met once in "real" life!

I've been out of blogging for a bit so it's good to be back reading again! :)

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Beautiful! To see them through His's the prayer of my heart!