Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Challenge

Hello and Welcome to the blog today! As you read the Friday Challenge today, please know you are being prayed for. God is wanting to talk to you!

Where are you in The Relationship?

He brings us to the cross for our salvation. This is just the beginning of our relationship. He makes you holy and blameless through the cross. With the acceptance of your new life your salvation is Finished. (John 19:30) You see He died to be the ultimate ONE time sacrifice, there is no need to keep trying, or thinking we will ever earn this. He did it once and He did it right!

Have you come to the cross for a new life? For The Relationship, the only one that will make you whole. Are you living a life of freedom? (John 8:32) Are you living a life that is all about confidence in Him and not yourself? Our good works to try and earn salvation are disrespectful to the cross. He so doesn’t need us to try and trump Him on this one!

He doesn’t need our performances He needs our hearts!

Accept His free gift of salvation and allow Him to pour out His grace on you.

And then don’t keep Him in the grave! You see He got out of that grave to be alive and to do His thing! He conquered the grave and He has work to do in us. Accepting your free gift of salvation sweet child of God was just the beginning! (Philippians 1:6) He has written your story and He wants to reveal it to you. He wants to walk you through it. He wants to teach you, to stretch you and to mold you. He wants you to be teachable, to willingly accept His never-ending unconditional love for you. He wants to set you apart and make you more like Himself. All things beautiful, pure, kind, righteous, compassionate, forgiving, loving, gentle, humble and good!

We must personally encounter Jesus to accept the resurrection. (Luke 24:11,12)

We must humble ourselves so there can be more of Him. More of His love in our life, more of His peace in our life, and more of His joy in our life. For our Creator desires to bring good things to us (Matthew 7:11).

For there is power in the resurrection and this same power is what changes us (1 Thessalonians 1:5). Do we really get that? If so, why would we keep it locked up in a tomb and at a distance?

You see my heart is crying, "Bring It On!" Yes the process of change can be sore and uncomfortable, but I know my God keeps His promises, and He promises only good things for His children! (Romans 12:2)

We need to Identify and claim where we are in relationship with our God.

Are we done trying to earn something that is free?

Are we done keeping Him in the grave, at a safe distance, so we don’t have to be a little uncomfortable and be brought closer to Him in the process?

May we know He loves us, may we accept His plan, to have a relationship with Him, that is all about Him loving us like crazy and bringing us close to His heart!


Nicole said...

Great post! I'm all about change and "Bring it on" Jesus. Yes, you are right change hurts but it is so worth it! I want to grow, learn, and change my perspectives. Good challenge!

Love ya,

Runner Mom said...

Nichole, this is the best post ever! God just truly gave you the words to type!! Wow!

"He doesn’t need our performances He needs our hearts!" Perfect for me and so many others. Thank you, sweet friend for this Friday challenge!

My location in this relationship is not where I want it to be!I think I'm still trying to earn something that is free!Again, thank you for making me realize some things that I need to pray about.

Love you,

Chatty Kelly said...

I do so try to "earn" what has already been freely given. And I do keep in at arms length so I don't have to change. But I am working on it.

Great post!

Cindy said...

I spent quite a bit of time lately allowing God to change the 'perfection' problem I had!!
This is a great post and challenge to allow HIM to BE Him!!! And remind us to just BE who He created us to Be!

Blessings for your weekend!

Amy said...

Nicole, Great post. I agree with runner mom on the quote. So many times our performance is wrapped so tight around who we are that the two are looked at as interchangable, but it should be all about who we are in Christ and what He can do through us. Blessings.

Edie said...

This was just AWESOME! What more can I say? Love ya ~

Anonymous said...

Is not it easier to do and fix? I can fix a great meal, help somebody out, notice all their faults but to really truly look at the heart of worship??? OUCH....I'm so glad that God just loves me so much that he desires for me to see myself as he sees me (all the pick-me's, good job,nice meal, ect.)are not what he wants. He wants all of me! I wish so that I could be that little girl, that puts the sparkle in his eye. Some days I feel so close and then others so far away. I pray that he would continue to mold me into the vase that will hold flowers in heaven for him, with out all the cracks. To have him hold you and to know that you are home...what a wonderful day that will, beyond our imagination...More of him is my prayer today..
Thank-You for such a great post...

Sue J. said...

Today I claim that I am closer to God than I have ever believed, and do truly believe that there are more steps to take.

"You see my heart is crying, 'Bring It On!'"

Transformation, it says in Romans. Yes! And even though that transforming process was difficult, because I couldn't quickly grasp the problem and see the Lord's purposes, He did not leave me stranded. He sent friends to blog Scripture and help. He gave you a special call to pray for me this week. I can't thank you enough for your powerful prayers!

I just can't believe how much more free I feel having gone through my study and seeking this past week. Free to be open! Free to love where I couldn't love! Am I done? No way!!

Yes, Christ's saving work is the salvation that brings eternal life. "Working out my salvation with fear and trembling," is what I need to daily focus on--giving Him my life with complete abandon, knowing that His word is Truth and He really does want me to live more freely.

Thank you, dear friend, for your prayerful focus and challenge!

ThreeGirlyGirls said...

What great reflections for this day!! Love it girl! God is using you!!

Jamie @ Purposeful Pursuit said...

Your challenge is great (as always). Thanks for the reminder that it's not my performance He is after...just my heart!

Tracy @ our Journey said...

Change is good~but can be oh so hard sometimes. I feel like God is changing me right now. It is hard. I think my flesh is resisting and my spirit too because I am scared of being out of my comfort zone. Pray for me!O yeah-Thanks for the prayer during the revival.

My Army Brats and Me said...

Love your post! Just wanted to say hi.

Love Cindy

Kimberly said...

"Our good works to try and earn salvation are disrespectful to the cross."

WOW! That just cuts right to the truth! A truth I need to GET! I am all about performance...trying so hard to be good enough. And in doing that I am being disrespectful to the cross. Great stuff to meditate on!
Excellent post!