Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Peel it off

Do you ever feel like all your mistakes, or oops moments or lessons from God are on the prime time news for everyone to witness? Yes I know that my story is not for me, and that my lessons are not for my benefit, but really I think it would be nice to have a few secret private lessons just one on One with Him!

The Moment:
Last Thursday night I attend this birthday party for friend of my, that is a member of one of the Moms clubs that I am a member of. I hadn't seen her in awhile, like a few months. I love to celebrate birthdays with people, its the day He created you and presented you to the world, it is definitely a day worth celebrating!! Right before we leave she decides to open her gifts. She starts opening and revealing! I am sitting right next to her on the couch, she starts to open mine, she reads the card, "oh how sweet Nichole, thank you for thinking of me" Then she pulls out her gift, a candle, a white smelly good candle with a GREAT BIG RED CLEARANCE STICKER on the front. So I am sure that my face and neck turned a even darker and brighter shade of red. I quickly reach over and say..."oh Cortney I am so sorry and peel it off" Okay maybe the sticker looked bigger and redder than it actually was. Yeah now shes thinking, 'yeah well you thought so much of me you forgot to remove the clearance tag!'

The Lesson:
Now I wear pride thick sometimes. And sometimes it takes some pretty embarrassing moments, and lessons in front of others to 'peel' it off. It is my heart to love on others and I don't want my pride to get in the way! However for a few long lasting moments I was letting it. Does He want my pride to get in the way of the gift? Should I have sat there the rest of the evening being embarrassed about my mistake and making that evening about me, or should I have thanked God I am human and SO in need of Him and then back to celebrating with my friend!

May He continue to peel of my pride!


Amy said...

I have to chuckle because I have done this too. I wanted to crawl under the table or make some lavish story how I saved the world while I purchased their gift.
None-the-less, I love your thought. I struggle with pride so much.
Have a good day.
~Hugs from TN~

Joyful said...

Oh, that happened to me recently and I was mortified! We both laughed about it, but I was so embarassed.

I know someone who RARELY removes the price tags from the gifts she gives...forgetfulness?...or does she want us to know how much she spends? Don't know.

A couple of years ago the Lord took me on a journey where He was working on pride in me. I'd even be ordering coffee at a take-out coffee counter and my paper cup, in BIG BOLD letters would read, "PRIDE". I'm not kidding!

God is continuing to peel labels off me.

A work in progress,
PS. Nichole, thank you for blessing my day with your very kind message. Hugs to you my precious friend.

Tiffany Stuart said...

I relate to this type of embarrassing moment. Thank you for sharing so honestly. It makes us all feel normal.

Runner Mom said...

Bless your precious heart! I am sitting here just laughing!!! THat would be something that I would do! We are all human and and so prideful...but GOd loves us for who we are and just lavishes us with His grace. Praise HIm! I hope that y'all will be able to remember and giggle.
Love ya,

Kimberly said...

I embarrassed myself today with a case of mistaken identity. And I really did make a goofball of myself. We truly do have a choice. We can make it all about us and sit and let the day the Lord has made be ruined...or we can let another layer be peeled off.

Sigh. I just wish I didn't have quite so many layers that need peelin'! ;)

Love ya'!

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

I feel your pain in this one! Uggghhhh. The dread of such a thing as this. Been there.

You're right. What's my focus in the gift, and am I willing to forgive the "stickers" when they're attached to something I've been given?!

Good lesson in humility.


My ADHD Me said...

You wanted to get her something nice. You could pay full price for something that was just "OK", or you could pay clearance for something you thought she would enjoy.

A friend understands....Completely!

Don't beat yourself up.
: )

Leebird said...

I totally get the life lesson God taught you, but in an economy like this, I'd be upset if someone DIDN'T get my gift on clearance! It's time for being frugal!

The Patterson 5 said...

I agree with ADHD me, she was probably thrilled with the gift and who doesn't appreciate a good deal. She may even ask you to go shopping with her soon to find out where to find the best prices! :) Glad you can smile about it now and know it's not about the gift it's about the giver and she has a dear friend in you! You are the blessing clearance sticker and all! Thanks for your honesty! You are a dear soul!

Sue J. said...

It's almost like He put a "stop" sign there before you. "OK, Nichole, you have a choice here...." All too tangible, Lord!!

We'll just have to start carrying sticky notes in our purses that read 'Priceless'!!

True friends WOULD understand everything, and He certainly does. Thanks for being transparent....

Jami @ livelaughlove5 said...

I love your heart Nichole! Thanks for sharing. I wish I COULDN'T relate so much!! :)

peaceliving said...

Oh, dear! How embarrassing. Well, at least they all know you're thrifty. What a great attitude you have.

Edie said...

All of us look for a bargain even when we're shopping for gifts. I'm just saying it shouldn't be the pride issue it is with all of us. We all do it but no one wants to admit to it. LOL!

More than Survival said...

If I were the friend getting this gift I would have been VERY GLAD to see you were able to snag such a GREAT find at clearance prices!!! As a stay at home mom I live by the motto "A penny saved is a penny earned"! My sister and I have agreed that yard sales, thrift stores and clearance finds make the BEST gifts to each other and our families! It isn't about the money spent, it is about the love shared!
Hope you are feeling better soon!
Have a great day!