Monday, January 5, 2009

He answers

Hello Friends!

I come today to share that prayer works. Now before you start hollering at that screen of yours hear me out for a second....I am sitting with some of you, praying with you and praying for you and I know its seems like there is more questions going out than there are answers coming in...but friends...He answers!

My husband and I and our two little guys found ourselves in a new church a little over a year ago because of a move to a new state. And did you know that every church isn't the same? I will NOT take any of your precious time from 2009 to go into detail. But lets just say...I wanted to walk right back out the door we walked in...however God had a whole other plan...and out of some serious obedience I stayed. But while I was trying to obey...I complained...I whined....I grumped....I cried...I pouted...I questioned...and I am sure I yelled more than a few times. Sounds pretty doesn't it?

As a family we stayed out of obedience. We know that God has a purpose for us to be there.

I received an amazing gift yesterday....I felt a weight lift. I felt joy in that building. I cried tears as I could see my Father up above reaching His hand down to His daughter and say,

"Daughter your obedience has purpose!"

I have prayed. My husband and I have prayed, you have prayed (even though you didn't know what for), family and friends have prayed, other church members have prayed.

He answers!

God will restore, renew and heal the church.

And I will continue to be on my knees in obedience. For I want to witness the miracle only His hands can perform!

May you know that while I am on my knees I am praying for you! I am praying for you to be healed from cancer. I am praying for your marriage. I am praying for you to keep being a mommy when it seems like you can't. I am praying for your baby to feel better. I am praying for your daughter to be healed. I am praying for you to trust Him to care for your children. I am praying for you to step out and start a relationship with Him. I am praying for your relationship to be restored. I am praying for you to keep walking closer to His heart. I am praying for your obedience. I am praying for you while you wait. I am praying for you to be Jesus at work. I am praying for your hands to keep working. I am praying for you to be brave. I am praying for you answer to be revealed. I am praying for your daily strength and perseverance. I am praying for Jesus and asking Him to keep loving all over you!


I know...

He answers!


Chatty Kelly said...

Yay! I know that God always answers prayers, but it's extra nice when he answers the way we want him to, which seems to have happened here. So glad for you.

Edie said...

He does answer, doesn't He Nichole? It's great to begin to see that He is in the midst of answering even while we are still hitting the bumps in the road, and asking "Are we there yet?" It's glorious to see the outcome of all that He was doing all along.

Praising God with you.

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Prayer is a sacred privilege, and yes, I believe our prayers are life-giving and life-changing. I've spent a great deal of my time today in thoughtful prayer as I drove almost 4 hours round trip to see my doctor for a unscheduled, unplanned appointment. I don't have to tell you what that kind of appointment will do to a heart and mind!

Anyway, God's peace has been my portion, and I am comforted by the fact that several friends were lifting my name to heaven this day.

Keep praying and living "on purpose." God is working out his in you!


My Army Brats and Me said...

love you

Nicole said...

So happy to hear this praise! You go girl! Keep obeying and trusting even when you are kicking your feet all the way. God never said it would be easy, did he? Your life in Christ inspires me! Thank you.

Love you,

Runner Mom said...

I too love to see His Holy Hand at work and see those prayers answered--in His timing. And that is so hard! You are being such a witness--thank you so much!
Love you!

Sue J. said...

What's so ironic about church is that you want so very much for it to be a perfect environment in which worship, fellowship, discipleship, love--everything is genuine. And it's so very far from that oftentimes.

But, you are right in that God is the Restorer. We have freewill to choose another church, but the opportunities to serve HIM (not church, specifically) are then lost. And what if that is the reason He called you to said church?

Only through constant prayer, trusting in Him, do we understand where our place is. And, as I have found in my battle with submission, that place is not perfect :-)

But, through Christ who gives me strength, it is the right place, and a growth place, and--as you said--an obedience place.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

How awesome. He does answer. Sometimes I think He gets the reputation of not answering because 1) He takes longer or 2) He answers in a way we are not expecting nor looking for and can miss.

So glad you are reaping what you sowed in your obedience to Him.

Thank you for praying for me. I think I've briefly shared with you about my marriage ending in an unbiblical divorce Nov. 07. I can't believe it's been 18 months since he left and his Christian eyes and heart were deceived satan. I can share in detail via private email but it is a lot. So, I will leave it at this simple explanation but know that I am open to share more of my story privately.
Sweet blessings,

Kimberly said...

What a blessing to read this, Nichole! Thank you for the encouragement to continue to press on in prayer....that He hears. That He has purpose in everything! And thank you for how you pray for others, including me! :)

Continuing to pray for you! (And totally understanding the staying at a church out of obedience thing. Totally. His encouragement to you is an encouragement to me.)

Love you,

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

All I can say is "AMEN".

Pinkshoelady said...

Oh, Nicole!
How I needed these words this morning.
Zoie is still very sick. I found out yesterday that I need to have the nerves in my back deadened in order to get relief from my back pain. It will take two procedures, with the first being done a week from Friday. We are also in the process of changing ministry, churches and our livelihood.
I know He answers!
I just needed to hear it this morning. I have been up since 2:30 worrying, praying, worrying, praying some more, reading His word, praying some more...then i heard Him whisper go read some blogs...I argued this did not make since...but He has used His words through you to break through into my heart.
I have had faith all along that God can take care of these doubts came in that He would take care of them.
I now know HE WILL!

One of these days we will meet face to face and I am going to hug you so hard your going to wonder if I'm gonna hug right on through ya to the other side!

I truly love you my friend,

Joyful said...

God DOES answer prayer.

Just last night my family was watching an old re-run of "Little House on the Prairie". It was the episode where Mary looses her sight. Her dad is sitting in the chapel praying when the minister walks in. The Pastor sits with Charles as he questions why God isn't answering his prayer. The minister reminds him that God always answers, just not always in the way we desire.

God always answers. So glad that His answer to you this time has been the one for which your heart has longed. Praise His Name.

Love & prayers,

Tiffany Stuart said...

This was an amazingly encouraging post. HE ANSWERS without a doubt. HE ANSWERS.

Thank you for sharing your joy!