Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Can ya help this Girlfriend out?

Hey friends...good day and welcome to the blog!

Now if your here for some laughs...GREAT...cause I am really trying to find some humor in this one!

Have you ever said something in the past that comes back to get ya' and then you have to end up eatin' your words?

Or maybe the thought never exited via your mouth, but it still leaves you feelin' guilty?

Well I am here to confess that many of times while someone was 'sharing' how they were lookin' older whether it was because of grey hair, saggin' somethin', I was thinkin'...oh yeah and sometimes even shouting out Just age gracefully!

Yep that was my response! It happens to all of us...we get older and so we might as well accept it! Right?

Just age gracefully!

As I stood in front of my mirror this morning that little phrase above is comin' back to get me...and now I am eatin' those words!

So here is where you come in...I have these eyes!

Eyes that are looking older...yep it happens friends! And really in the big picture I am really okay with it. But it's the little picture...the moments in which I stand in front of my mirror!

So can ya help this Girlfriend out?

Any ideas, suggestions, pointers, tips, recommendations?

My eyes are gettin' older!

Which I so know means wisdom on the inside...HA!

But on the outside...they are saggin' dark circles!


***And just to warn ya...I will have another help out a Girlfriend post! See you soon!


Paula (SweetPea) said...

I have no help or suggestions for you, girlfriend. Have you lost weight? I know one time that I lost a lot of weight, I struggled with the dark circles under the eyes...buying serum, using cover up, anything to make them flesh color. During that time, I heard that losing weight can cause us to lose the fat under our eyes, thus causing the dark circles to be revealed.

That of course, if of NO help to you. Not that I remember the serum name but NO it didn't help. Technology has changed and that was 10 years ago.

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Here Nichole, read this:
[Alternative Medicine article]

From the Heart said...

I think I have had dark circles under my eyes all my life I think. Mine is hereditary. Mary Kay has some great "stuff" that really have helped. I use it all the time .. when I wear makeup that is. Some days I never put any on. I don't go out much, can't drive, I'm by myself, my husband doesn't say anything against them so .. well it does save money.

Not sure this helps you but you could try Mary Kay.

Kelly Combs said...

Eye liner! My eyes have become weak, like Leah's. (LOL!). I have to wear eye liner now, or my eyes are like invisible. I don't have dark under eye circles (yet), but try concealer.

Irritable Mother said...

Oh, girl, my "notice" in the mirror has been grey hairs.
Particularly, I have a curly grey right by my ear. Sometimes "her" twin appears by the other ear, but other times she seems to hide.
And then when I was complaining to my hair dresser about them, he proceeded to inform me that I have lots of greys up top - where I can't see. *sigh*

Gracefully, you say?

Yeah. We'll work on that. *grin*