Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What does dolphin poop look like?

For there are some that are more than elated that the 'heaviness' of our last series is now over, there are some like myself that still desire to seek purpose...purpose in the everyday.

And today, adding to yesterday and hopefully tomorrow...I desire with all that is in me to seek Him, know Him and experience Him more. Selfish? Yes maybe, but from the mouth of a most amazing man who was placed in my life on purpose:

"You can never be selfish with God!" Brent Hofen, Lead Pastor for Mission Church, Bend Oregon

I have been so filled, filled to an overflowing that as I type today I can't get it all out, so I invite you to join me, in the everyday to seek, know and experience Him more.


Oh because there is purpose!

Will you join me in this journey?

The name of the journey:


Will you invite your Creator to live in the everyday moments?

The ones that take place every second, every minute of everyday.

The ones that happen when a little boy and his mommy are sitting at a table for lunch and the little boys asks:

"Mommy what does dolphin poop look like?"

For this everyday moment has changed me, yep I am not the same girl I was before lunch!

I have been enlightened, encouraged and feel rather elated as of this moment in which I type.

For a question from a little boy, one who is created in the very image of his Creator, has caused this mommas heart to stop, pause and listen.

May we know that God is in our everyday!

And more than anything, selfish like I am, I don't want to miss one second of Him!


Anonymous said...

So what does dolphin poop look like?
Gotta love them ?'s. Or is it just another humming bird moment when God says; here I'am.
Love Mom

Cindy said...

How many times have my children, through their questions, drawn me to my Jesus?
I'm also glad to know that my family is not the only one that talks about 'poop'.
Blessings to you in the everyday!

My ADHD Me said...

Your post today is such a happy post, I can't help but to sit here grinning.

As for the dolphin poop...you could always google it! haha

Sande said...

Now youve made me wonder ... I will google it too and wallow with you in your soaking at the same time.

Paula (SweetPea) said...

Ut...no picture. Mommy, what does dolphin poop look like?

What was your answer, mommy?

Children are a breed of their own...a mind of their own. I'm always fascinating by the way they think and the questions they pose. Some can be very light like this one and some, man, they knock us off our rocker, humbling us, huh?

Sue J. said...

I have a close-up picture of some flowers from my garden as my desktop wallpaper. Sometimes, I just stare at the "unattractive" green parts underlying the pretty blue flower. I say to myself, He knew about them. He created them. He knows how big they'll grow, how green they'll get and when they'll die.

He knew I'd take their picture and really see, not just them, but Him.

Kids are amazing, and God uses them not just to humble us but to make us see that He is in everything!

Inquiring minds may want to know. But, as with Scripture, it might make more of an impression upon us to do our own research....

Lori said...

Ah, the moments! To take the time to relish in the everyday moments! Not knowing from moment to moment, what will come about-but, knowing that our Father, created each and everyone...yesterday, today, and tomorrow's moments!
Hugs, Lori - AZ

elaine @ peace for the journey said...

Dolphin poop and Jesus thoughts all in the same moment.

That's keeping it real sister! Keep to it.

love & peace~elaine

Irritable Mother said...

Where do their little minds come up with these questions???
You know what I love? I think it is just hilarious that the word "poop" can make my kids laugh. All I have to do is say, "Poop," and they'll start giggling.
I know, you are overly-impressed with my display of maturity. Hey, I am what I am! LOL

So appreciating your call to experience and enjoy God in the moment. Thank you!