Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A day for Presents

Welcome to the blog friends...it is from the depth of my heart that I am praying, trusting and knowing God loves all over you today!

This morning in my time with Him I read Acts 27. Paul is traveling to go appeal before Caesar in Rome...he gets caught in a storm that leads to a shipwreck...it a chapter packed full of some chaos, stress, and overwhelming moments...it all felt a little familiar. How about you...have you ever felt like life is a little too much? Too much to handle...too overwhelming? Friends can I share the verse that has stuck with me all day?

Last night an angel of the God whose I am and whom I serve stood beside me. Acts 27:23 (emphasis mine)

Go back and read that verse again, please! I know that its very personal to me right now and today, but I think the gift from our God in that very verse is for all of us. Everyone of us who have doubted, wondered, worried, struggled, for all of us who have felt overwhelmed!

the God whose I am

Friends we are His!

And go there with me on this one...

and whom I serve stood beside me

We must be in a loving and grace filled relationship with Him that's what it means to serve Him...trust me on this one...when in relationship you WILL live it out in the everyday moments of your life.

But its the bolded part- stood beside me- that brings the encouragement which then fuels the strength to stand in courage!

He stands beside us!

He takes care of His own. He won't leave us, forsake us...no He won't. He sees all, knows all, and is taking care of it!

There came a point in my day today where I was educated in the Hebrew language. I learned that the words favor, portions, (or presents) and lots- all tie together.

"No matter what life-or Satan himself-hands us, the favor God has on His children causes that 'lot' to tumble out on the table in such a way that, instead of destruction, the child will discover that her portion turned into destiny one trusting step at a time. When all is said and done, she will see that the portion God assigned her was good. Right. Rich. Full of purpose." (Beth Moore from her Bible study on Esther)

Oh if this doesn't have me dancing...yippee!

Because God!

Because God is who He is, He knows what He knows and it is all right, all good, all full of purpose!

So today my present to you...which was so generously given to me through the grace of my Jesus...is to pass on to you His grace, His love, and to encourage you!

Your life has purpose!

Will you accept His present to you? Will you accept His grace for you?

The Lord is my chosen portion and my cup; you hold my lot. Psalm 16:5

May you know today He is with you, right there where you are. You don't need to go looking for Him, just whisper heart to Him, acknowledges His presence, and enjoy His love and grace for you!


Lisa Buffaloe said...

Love this Nichole! And most of all I love that it is truth -- I am His!!! He won't leave, He stands with me, and as Beth Moore said "the child will discover that her portion turned into destiny one trusting step at a time. When all is said and done, she will see that the portion God assigned her was good. Right. Rich. Full of purpose."

Amen, Amen, Amen!!!

Joyfully praising Him forever!

From the Heart said...

I really like your new blog. It is so colorful and shows the real you.

I don't know if you read my Thankful Thursday last week or not but at the end I put in a prayer request. My family has had another loss. My only living Uncle got word that their first grandson had gone to a park in Colorado Springs (where they live) and took his own life. He was only 28, married, had a son by a previous girl friend that he simply adored. I never met him but his uncle whom I exchange emails with sent me a copy of the obiturary. I just had a feeling that something about this did not sound right. I emailed all my relatives in this part of the country that I could and called my Uncle and Aunt and told them we would be in prayer for them. They were so devastated. Tonight I got an email from my cousin and he said they talked with the man who found his nephew and he may not have taken his own life. He did not go in to details but yes I felt God standing beside me and I know He was beside the family. It is hard to lose a son, grandson, nephew, whatever the cause, but if they can find out for sure that it was not what they thought I truly believe a great load will be taken off those so close to him. I had never met him but looking at his picture and reading his obit and things people wrote in the guestbook of the newspaper I just could not believe that he had taken his own life. He loved his son and he loved life. I don't know about his soul but God does.
If you would just say a prayer that things will not be as they throught, I would appreciate it. I have a lot of faith in you, your writings and your prayers.
God bless you,

Irritable Mother said...

The best present I could receive today, Nichole. Thank you.

Hey, I love your new look. I mean I loved the previous one, too. But this one's great!
I'm in the process of a make-over, too. So fun!

Kimberly said...

Oh, what joy it does bring to my heart when I truly stop and meditate on the FACT that I am His! That He wants me!

Thanks for always sharing the love!

Lori said...

Wow, love this verse that you've opened wide today, and love God's Spirit coming out of you, too! :) I have such joy in my heart knowing he is right beside me all day long. Even when I'm sleeping He's next to me. Ahh, what a comfort! Hugs, Lori -AZ

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

I accept the ultimate present/gift, Jesus Christ, my savior. Thank YOU Father God. In Jesus' name, amen.

Pinkshoelady said...

Hey Girl,
Thanks so much for your prayers and encouragement.

You are a good friend and I love you dearly.


Joyful said...

Nichole, next week I'm speaking to a group of ladies about God's Christmas presence. I love this verse with the visual of God standing right beside us.

So thankful for His presence and presents in my life. You have been a gift to me,