Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday is already challening without adding...

Hello Friends,

Well in recent weeks I have been bringing back the good ole' Friday Challenge...but however this morning I was greeted by a 'blue screen' on our home computer...and after delivering it to a computer guru this appears its needing some new because of being in an overwhlemed frame of mind...I am deciding to not add to this challenging day...

So the Friday Challenge for all of us...

Do Not Fret!

Deciding to be thankful for:

The computer guru...and what he was able to retrieve from the hard drive.

A laptop that has some 'backup' stuff on it.

(Note to self...this is a good time to 'clean-up' all my stuff and organize it and back it up!) Oh just wait until the Engineer reads that...he will be one happy camper...he's been begging me to do that for a long time!

A Engineer who has 'connections' with a computer guru!

A God who is not stopped by a 'blue screen'.

Friends...whatever is happening in your life today...please know that God sees all and knows all, and that He will work it all out for the good!

Just maybe He wanted me to go take a break....curl up on the couch with my Francine Rivers book, Leota's Garden...and relax...and let Him clear up the 'blue screen' problems!

Have a great weekend!


From the Heart said...

Works for me. I needed to hear what you said about God knows everything so I'm placing a problem I am having in His very capable hands.
Thanks and have great weekend.

Cindy said...

...And I hope you are doing just that...relaxing and enjoying a quiet night with your sweet family...

Lori said...

aaaHHH, it was meant to me, Nichole! I'm not up for a challenge either! ha-ha!!!

Nothing is a coincidence either. I can see Christ coming out of you my friend! Ya could have began to fret over the computer! Or grumbled. Or complained. But, oh no, you have peace and what a model that is for the rest of us! Thank you dear Lord for allowing Nichole to have computer problems. She needs a little time off with Francine!

Love u!!! Lori

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Amen sister... Amen!

Happy Weekend!

Sue J. said...

Oh, how we need to flip around those "bad" circumstances we come across and recognize that God works in everything for those who love Him!! We are so blessed when we do--and not paralyzed! We can move forward and not backward. Be purposeful--following His purposes--and not idle, which is clearly not His purpose.

It sounds like it's all working for the good, and in multiple ways, Nichole! (And maybe the Engineer will even help you set up an appropriate back-up plan....)

Joyful said...

I've been having all sorts of computer issues too Nichole! Actually, I think my laptop is sick...very sick. (I'm on my son's computer right now!)

I'm so thankful that the day before my computer became "ill", my husband downloaded all my documents and pictures on a memory stick!!!! Was that God or what??!!!

I don't know when it will be back up and running, but I also know that the time away is refreshing. I think my computer's "illness" was God sent!