Monday, February 22, 2010

Whose Plate?

Have you heard these terms before?

My plate is full?

I have cleared my plate?

My plate is empty?

Well today I sit here with my plate before me...and its full...actually its spilling over, and my mouth is full, so full I am having a hard time chewing it fast enough before the next bite comes in. There is some yummy stuff on my plate, and there is some stuff that is healthy and filling. But is it too full? Oh and I don't think I actually remember even making all the selections that are on this maybe somebody else took my plate through the buffet line and dished me up!

So today I have glanced over and seen whats on some Girlfriends plates. Oh does it ever look super yummy!

And yet there is a call from the kitchen that says,

"eat off your own plate, its whats been dished up for you!"

And you know what this girl is silly enough to holler back?

"if I eat whats on my plate, do I get dessert?"

Just a girl on a Monday who is trying to stay focused on her plate, and not the girls next to me!


Larissa Wardrip said...

Oh my sweet, Nichole! I am praying so hard for you. I understand (but only recently) how that feels! Sometimes it feels like I'm drowning in obligations or that I'll never get another second to rest even though I'm so tired I don't know how I'm standing. Jesus said that His yolk is easy and His burden is light. So go to Him when you are weary and heavy-laiden and He will give you rest.

Hang in there and PLEASE give me some of what's on your plate! I want to help you out! And also remember that little word that can give you some time to "digest your food"; 'No.' It's hard for me to say, but I'm learning that sometimes it's necessary for the sake of me and my family and most importantly, my relationship with my Savior! Love you!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

I love the meal plate analogy. I've been guilty of looking at another girl's plate thinking I'd like to have some of that and know I already have my own plate. I've not done it lately though. Happy Monday Nichole!

From the Heart said...

You must be in a good mood today. I love the way you write. Honest, that's the word, you are completely and totaly honest and that is a good thing. I hope you enjoyed your meal. Every once in a while I just have to have some chocolate. I use to eat a 3 Muskeeter every day - for about two years. Now I'm watching my diet trying to lose weight to try and keep my cholesterol down. I have come down 2 sizes in my outfits.

You are a very special person and I'm so glad we met here in what they call blogland.

Irritable Mother said...

I second what Larissa said about 'No.' Hard to say sometimes, but so important!
And that thing about struggling to keep focused on your own plate, and not wish for that which was dished up for someone else? Oh, Nichole, I get that, too!
Lord, help us to be content with what You've served us on our own plates!

Cindy said...

Ha...I think many of us are guilty of attempting to eat off of everybody else's plate! And...piling our own plate so high we can barely carry it let alone eat it!

Praying for your load tonight:)

Runner Mom said...

Hey, sweet friend! I have to agree with some of the other gals...the word "no" is difficult to say, but it can make your plate a lot healthier! Praying for you right now.

Love you!

Lori said...

Nichole, I'm sitting here smilin' right this very minute...yesterday and today I was praying that you'd have margin on your plate!!! hah! ---I didn't know that it was completely over-flowing, my sweet friend! God does not want your plate even full. He wants some space all-around it, left - open. But, how? Wish I had THOSE answers, myself! But, daily I do pray, LORD, help me have a desire to do what you've put before me and not wish to be doing things that others' are! HE has us just where He wants us! Thankfully, we can know that His ways are perfect.

Prayer's coming your way! :)

Kimberly said...

Yep. Totally get needing to focus on my own plate. And asking if I get dessert! :)

Gonna "chew" on this one today! :)
Love you!