Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Quit Licking

Do you ever have those days were you just seem to focus on the irritants...the little annoyances? Is there really such thing as a 'little' annoyance? If something is annoying its annoying..right?

I want to caution you today that if you are in the process of making a decision to bring home a dog...this blog might not be the place for you today.


I have had my Ellie girl since she was 7 weeks old. We have bonded. We get each other. We love each other.
So about a month ago her shampoo ran out...a special sensitive skin type shampoo..that we purchased in the previous city...well being in a little bit of a time crunch...okay mainly the crunch had to do that the Miss Ellie was stinkin' up the house and the boys were starting to complain...I know shocking...boys complain about smell...anyway...I snagged some 'make do' shampoo...and it has left Miss Ellie a mess. She is all itchy, annoyed and now has a licking obsession...its what dogs do...for those of you who are not first hand experienced dog people...when something is bothering them they lick. Okay some dogs scratch...not Miss Ellie. Lick...lick...lick!
Now because I consider you all my friends I have NOT included audio in this blog...
Becuase all you would hear is a dog with an OCD licking obsession...and a
girlie who is high on hormones and low on chocolate and shoes...yelling...

"Quit Licking"

We are in the process of switching back to her 'preferred' shampoo...but it takes time people...and so the licking is still present...

And really if you are considering bringing home a dog...not all 8years have been 'licking' years...there are other issues...but for the sake of me wanting you to bring home a 'new family member' I will let you experience those for yourselves!

Life is kinda of like take the good with the bad!

You intervene when you must.

You monitor.

You use repetition.

And you yell

"Quit Licking"

When appropriate!


Cindy said...

I think sometimes GOD wants to yell 'Quit Licking' when we obsess about the little irritants in lives!
But for me today it is hives on my arms from sun poisoning that I am scratching - "Quit scratching" - Little irritants!
Thanks for reminding me to place my focus elsewhere:)
You always make me Laugh, Smile or Think ~ *wink*

From the Heart said...

We had a poodle for 13 years until she got killed by a car. She was infested with fleas. I did everything possible, had her dipped, used it when I bathed her but as she got older it got worse. After she was gone we had to have the house bombed or whatever they call it to get rid of the fleas in your carpet.

She was a great dog though. We enjoyed her so much and she really thought she was human. She knew exactly what time my youngest daughter went to bed and if she didn't go the dog paced by and forth from the bedroom to the living room until they went to bed.

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Nichole... all I could do is giggle when reading this post. Yes, annoying is annoying! I used to say to family members "quit diggin". LOL

Lori said...

Oh my goodness, I'm sitting here thanking the Lord, that my little dog does not lick. That would do me in-I think! smile! I think our Father only gives us what we can handle! Sorry, Nichole, I guess you my dear can handle more than I can.
ha-ha, Lori

Karen said...

I couldn't help but read your post even after the warning! I'm a newlywed who's recently moved. My hubby goes to work all day, but I'm still at home and it gets lonely. So I've started begging for a dog lately...even though I want one terribly, we're trying to figure out if it is really the best time for us to introduce a dog into our lives. Thanks for your post!