Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Woman Watched

Have you ever seen a woman...a woman who inspires you to be MORE?

A woman who leads you to love more. A woman who helps pace your breathing. A woman whose heart gives grace. A woman whose smile is pure.

A woman who is living her faith each day.

I have the amazing opportunity right now to see such a woman. For she is within view. She is a woman who is being watched by many.

Not watched with a critical eye. Watched with eyes and hearts that are wondering 'how is she?' 'Could I do that?'

Watching and wanting to do something. Watching and desiring to help.

The words she spoke last night stayed with me through the night and into today.

"I have spent much time crying"

She is a mom.

She is watching her sons body be hit hard with cancer, chemo, pain, sores, aches, and hours of yuck!

As I am praying today for this beautiful woman, God has whispered for me to share,

Shari I love you, but MORE importantly your Creator loves you and adores you! He knows this is hard, overwhelming, and SO not fun. He is catching each one of those tears, and He wants them to keep coming.

As I watch, I can see Him. I can see her breathing Him in and breathing Him out. As I watch I am encouraged and reminded that God is real and He is present. I am reminded He works. Not in ways that we will always understand.

As I watch, I am inspired to know that true grace, love and beauty is REAL, because as I watch I see it in her.

A woman watched.


From the Heart said...

May God touch this son and answer this dear mother's prayers.
There is nothing impossible with our God - Jehovah.

Kimberly said...

Praying for her and her precious son with you tonight! How hard it must be for her to watch her son suffer like that. So, so terribly hard.

Your post made me think of the verse Proverbs 31 put up on Facebook today...
"You've kept track of my every toss and turn through the sleepless nights, each tear entered in your ledger, each ache written in your book." ~Psalm 56:8

I am so glad He is so tender, so attentive in our darkest hours. I am so glad your friend is a woman watched, not just by those around her, but a woman watched closely and carefully by a Father who adores her.

Blessings, friend!

Lori said...

God - Always working.
He knows our tomorrow's and loves us more than we can even imagine.
Praying for this sweet mom. May she cry her eyes out to her Father, and may He be everything that she needs, minute by minute.

Hugs, and prayer's lifted up for you too, sweet, Nichole! Lori

Irritable Mother said...

Father, I want to lift Shari up to You, too. Thank You for Your great love for her. Thank You that You have not left her alone to cry and be afraid. You are with her in every moment, and I am asking You today to make Your presence very clear to her.
Yes, Lord of Hosts - Almighty God, Giver of hope and life and peace, please let Shari FEEL Your presence, even now.
Catch her tears and comfort her heart. Wrap her in your embrace and love her.
Father, if You are willing I know You can even free her son of the cancer and the pain and all the trials.
Lord, will You use this situation to bring glory to Yourself? Will You show us Your glory?
I'm asking it in the wonderful, powerful, beautiful, matchless Name of JESUS.
Amen and amen!

Joyful said...

Absolutely beautiful my friend. You too are a woman watched...and I see Jesus in you.

How is your friend and her son doing now? Maybe I'll find out more as I continue to read and catch up on your blogs.

God is watching over the woman watched,

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