Monday, August 18, 2008

Can Skunk spray me?

As we are traveling on Saturday to the Water Park I announce…"eww that sure is one stinky skunk!" And thus began the weekend topic of choice for my two and half year old. The questions came in slowly and calmly at first, "momma where’s skunk?" "Why do skunks stink?" "Why do skunks spray?" "Will skunk spray me?" "Can skunks spray people?" (Just a little note our little guy has an amazing vocabulary for a 2 ½ year old which can be overwhelming at times) And the answers went out patiently and calmly at first. The car ride to the Water Park was just under two hours and every question that a little guy could possible ask about a skunk was asked. However the favorite question that was asked repeatedly was "can skunk spray me?" Daddy and I took turns answering, with mommies main answer being, "honey skunks only come out at night, right now the skunk is sleeping so no he won’t spray you." The mention of sleep then helped my little guy associate his crib with the situation, which led him to ask, "will skunk spray me in my crib?" We tried numerous times to change the topic of skunks, however our intelligent little guy could always word associate something and bring it right back! As we got closer to the Water Park he started to share concern that the skunk would be in the pool, mommy reminded him that skunk was sleeping and skunk didn’t like the smell of sun block.

Our time at the Water Park was "skunk free" no skunk sightings or even talk of skunks!

And our car trip home was also skunk free as little guy fell asleep. However our little guy was refreshed and ready for more discussion when we picked Ellie up from the doggie daycare, "did Ellie girl get sprayed by a skunk today?" And as mommy ran into the store to get stuff for dinner daddy took all skunk questions as he waited in the car. Hey he did have AC in there!! "What skunks eat for dinner?" "Will there be skunk at home?" "Will a skunk spray me when I get out of car?" "Can skunk spray me?"

So this brings us to Saturday evening at home, where we need to eat, relax, take a bath, and get ready for bed. "Skunks take bath?" "Can skunk spray me in bath?" "Will skunk spray me in crib?"

Sunday morning brought more skunk talk. "Skunks eat brekast?" "What skunks eat for brekast?" "Skunks at church?" "Can skunk spray me?" Daddy decides to dress Tanner in his "anti skunk" clothes for church hoping this will help lower the amount of skunk talk for church.

After church we create "anti skunk spray" so that if little guy sees a skunk he can protect himself. We had a few practices with the spray, so he would know just what to do!

Our trip to the home improvement store on Sunday even brought even more "skunk talk" "Skunk be in store?" "Can skunk spray me?" "Skunk eat plants?" "Where does skunk sleep?" "Horses get sprayed by skunk?" "Skunk eat ice cream?" "Will skunk be at house?"

Daddy decides on the car ride home after our ice cream cone treat, we need to make this sign for our front door:

Prayer time last night, little guy wanted God to protect him from the skunks. We explained that God made the skunks and He would definitely protect him.

I am happy to report that one of the first questions out of little guy this morning, "No skunks right momma?" "What if we wake skunks up, can they spray us!"

Little guys prayer this morning at 'brekast' "Thank you God for brekast, my body and no skunks"

Today might seem a little harder without daddy here to share the questions!


Anonymous said...

well at least he is moving on from the poop ?'s....

Chatty Kelly said...

Well, that really stinks. (LOL!) A pun! Kids do get a one-track mind on things, but hopefully he will get onto the next track today.

Made me laugh remembering when my kids were that little.

Karin @ 6ByHisDesign said...

WOW! That is an awesome story to remember for Little Guy (and Little Guy's girlfriends one day, and the future wife, and his little one who will torment him in similar ways...!) And God love the daddy that posts a sign to keep the stinkers at bay!

hollieisme said...

That's a funny story. It's amazing how kids never forget anything!! The sign on your door is quite funny. :)

Anonymous said...

Is Yeti Real?

Anonymous said...

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