Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tickle Tuesday

Well it is Tickle Tuesday at our house today...we usually celebrate this special day every week. I love to walk into each of the boys room and announce:

"It's Tickle Tyler Tuesday" and then tickle away until he giggles so hard my heart feels like it will explode and then walk over to brothers room and announce "It's Tickle Tanner Tuesday" and then tickle the little guy until he yells out..."momma pease stop tickle me".

This is such a great start to my day...I am going to be selfish and say...it's all about me at the moment when I am tickling my boys. I get such joy from seeing their faces light up, their smiles grow bigger and bigger and their giggles get stronger and louder.

Dear Precious Father thank you so much for Two Terrific Boys! I feel honored and blessed to tickle them today!


Nicole said...

Oh, how fun...Tickle Tuesday. I'm sure your boys will remember tickle Tuesdays for the rest of their life. The picture of you tickling them brought joy to my heart today.

I like your post from yesterday. I too want my passion to be for the Lord and leading others to Him, not on anything else...but like you said we can not worship Him in our own strength, let alone lead others to Him without His help. Oh, do we ever need His help. My flesh is weak but His is Strong. Amen!?!

Have a blessed day,

Krista said...

That's fun! My little Drew usually has to kick me off of him when I am tickling him; he laughs so hard he can't breath. It's precious!

Have fun today,

Kristen said...

I can almost hear in my mind the giggles of your boys. I don't think I can think of any purer form of laughter than a child's giggling. The only thing that comes close is a good belly laugh!!!!

I love the idea of Tickle Tuesday! Too cute!

Chatty Kelly said...

Well, it's a good thing they both have "T" names, or it just wouldn't have the same ring to it!

What a fun tradition. These little things are the things that memories are made of!