Monday, August 25, 2008

Word Alone

Saturday morning at 10:00 I started my first fasting experience. I find it interesting how awesome His planning and timing of everything is. He knew just the right time, He knew when I needed it and He knew where it would take me.

*One of my favorite things is yummy food
*Preparing and cooking all the meals for my family
*Sense of smell was heightened big time all day
*Saturday night neighborhood bbq (all this yummy food my neighbors had prepared)
*Dessert (this is a big deal for me!)
*Saturday night baseball game
*Sunday morning breakfast (breakfast is my favorite meal)

On Sunday during service Pastor Jason led us through scripture and a message. The very first thing I tasted after 25 hours of no food, was communion. My first immediate thought, "God you taste so good and sweet!"

Jesus answered, "It is written; ‘Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’" Matthew 4:4

Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in him. Psalm 34:8


*Knowing I can do all things through His strength
*Serving my family
*Experiencing God and coming close to His heart
*Being able to hear Him say I am to only be reading His Word right now
*Lunch on Sunday afternoon didn’t taste the great, so I now have the awesome contrast of Him with earthly food


Runner Mom said...

Wow! I have never fasted. I am sure that communion was just the perfect way to end your fast. Thanks so much for sharing your insights throughout the day! And I loved the scripture! Geat post!
Love ya,

Sue J said...

The first time I fasted, I had the same kinds of challenges. What really helped was focusing on why I was fasting--a prayer vigil for a fellow mom who was going through cancer surgeries/treatment.

You do come to realize how God sustains you beyond getting past the hunger pangs. And, you do get to a point in which you are more willing to do it regularly, as a means of having that communion with Him...that intense focus.

And as I write that, I should probably revisit that idea myself.

Chatty Kelly said...

I have never fasted off of food. I have done internet fasts, where I didn't do email or internet. It is really hard. Congratulations on doing it! I'm very impressed. I hope it was a time of true blessing.

Cindy said...

Good for you. Fasting can be a life changing experience.

For me fasting times have been times when God spoke so deeply to me. I have done 2 21 day fasts for very life/death situations in our family. God is so faithful.

You will grow to love these times.
And to break a fast with communion ~ how sweet and special!
Keep growing in your walk.
I really enjoy reading your blog.
You challenge me to push forward in my relationships.
Blessings, Cindy

Truth4thejourney said...

What a great thing! The bible talks quite a bit about fasting. I have fasted just a handful of times and it is hard. I remember how much more appreciative I was of what Jesus had done for me.

I also had my kids fast with me one time (totally their choice and I even tried to discrouage them) They skipped 2 meals (then we all ate the third meal as I felt like they needed to eat!) It was an amazing day of spiritual cleansing as well as physical! God is so faithful.

Love you!

Krista said...

I have never actually participated in a food fast. I have done 40 day fasts a couple of times fasting from different things that were important to me or things that I spend too much time on but never a food fast. I often wonder if I could do. I am proud that you fasted for time with the Lord. What an amazing testimony of your faith. Maybe I will be called to do that oneday.

Feasting on Jesus' word,

Joyful said...

Beautiful. May you continue to savor the delights of Christ alone.

My ADHD Me said...

What an awesome way to end your fast!
I have never fasted like that. I do give up something that I enjoy every year for Lent. (well, almost every year)

Lisa said...

Please don't apologize for commenting about the way my post touched your heart. I loved your comment. Know why? It was real. It was honest. And it blessed me so much because it supported why I blog in the first place. My heartcry has always been to motivate people to think...motivate them to crave God more...motivate them to action. I never want the posts to facilitate people looking at me, which is so hard because you can only write about your own experience! But to know that something I wrote made you go and ask yourself, "are my palms open?" truly blesses me and makes me want to keep blogging! I mean that. Please don't ever stop sharing your heart. It's beautiful.

Lisa :)

Hollie Ann said...

Wow. That is impressive! I have never fasted from food. We did give up tv last September, and it was really hard at first.

Thanks so much for sharing this, it really was inspirational!

The Patterson 5 said...

I agree with the lot, what a wonderful way to finish a fast. I remember a communion where I was tearful thinking how sweet it is to be a believer of Christ.

Samantha @ the Listener's post said...

Thanks for sharing that experience - fasting is a tricky issue for me so I love to hear how God uses it in other's lives!

By the way, have I told you that you're a blessing?

In Him,