Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Share the Love

I got myself in a little situation recently by reading someones blog and leaving a comment! However the situation had some great rewards...ones that arrived in my mailbox on Saturday! My friend over at MyADHDMe was 'paying it forward' and she made me this little gift! Now she proclaims to not be crafty and I would have to disagree...this is one of the coolest things I have ever received. It was a confirmation for me that the ministry of Living My Life on Purpose is His ministry and He is loving on people and I get to reap some of the amazing benefits too! Like gaining friendships with amazing people like MyADHDMe. And to quote my friend, the creator of this amazing gift, "a genuine, one of a kind, highly collectible, priceless, handmade, refrigerator magnet made by yours truly, MyADHDMe."

I love it! Thank you for sharing the love!

I just want to say thank you to all of you who have loved on me and my family in these past few weeks! Thank you for your prayers and support during this part of our journey. We appreciate you and your faith in Him! Please continue to pray. I have an appointment tomorrow at a Health Within Clinic here in town for them to evaluate my neck to see if they can pinpoint anything coming from this area causing my headaches. Then on the 19th of March I have an appointment with a doctor at the University of Washington in the Neurology and Headache Clinic!

I was reading in Luke this morning. Luke was a doctor and I just think its so awesome that God wanted a doctors perspective as part of the gospels!! I was reading Luke 5:17-26. There are some guys who are bringing their paralytic friend to Jesus. I am amazed that Jesus responded to the faith of the friends. Not the faith of the paralytic, but his friends!! Our faith, our intercessory prayers, our servant like attitudes, our living on purpose can bring our friends to the living Christ.

I want to encourage you today to see the people around you today. Everyone needs to be touched by the love of God!

I want to share the love today:

  • Cindy has started her radiation treatment.

  • Mary has been diagnosed with a cyst on her knee.

  • My mom needs to continue to heal and be restored after a car accident.

  • Moms out there that need perseverance to get through their day.

  • Marriages this morning that need prayed for, commitments revisited.

  • There is a little boy waiting clear across the world to come home to his new family.

  • Ministries that are being started to spread the love of Jesus.

  • A young couple desperately wanting to have a baby.

  • A woman who is wanting more in her relationship with Jesus.

  • Many people who need the Healers hand kept on them.

  • There is a world in desperate need of the love of Jesus!

May we be willing to share the love!


Sue J. said...

You can really sense Luke's amazement as you read the text, even over the other disciples' recounting of the story. It's another way that God is trying to reach ALL of His people. Sometimes, you just need the right person to speak to you.

And there's something about a tangible magnet that reminds you of why you're here. (Way to go, ADHDMe!!)

Thanks for sharing, and I will continue to pray for healing for these headaches, even as you wait for big appointment coming up.

Runner Mom said...

I love the magnet that MyADHDMe made for you. What a great reminder of our purpose...to spend time developing our relationahip with God and to love and care for others just as He does for us.

Nichole, you and the others on your prayer list will be in my prayers! I pray that you will find relief and healing soon!

Love you!

My Army Brats and Me said...

I love you girl! I am hanging in there.


Kimberly said...

What a sweet blessing!

Praying for you! And loving how you always make sure we know how to pray for others, too. :) I will especially be sure to pray for your mom. She always leaves you the sweetest comments. I know you both feel blessed to have one another.

Love and prayers,

Anonymous said...

Praying for you today. I just heard a beautiful song by Erin O'Donnell she wrote to her daughter when she was going thru a hard time in her life, so I dedicate to you "Hold On To Jesus".
I Love You Nin...
Believing you'll get some answers today.
Love, Hugs and Prayers
Little trivia:
What is one of the BIGGEST blessings God gave me 10 days from now????

Mary said...

Hey Nichole!
Thanks for the encouraging words!Let us know how your appointment goes! God is Our Healer!
Blessings my friend!
M :)

Nicole said...

Cool magnet! Hope to hear how your appointment went today.


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