Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Challenge

Hello and welcome! I hope you have had a great week.

This morning I read 1 John 5 and I would love to invite you to read it, as it is some much needed encouragement and foundation in answering today's question.

Our Friday Challenge this week comes in the form of a question.

The Friday Challenge is to answer, who do you say Jesus Christ is?

Now friends we have been talking about questions all week on the blog...and this is a question that will change your life.

I would encourage you to write out your answer either on a piece of paper and save it somewhere, or maybe like me you keep a journal on your compuer. But record it somewhere! Date it and write out your answer and spend a few minutes today praying and thinking on this.

For the answer truly is of eternal importance.


~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

Nichole, my answer came when I read Elaine's [Peace for the Journey] blog post from last night, this morning. She writes about a friend that past on to be with the Lord. At the end she uses Chris Tomlin's music video, "I Will Rise". It simply solidified that Jesus is my best friend. He is the one I go to when I need to talk to someone and to share my life with. I challenge this of everyone. This is a great post Nichole. Praise God.

From the Heart said...

I will do the reading, but I already know who Jesus is, He's proved it to me many times. He's my Savior, my healer, my friend, my guide, my counselor, my bright and morning star and my soon coming King.

Lori said...

Everything! Jesus is my everything!

Hugs, sweet Nichole~thank you for giving me this assignment to ponder over! Just this morning when I was pray-walking and calling out to Him, I thought and said to Him, "Oh, LORD, what would I do without you? I don't know why you pursued me, and decided I would be the one you would show favor to, but, I will forever be grateful and give you the Glory and praise.

Hugs, Lori

Irritable Mother said...

Jesus is EVERYTHING to me!