Monday, September 27, 2010

Go Home

The whole point of this blog is so that people can come here and experience God.

And these past few days it has been on my heart and mind that the point of my life is so others can experience God.

Does that make sense?

Really the point of me living my life on purpose, is so that others can see that God is real, amazing, holy, perfect and divine.

Now read that correctly…not that Nichole is amazing, holy, perfect and divine. But that God is!

That God can take a real broken girl and work in her and through her to show off his amazing, holy, perfect and divine self.

Sitting with Him in these past few months has overwhelmed me in many ways. One in which I truly think I never want to leave His side again…meaning I don’t ever want to be running so far ahead that I can’t hear His heartbeat, feel His hand upon me, or know His voice!

Sitting with Him has me in a really teachable spot in life, and with that teaching He has opened my eyes and ears. I have been made aware of some areas in my life that needed some work.

All of the above is to prepare your heart and mind for what follows in this post, so please know that I am not ‘preaching’ at you, I am sharing what’s going on in my life and just maybe someone else out there needs to know. Needs to know so they can be encouraged to hear Him, to grab His hand, to allow His grace and love to pour over them.

The other day I heard this come out of the mouth of Beth Moore…

“He wants you home”

And as soon as my ears heard it my heart confirmed it was from my Jesus!

Those four words above are so packed full. Packed on purpose. Packed by His hands, and when you hear them friend know that if they meet your precious heart that they come surrounded in grace and love.

“He wants you home”

We were created for one reason, to be in relationship with Him. That’s what this whole life thing is all about. I know there is a lot competing for your attention, jobs, family, finances, health issues, stress, and more stress. But will you take a few seconds and hear your Creator…

“I want you home”

Like I said above those words moved me when I heard them. They moved me closer to His heart. Because I realized its where I truly desire and need to be.

I am praying right now that if you are done,



Being lonely

Trying it on your own

That you will join me in hearing His Words to us.

“I want you home”

And because I believe we both need the time to fully process what He is asking of us. I am going to pause right here.

Please join me in thinking about His request, pray it over, I would love to join you in prayer so if you want leave a request!

Know you are loved on purpose!


Lisa Buffaloe said...

Love this post, Nichole. Amazing and wonderful to think (and know) that God wants us for relationship. He wants us home in His presence -- now and forever. Oh what an amazing God we serve!

Cindy said...

As you know from my recent post(s) - Home is where God has called me also!
Thank you for sharing, praying and reflecting His love, grace and peace to me!
It looks like we are in for a llooonnnnggggg ride!
Blessings to you sweet Nichole!

~*~KIMBERLY~*~ said...

I need some time to unpack this post... It's so powerful it's too much for my wee brain to comprehend all at once. Thank YOU LORD!

From the Heart said...

And I want to be at home with the Father. When He's ready I'm doing all I can to be ready to go. There are some areas in my life with God that I need to work on.
Patience and hearing His voice.
I have not perfected the waiting but I know that God will be there waiting for me when I reach that point.

Lori said...

I’m going to think on this and ponder over it, but, right now what comes to my mind is my own home, and how much at ease my mind and heart are when we are all present here at the end of the day. Sunday’s happen to be my favorite day, too, because we are all at home more than not- “throughout” the day, rather than running to/fro! This mamma loves her ‘loved ones’ at home safe and sound. And, now that I think in terms of my Father’s home, oh my --- this gives me goose bumps, just knowing that He wants us home with Him. And, that is exactly where I desire to be – just not late at night, or all day on Sunday, but all day long, everyday. At home with my Father ~ continually.

Wow, Nichole, this is deep! Bless you sweetie! Hugs, Lori