Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And now Go Home!

If you read the blog yesterday then today’s blog will make a little more sense to you, I hope!

I thought I would clarify a few things from yesterday. Not necessarily for you, most likely for me. I tend to think things over…its not always a positive thing…my thoughts can go on and on! (Engineering nodding in agreement)

So yesterday my heart was filled with the realization that God has called each one of us home.

Home being a personal grace and love filled relationship with Him.

Now one day I know we will be going to eternity to live with Him, but that’s not what yesterday was about.

This relationship is about living today with Him.

This is more than religion, more than church going, more than a Christian checklist.

This is relationship.

And if you haven’t gone home, I am praying He is speaking to you and that your heart is hearing Him.

It truly is why we were created. It’s our purpose.

God wanted us. He wanted us so He created us. He loves us and wants us to know that, see that and experience that. And for that to be we need to be in a grace and love filled relationship with Him.

There is something truly amazing when you get things in the order of right design.

When you go and meet with your Creator and you commit to being in a grace and loved filled relationship with Him life has a way of working itself into a rhythm. A divine design.

Does that all make sense up to this point?

Once you are there living in relationship with Him, your starting point, He will then direct you in the next steps. But friends you can’t jump into the middle of this thing called life and expect anything to flow, work out or run smoothly unless you start with Him.

He has to be the starting point of your journey.

You have to ‘go home’ first.

When I truly sensed I was getting this deep in the core of myself. A realignment of my priorities. Which I truly feel He is so graceful to help us do I heard Him speak again.

“And now go home!”


And in the midst of doing life. Making breakfast, filling the washing machine, feeding the dog, delivering my oldest to school, it hit me. I am to be home!

God had my attention.

If I wanted the marriage He designed for me to have:

  • I was to be there 100% for the Engineer. I was to be all in for him. To be his listening ear, to be his encourager, to be everything he needed his wife to be.


 If I wanted to be the mom that our boys needed:


  •  I was be fully devoted to the boys. To be available, ready, and willing.



If I wanted my family to know and experience Jesus:


  •  I was to serve my family.


And I can I just say that I know myself pretty darn good to say I SO would not have been ready for Him to tell me to ‘go home’ if I hadn’t had ‘gone home’ to Him first.


Does that make sense?


Friends it’s just a new deeper level of God reminding me of my priority list.

My relationship with Him.

My marriage.

My role as the momma.

I have the honor and privilege of doing life with one amazing Engineer and two super fun boys…and the joy of that hits me more now than ever.

All because I went home!

Can I ask you a bold question today?

Are you home?

No really, is your mind, heart and soul at home?

How is your marriage?

How are your kids?

How is the health of your family?

Just maybe God is calling you to come home to Him so He can say

“And now Go Home!”

I am praying with and for you friend!


Cindy said...

We are SO on the same page:)

Thankful that the voice of God is speaking to your heart!

From the Heart said...

Good post. I pray that I've done all the right things. At my age I'm closer to going home to be with Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Oh Nichole, I'M HOME sister! And, it is where I plan to remain. It is in this position that I AM able to be the wife my husband deserves, and the mom, my Father created me to be. If I was not at home, I would not be able to live out the purpose He created me to do!

LOVE U!!!! Lori