Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Some Pink Prayers for Elaine

Hello friends and family I come this morning wearing pink and praying!  I would like to ask for you to join me...okay men you don't have to wear the pink but please join me in praying for Elaine and her family.  She is a beautiful woman of our God.  And she needs a rally of prayers lifted to continue to carry her on in peace.  Today will be a hard day. A day of not fun earthly moments.  But I believe God and all that He is, will be with her and her family, and these earthly moments will be showered in peace, love, grace and comfort. 

Thank you my friends for praying on purpose! 


Runner Mom said...

Hey, Nichole! Lifting up prayers for our sweet Elaine. I'll wear my "Fight Like a Girl" breast cancer awareness t-shirt to our cross country meet this afternoon in her honor!
Love ya!

From the Heart said...

I read your friend's post and will be adding her to my prayers. May she fine favor in the eyes of God. She has such a wonderful attitude and I'm sure that has come from her relationship with the great I AM.

Anonymous said...

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Avril Benedict

Lori said...

Oh Sweet Elaine, I have her recent published book sitting on my coffee table, "waiting" to be opened. I will pray for her; I'm delighted we share one thing in common: the same Father. The One who knows all. The One who planned this out for His glory to shine. The One who can do miracles. The One I will go to to - ask for prayers.

Loving hugs to her (and you sweetie!)