Wednesday, September 8, 2010

One in a Million- Part 1

Have you ever had times where you just think that it couldn’t possibly get any better? Stay with me for a few here…seriously if you came and parked yourself with in the little house we call home you would see that life is not simple, easy, normal, but rather chaotic, unknown, confusing, and hard at times. And yet I truly am standing on a rooftop right now shouting loud...



Because the God of the universe reached down and worked out some most amazing details.


To show me that He loved me.

A love that had been there all along.

But you see now that I have sat down, purposefully allowed Him to quiet me I am experiencing this love, His love in a whole new way.

A love that feels different. A love that is all consuming, for no matter what the world has going on, I am feeling peace.

A love that smells different. Fresh, new, making me want to breathe it in deeper.

So what are these little details that He worked out?

I found myself coming home from She Speaks at the beginning of August to a book that had arrived while I was gone. A book titled One in a million by Priscilla Shirer. How this book got to my doorstep is all God. I had no idea this book existed, let alone what words filled the pages.

So I started to read this book… a book that was written for such a time as this. A book that would remind me of who God was, why He created me, and what I was supposed to be doing about it.

The full title of the book…

One in a Million journey to your promised land.

You see I have a God who knew He was going to call me to sit. He knew I had to leave Egypt. All of my attachment to Egypt had to be left behind. No phone lists, no scrapbooks, no nothing. I had to leave! He knew I was to come sit with Him in the wilderness. He knew I had to be prepared for the journey.

For there is abundant life to be living out…and He need this time to remind that’s what living life on purpose is all about!

Friends I am excited to share the next few blog posts with you about this book. I will be sharing also about a super awesome friend who is on this journey to the promised land with me, and how when God gets a girl in a certain spot He takes her addictive personality and points it in the right direction and then watch out!!!


If there is abundant life to be had, I am going after it!

Will you join me?

Come join me here for One in a Million- Part 2 next!

Til next time, it is my honor to introduce you to Priscilla Shirer, please watch this video as she talks about her book, One in a million.


From the Heart said...

I look forward to Part 2.

Sue J. said...


I did her study by the same title this Spring and it was outstanding! I had never looked at Exodus in such a way or God in such a way. I found God's presence in unexpected ways; I was challenged to expect amazing things from Him. Really, an outstanding study!! Looking forward to hearing more....

Kimberly said...

Wow! That sounds like a powerful book! Can't wait to hear about all that He has been teaching you, sweet friend!

Irritable Mother said...

I heard Priscilla speak at a women's conference several years ago, and thought she was great. Have read one of her books, too. I bet this one is going to be another good book, and I look forward to this journey with you.

Lori said...

Sweet Nichole - I read her book this past summer, and I will say, it's on my all - time favorite - list NOW! I'd love to be sitting in one of conferences, soaking in her love of Jesus!

I can't wait to read your next post!

Hugs, Lori

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