Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Day

As the title of my blog and personal website for my speaking states (Living My Life on Purpose) I want to be doing everything I do On Purpose! I am very passionate about this. I want to wake up in the morning knowing that I have a purpose that day. That it isn’t an accident I am here, its not to suffer through, its not to go through the routine and it’s not to mark off another day on the calendar.

So what am I doing and is it on purpose?

I woke up this morning to my husbands alarm, it is officially his alarm because he has to wake for work, but I would like to point out that I am usually the one who gets out of bed first. I rolled out of bed, dressed in my running clothes, put my rag on my head (for more description of my headpiece for running see Pride Aside below), high fived my husband who was still in bed and told him I was off and his reply, "be safe" stretched a little and was out the door running! I love to run, and yes I run on purpose, it’s time to be by myself with God. This morning I ran a shorter distance and so for that I substituted some hills, yes on purpose! When I came in I hydrated with some water, on purpose. It was my turn to take a shower, my husband and I have such excellent timing, he is usually done by the time I get back! So I purposely took a shower so that I would not stink the rest of my day.

Then came some of my most favorite time, my quiet time with God, Bible reading, and praying. I will pray that through the power and strength of God I can be Jesus to someone today. I learned after my boys were born that to get this time I needed to wake up a few hours before they did. This totally helps our day, I need to be ready to go (physically, mentally, and spiritually) by the time they wake up.

I had some time to check email, blogs and catch up with my online friends.

Then I heard one of my most favorite sounds, Tyler singing, he usually wakes up singing and talking. I love that fact that I get to greet them "Good Morning" everyday and be there to hug them and ask them, "how did you sleep?"

So we are up and starting our day. Tanner’s turn to pick breakfast today, cereal. I love having breakfast with my boys for two reasons, one I love to eat breakfast it is my most favorite meal of the day, and the boys are calm during this meal, all rested and peaceful, so it is the quieter meal of the day!

Today was Park Day, we brought some bread for the ducks, played on the slides and swings, ate a snack, climbed the tree, and Tanner found the mud. I purposely watched them bang these sticks they found on the metal of the toy set there at the park, they were giggling and laughing so hard. I love to watch them enjoy life. I had the opportunity to talk with some other moms at the park today.

It is naptime now, something else I feel very passionate about and always do on purpose, take a NAP.

The rest of the day could go like this:
After nap, greet the boys again with big hugs, and ask "how was your nap?", have a snack and wait for daddy to come home. We will welcome daddy home and tell him we missed him and that we love him. Daddy will play with the boys and I will cook dinner. We will go to a baseball game tonight and enjoy life together as a family. We will come home and get ready for bed, brush our teeth and put on our jammies. We will have prayer circle, (each person gets a turn to pray), mommy will read stories to Tanner, and daddy will read stories to Tyler (we trade each night), then daddy and mommy will have some quiet time together. I will tell my husband I love him!

I will read some more of God’s precious words to me before I got to bed, and I will tell Him I love Him.

As I lay my head on the pillow, I will pray that God got the glory for the day! And that the only purpose I had for the day was to love Him and love His people!

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