Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Do You Wanna Dance?

The Almighty God has asked you to dance! Oh what a feeling. He will lead you. Please let Him.
He doesn’t see the outside tattered/stained clothes, the greasy hair in its ponytail. He doesn’t see with human eyes. He sees with the creators eyes and He sees your heart. He sees that you are longing to be loved and to feel wanted. He wants to dance with you! As He takes your hand and leads you, you start to feel your heartbeat slow, you feel a peace and calmness you hear only the music. You feel only the strength of His hands. You see only the acceptance in His face. He is dancing with you! He is leading and you are following Him. There is such grace in His steps. There is light in the room. You can breathe, you inhale more of this moment. You are dancing with your creator.

I hope you dance!


Kelley said...

I hope I dance too! I know I want to, I just have to slow down and be brave enough to do it. These words made me feel like a little girl again. I never had a Dad who was there for me so this is exactly what I need from God. A Daddy who is waiting to dance with me! Thanks Nichole you have blessed me this evening!!


Lisa @ The Preacher's Wife said...

Thanks for visiting my blog from Lysa's...

Just trying to keep it real over here...LOLOL